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Volkswagen Suspension Front Control Arm Upper Arm Reports

22 Mar

VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT 1998 When Turning Wheel There Was noise at the front of vehicle, dealer determined that the bushings needed to be replaced.*ak. consumer states
VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT 1998 The Authorized Vw Dealer Was aware of the problem on 03/23/2001 and recommended 2 upper control arms be replaced. i contacted vw with

VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT 2001 Upper Control Arm Bushings Ripped causing future failure of front suspension leading to possible death or injury if traveling at any speed. brand
VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT 1999 Twice, With Less Than 50,000 miles on my 1999 passat, both upper control arms have failed. i have spoken to numerous
VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT 1998 Front Suspension Is Making Crunching noises, esp. at lower speed. the right steering control arm was changed under warranty and squeeking noises
VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT 2001 Failure Of Multiple Front Control arms in 2001 vw passat. was given quote of nearly $2100 to repair control arms. was
VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT 2001 All 4 Upper Control Arms failed at 62,500 miles. oem control arms are unfit for purpose as designed and should be recalled by
VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT 2001 I Own A 2001 Volkswagen passat station wagen and have had nothing but trouble with it since i bought it. i had to replace
VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT 1999 Front Upper Control Arms And outer tie rods had to be replaced for the second time. first time at 55,552 miles and
VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT 1999 Car Clunked And Rattled Over small bumps, and felt floaty and wandering at highway speeds. dealer reported that upper front control arms were
VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT 1998 Had A Creaking Sound In the front end of my 1998 vw passat 1.8t. took it in to the dealer and was
VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT 2000 I Have Owned This Vehicle for a little over a year. during this time this passat has had several suspension problems.
VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT 1999 Normal Use Of '99 Vw passat with an odometer reading of 99,650 lead to the failure of ront contorl arms and tie rod ends.
VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT 2000 Upper Control Arm Bushings (4 upper control arms, 2 per side) are torn and suspension has play coupled with loose steering resulting in noise.
VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT 2001 Upper Left Control Arm Bushing failure at 35,000 miles. needs replacing.*ak
VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT 1999 only even though in most cases the upper control arm needs replacements. heck the forum
VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT 2001 While Driving 5 Mph, the upper control arm snapped. this caused the consumer to lose steering control. the consumer managed to pull
VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT 2000 (1) Driving On Expressway at normal highway speed while rounding curve car made a loud snapping noise and began swervinguncontrolably to the right.
VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT 2001 Despite Light Use Of The vehicle, both the upper and lower control arms on our 2001 vw passat wagon have failed and required replacement.
VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT 1999 Front Upper Control Arm disintegrated . as a result the wheels become loose. *ak
VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT 1999 Upper Control Arm Problem---when Turning steering wheel left or right around a curve would hear a rattling noise. my mechanic said both upper
VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT 2001 Front Suspension Control Arm Bushings on 2001 (b5) passat model are defective and fail prematurely at 30,000-50,000 miles. failure is
VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT 1998 The Vehicle Made A Loud noise. the dealer stated it was the control arm bushings. *jb
VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT 1998 1998 Vw Passat: Heard Loud clanking noises especially when turning vehicle. reported to vw service department local dealership. advised the the upper control
VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT 2000 The Upper And Lower Control arms on both sides of the front of the vehical are failing. the dealer said that it was very
VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT 1999 The Control Arms In The 1999, 2000, and 2001 volkswagen passats are defective. according to the dealership if these are not
VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT 1999 As A Result Of A persistent rattling in the front right end of my 4 cyl. 1999 vw passat, i took my car
VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT 1998 I Purchased A Pre-owned 1998 vw passat sedan with 36,000 miles on it in 2002 which was a great deal!! or so i thought.
VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT 1999 Both Control Arms Failed On 1999 passat glx @ 60000 miles on left and right side of the car. repair covered by vw
VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT 1999 Control Arm's Of '1998-'2000 Passats are failure prone much earlier then the norm for passaneger automobiles. (a fact they recognized by a redesign of
VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT 2001 Upper Control Arm On Both sides worn out. i noticed this when i started to hear squeaking sounds when i would make tight turns
VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT 2001 Upper Control Arms On Both sides are worn out. tie rods are worn out on both sides. catalytic converters needed replaced. i
VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT 1999 Front Control Arms. *ak
VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT 1999 Upper And Lower Front Suspension control arm bushing failure. (left and right). *ak

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