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Volvo Electrical System Ignition Reports

15 Mar

VOLVO 240 1989 Honr Does Not Work When key is not in ignition, also can be placed in gear without key in ignition.
VOLVO 850 1993 The Engine Cuts Off While going at highway speeds.please describe. *ak

VOLVO 940 1994 Engine; The Vheicle Stalls/hesitates/stumbles when the vehicle is in motion. *ak
VOLVO 850 1993 Purchase Car New When Driving car loss power when driving over 60 there is a noise. tt
VOLVO 850 1994 Engine Will Stall, Temporary loss of steering while driving . tt
VOLVO 850 1994 While Driving On Hwy. at approx. 55mph suddenly engine shut down, no prior warning, dealer has serviced for intermittent problem several
VOLVO 960 1992 Vehicle Stalls /vibrates In Traffic without any prior warning. *ak
VOLVO 760 1989 The Cuts Off At 45-50 miles an hour while driving and have to what to restart. please explain. tt
VOLVO 240 1983 Vehicle Stalls At Low Speeds and there are no brakes when this happens. tt
VOLVO S70 1999 Emission System Continued To Fail. at stop vehicle would jerk forward. engine check light would come on and
VOLVO S70 1999 Recall 00v405000; Consumer Took vehicle to dealer for repairs. however, after repairs were performed, vehicle's
VOLVO S70 1998 Every 18 Months Vehicle goes dead suddenly without warning. also, battery has been replaced three times. *ak
VOLVO 960 1996 Thermostat Was Sticking, Causing vehicle to overheat, when consumer got vehicle back, he had to take it back because the coolant cap
VOLVO S80 2000 Vehicle Shuts Down While Driving and engine check light illuminates. volvo has been contacted. *ak
VOLVO 960 1996 Over A Period Of 4 years vehicle cut off while driving at any speed. dealership has changed various components. vehicle will
VOLVO V70 2000 Electrical Control System Caused car to shut down. while sitting at a light ets light came on. then, when consumer
VOLVO V70 1999 Ignition Cap Cross Threaded. *ak
VOLVO 740 1987 Owner States That After Exiting his vehicle and removing the key the engine vehicle continued to run, owner states that vehicle rolled
VOLVO 850 1996 Driving At Speed 65mph, vehicle stalled and lost all power, engine compartment fire, in for repair , will provide more information.
VOLVO 940 1993 After Being Stopped At A traffic light 10 or 15 ft foward, the vehicle stalled/cut off and then had to restart it.
VOLVO 740 1988 Driving Vehicle At A Speed of 50mph, vehicle stalled without warning, resulting in an accident, impact 6:00 position.
VOLVO 850 1994 I Could Not Remove My key when i turned off the ignition. tried all combinations of gear positions, etc, nothing worked.
VOLVO S80 2000 All Electrical Power Has Been shut off to vehicle on 4 different occassions. the first time was while entering a right turn lane at
VOLVO S80 2000 Engine And Car Completely Shut down on 2 occasions (4/13/01 and 7/27/01). mass air flow sensor replaced initial instance and software updaed.
VOLVO S80 2000 Car Lost All Power, shut down during driving, alarm service came on. car has been repaired twice april 18, april 23
VOLVO S40 2001 Brakes Were Very Hard - car would not stop for several feet. also car wouldn't start on one occasion - a shield was
VOLVO V70 2001 2 Days After I Picked up my us spec volvo; the engine stopped dead while travelling 70 mpg on a major european highway.
VOLVO V40 2000 Electrical System Has Total Failure and shorted within one week of purchase, unresolved problems with brake and dsm warning lights on dashboard flashing on
VOLVO C70 1999 Engine Check Light Came On and we were told that nothing was wrong and it was reset. the second time the check engine
VOLVO S70 1999 The Car Has An Electrical system problem. after several days of inactivity the car will not start. according to the dealer
VOLVO 850 1995 Ignition System Failure, Preventing engine from starting. *aw
VOLVO 850 1995 Ignition Coil Replaced. *slc
VOLVO V70 1998 Ignition Lock Failed.
VOLVO 760 1987 Vehicle Would Not Shut Down. ignition was turned off and key removed.
VOLVO GL 1982 Intermittent Stalling. *ak
VOLVO 240 1989 Vehicle Stalled. *ak
VOLVO XC90 2004 I Purchased My 04' Xc 90 six months ago from a private party (original owner) who kept the car in immaculate condition. the
VOLVO S60 2012 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2012 volvo s60 t5. the contact stated that in the attempt to turn the vehicle off and take the
VOLVO S60 2004 2004 Volvo S60 Ignition Key failure: key refused to turn car will not start. car will not go in to neutral. car must
VOLVO V70 2000 The Ignition Key Cannot Be removed from the switch after the engine is cut off. *tr
VOLVO XC90 2003 Ignition Key Is Removable While car is in gear thus allowing vehicle to roll after key has been removed. manufacturer is aware of the
VOLVO V70 2000 Can Not Remove Key From steering wheel ignition. *tr
VOLVO XC70 2001 The Other Day, My '01 volvo v70 crosscountry developed a "reduced performance" warning on the dash. two minutes later while slowly approaching
VOLVO 850 1997 1. Loss Of acceleration and sometimes stalling during freeway transition from on ramp to freeway and or during left turning against traffic.
VOLVO XC90 2004 Dt*: The Contact Stated while the vehicle was placed in park with the ignition turned on, the driver attempted to turn off the
VOLVO V70 1999 1999 Volvo V70 Engine Starts and then stops suddenly. sometimes will have to restart engine 3 or 4 times before it continues to
VOLVO V70 2001 Dt: The Contact Owns A 2001 volvo v70 station wagon. while driving 35 mph a light came on , and the light read
VOLVO V70XC 2000 Dt: The Consumer Was having a problem with 2000 volvo v70 xc losing power and then surging while driving 20-25 mph.
VOLVO S80 1999 While Driving, I Suddenly lost power/acceleration in my vehicle. my check engine light also came on. i turned the car
VOLVO S80 2001 Dt: 2001 Volvo S80. the vehicle shut down/stalled. this happened three times. each time the consumer stated that the
VOLVO C70 1999 I Was Driving On Gallatin rd in tn , a busy 4 lane business district, when my volvo c70 lost power and i
VOLVO XC90 2004 We Leased Our Volvo Xc90-t almost exactly 1 year ago to date from south county volvo. less than 3 months later, the car
VOLVO XC90 2003 The Consumer Purchased New Tires because of extreme wear at low mileage. the 2003 volvo xc90 had numerous problems that had to be
VOLVO S70 1998 Ignition Locked Up While Attempting to start the vehicle. it was towed to a dealership and the ignition was replaced. *ak *tc
VOLVO S60 2002 The Vehicle's Ignition Fan Remained lit after the vehicle was stopped. *bf the vehicle has been taken to the dealer but
VOLVO 850 1993 The Engine Will Cease Suddenly while driving. i have taken the car to a volvo dealership to be fixed, but the problem
VOLVO S80 2000 While Driving Approximately 20 Mph and turning right car ompletely shut down. was able to pull over, placeed car in park
VOLVO V70 2000 The Car Only Starts Intermittently. if i try to start it and it simply turns over without starting, i pull the key
VOLVO 740 1991 While Driving 45 Mph Vehicle stalled. consumer tried to restart vehicle, and after 60 seconds the vehicle started up again.
VOLVO S60 2002 Steering Wheel Froze And Vehicle could not accelerate. towed to the dealer who found out that the cause was a defect in the
VOLVO S60 2002 The Vehicle Experienced Problems With it's steering and gas pedal. when the vehicle was placed in park it continued to move. please
VOLVO S60 2002 I Have Had Many Problems with the transmission, car will stall in traffic, car would not start at all. this car
VOLVO XC90 2004 Xc90 Does Not Start - the problem persisted for over 4 weeks and dealer could not fix the problem. *nlm
VOLVO S90 1998 Transmission Shifter Sticks Constantly. currently, it sticks in park. vehicle towed to the dealer. *ak noises
VOLVO 850 1993 1993 Volvo 850 Glt Has been just "turning off" during driving, 20-60 mph. never at idle. you must coast to the side
VOLVO S60 2003 While Traveling On The Highway and without prior warning the vehicle will shut down, and will not restart. *ak
VOLVO V40 2000 When The Vehicle Was Turned off the key became stuck in the ignition . *nlm

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