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Volvo Electrical System Alternator/generator/regulator Reports

15 Mar

VOLVO 960 1996 Consumer Had To Replace The alternator 2 times. the vehicle has 19,000 miles. the warranty was up this year. no
VOLVO 960 1996 When Driving At 50 Mph the vehicle started to stall and the alternator went out. also, the consumer was having problems with

VOLVO WIA 1996 Noticed Noise, Upon Turning the cab shifted. then checked the problem out and noticed. the vehicle was looked at
VOLVO 660 2000 Consumer States That The Alternator is not getting enough volts causing vehicle to stall. nlm
VOLVO VN 1998 Consumer Stated The Alternator And idle pulley were bad, the air dryer was rebuilt, and the torque arm, foot valve and shocks
VOLVO VN 1999 Consumer Stated The Alternator Was replaced and the seat valve was updated.*jb
VOLVO VN 1999 Consumer Stated The Left Steer axle wheel seal, acc drive seal, left steer wheel seal new seat valve and alternator were replaced.*jb
VOLVO VN 1999 Consumer Stated The Seat Valve was updated, the fuel gauge sending unit, hood shocks, steering axle shocks, cab motor blower,
VOLVO VN 1999 Consumer Stated The Seat Valve was updated, the fuel sending unit, cab motor blower rear axle shocks, starter and bunk control module
VOLVO VN 1998 Consumer States The Dash Light dimmer switch was replaced, driver sunvisor was replaced, a new starter and all shocks were replaced.*jb
VOLVO 240 1986 Cruise Control/speedometer And Odometer/air Intake sensor/glove box door hinge heater/air conditioner indoor fan/ radio antenna/inside rear view mirror/dome light, tail light lense/catalitic converter/water pump/timing
VOLVO S60 2002 I Purchased A 2002 Volvo 2.4t at the volvo of cerritos in california on may 11, 2002. three days after i
VOLVO 850 1997 No Summary Listed For Abov evehicle. *ak
VOLVO 850 1997 Alternator Failed. Yh
VOLVO 850 1997 The Alternator Failed, On two occasions. *yc
VOLVO 740 1990 Alternator Failed And Vehicle Stalled in traffic. yh
VOLVO 960 1996 Pnp Switch Failed Resulting In vehicle not to start.
VOLVO VOLVO TRUCK 1995 Consumer States The Alternator Was replaced 6 times. *tt
VOLVO WIA64TES 9999 Consumer Stated The Truck Has had 9 alternators installed.*jb
VOLVO VN610 1999 Consumer States That The Alternator failed twice. *tt
VOLVO VN660 2000 Alternator Failed On 3 Occasions. *slc
VOLVO VN770 2000 Consumer Stated The Alternator Failed at 49000 miles. *yh
VOLVO VN770 2000 The Turbo Engine Failed At 37,000 miles. *yh the consumer also experienced abnormal tire wear and the alternator had gone out.
VOLVO VNL770 2000 Consumer Stated The Truck Experienced steer tire wear problems.*jb. also the alternator was replaced 4 times, and the
VOLVO VNL770 2000 Consumer States The Alternator Has been replaced 4 times.*jb
VOLVO VOLVO 9999 Vehicle Had No Generator. *ak
VOLVO VN770 1999 Alternator Failed And A Wire broke off on one occasion. *slc ...*ak
VOLVO VN770 1999 Consumer States That The Alternator failed and a wire broke off on one occasion. *slc
VOLVO VN610 1998 Consumer States Vehicle Is Having problems with the wiring harness under the dash, the on board computer read out has faded out twice,
VOLVO 770 1999 The Batteries Were Constantly Running down due to the alternator malfunctioning.*yh
VOLVO S70 1998 Defective Alternator Caused Battery To fail. *slc
VOLVO WIA64TES 1997 Alternators Failed. Nlm
VOLVO 960 1996 Alternator Failed Two Times.
VOLVO S80 2001 My 2001 Volvo S80 T6 cost me around $3,500 in repairs/maintenance after purchase in the last 3 months. this car has something going
VOLVO 850 1993 Good Evening;this Is More of a question about a potential vehicle that i would like to purchase. i am interested in purchasing a
VOLVO S40 2000 Bought A New 2000 Volvo s40 in april of 2000. the car now has 60,000 miles on it....light driving
VOLVO V70XC 2001 We Are Having Problems With our vehicle as identified in a newspaper article with our volvo. the dealer we purchased the vehicle from originally
VOLVO V70 2001 Alternator Has Intermittent Charging Problems, left stranded with dead battery. when i spoke with volvo the service manager said that it is
VOLVO 850 1996 Vehicle Was Parked In The garage, once the consumer tried to start it, it would not start. the automobile club
VOLVO V70 2003 While Driving 55 Mph Vehicle stalled. driver was able to restart the vehicle, and took to the dealer for inspection.
VOLVO S40 2000 Dealer Replaced, in the past two years, headlights/alternator/tail lights, and signal lights, but the problem was still
VOLVO 850 1996 The Entire Alternator Wiring Harness was melted and destroyed before the fuseable link opened the circuit. this clearly is not an acceptable electrical design.
VOLVO S80 1999 When Vehicle Is Idling All lighting on the vehicle(interior and exterior) slightly dims every couple seconds. an annoyance the dealer(annapolis volvo) says is
VOLVO VN770 1999 Excessive Tire Tread Wear On front tire, wheel bearings loosen, 7 alternators failed, transmission failed, gear box failed, been in

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