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Volkswagen Vehicle Speed Control Linkages Reports

22 Mar

VOLKSWAGEN JETTA 1996 While Driving And Attempting to make a left hand turn, and upon depressing accelerator pedal accelerator failed to respond,
VOLKSWAGEN JETTA 2000 Vehicle Would Accelerate On Its own, without touching gas pedal. *ak

VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT 2000 Consumer Was Pulling Into Parking lot at approximately 10 mph when engine started to race and rev up to 6000- 7000 rpms. consumer
VOLKSWAGEN JETTA 2000 While Approaching A Traffic stop applied brake pedal, and all of a sudden vehicle commenced to accelerate and rear ended vehicle
VOLKSWAGEN BEETLE 2000 When Accelerating Nothing Happens at an intersection. consumer feels it is very dangerous. *ak
VOLKSWAGEN JETTA 1999 While Driving At About Any speed vehicle suddenly accelerated out of control without prior warning. also, transmission shifted gear roughly.
VOLKSWAGEN JETTA 1992 When Started Vehicle Heard A noise, smelled smoke, and vehicle lurged forward. vehicle finally stopped when rear end collided with the front
VOLKSWAGEN NEW BEETLE 2000 While Coming To An Intersection and downshifting, instead of the car slowing down, the cruise control turned itself on and proceeded to accelerate.
VOLKSWAGEN NEW BEETLE 2001 When Stopped At A Traffic light and the brakes are being applied, the vehicle suddenly lurches forward. this happens almost daily and sometimes
VOLKSWAGEN VOLKSWAGEN 2000 Ecu Failure: (5k Miles) Engine would not turn over, engine computer light lit, attemped to start using 3 different power sources (dealer,
VOLKSWAGEN JETTA 1999 I Was Pulling Into A parking spot (going approximately 3 mph) when the car accelerated on its onw to approximately 45 miles an hour.
VOLKSWAGEN JETTA 1999 I Was Pulling Into A parking spot (going approximately 3 mph) when the car accelerated on its own at approximately 45 miles an hour.
VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT 1999 While Driving At 55 Mph vehicle accelerated to 80 mph. *ak when the consumer applied the brakes, one foot was

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DEATH & INJURY risk! Volkswagen 2010 Routan suddenly shuts off while driving on the highway at 65mph. This has happen more than a few times. Today is the last straw as I was driving on the highway with my kids. I barely survive the incident. I

I was in 3 different accidents that involved hard impacts that did NOT deploy any of the airbags.  I strongly feel this was a dealer/volkswagen manufactor vehicle malfunction that should of been replaced or investigated. Unfortunately, I had to c

i am having an issue with a 2004 vw jetta tdi. when diving doesnt matter what gear its in the vehicle jerks, as in i am in 3rd gear doing 35 mph steady and the vehicle will start jerking out of control. it is a manual. anyone have any idea what th

2/27/13-I have a 2004 Passat, while I was driving the driver seat caught fire. Burned a hole through the seat and my pants. VW being very uncooperative as the vehicle is no longer under warranty. I can't believe they are so casual about the safety

Volkswagen 2009 Jetta Wolfsburg, purchased from VW dealership 12/27/2011 with 12700 mi, currently has 17200 miles and the ECP light came on today for the first time, lost speed, RPM's went up to 40 and car started sputtering and stalled.  Had tow

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