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Volkswagen Power Train Reports

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VOLKSWAGEN FOX 1990 Purchase Car New Replaced The speedometer head two times and having the same problem now . tt
VOLKSWAGEN WESTPHALIA 1981 Purchase Van Used Dealer Say odometer read 29,000 but its 100,000 miles. tt
VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT 1999 Speedometer And Tacometer Will Periodically not light up. they start to flicker and go out. speedometer and tacometer will not light
VOLKSWAGEN JETTA 1997 While Traveling Noticed Speedometer, odometer and gas indicator were giving wrong readings . dlr was contacted, can't duplicate problem.
VOLKSWAGEN JETTA 1994 While Driving The Car Just dies, loses all power. please describe.ak
VOLKSWAGEN JETTA 1998 While Driving, Speedometer Does not work properly. dealer notified. *ak *tt
VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT 2000 The Speedometer Does Not Read correctly, the speedometer is approximately 3 mph higher, reading 73 mph when actually going 70 mph, volkswagen
VOLKSWAGEN BEETLE 1999 While Driving The Car I noticed the speedometer & odometer weren't working (mileage froze at 26,139). the gas gauge was not working
VOLKSWAGEN JETTA 1998 Check Engine Light Repeatedly Lights up on dash. the car does not shift properly and the tachometer exhibits very high rpms.
VOLKSWAGEN NEW BEETLE 1999 Runaway Engine - Engine Speeded, tachometer to red line. *ak
VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT 1996 Speedometer/tachometer And Fuel Gauges Went crazy. with engine off speedometer reads 80 mph and tachometer reads 4000 rpm. this occurred after a cold
VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT 1996 Fuel Gauge, Speedometer And tachometer needle will not set at zero even when ignition is off. *ak
VOLKSWAGEN JETTA 1985 I Thought The Problem Was just my clutch cable needing replaced but it turned out to be the pedals weld point. the odometer
VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT 1996 The Instrument Speedometer Will Not set at 0, and the rev counter also will not set at 0. *ak
VOLKSWAGEN BEETLE 1999 Speedometer/odometer Cluster Has Failed 3 times. works properly if headlight switch is on, but malfunctions when switch is off. *ak
VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT 1996 Odometer Replaced: New Milage Is zero(0): used-car buyers beware of this problem... inaccurate milage readings
VOLKSWAGEN BEETLE 1998 Dealership Service Department Claims Wrong parts being sent for repair; as of 2/3/1998 odometer still not repaired. *ak
VOLKSWAGEN BEETLE 1999 While In Motion The Speedometer stopped working. *jg
VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT 1994 Odometer And Speedometer Did Not work properly, consumer does not own this vehicle anymore. *slc
VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT 1991 Odometer Millage Is Turned Back. yh
VOLKSWAGEN BEETLE 1998 Odometer Failed. *mjs
VOLKSWAGEN GOLF 1986 Transmission Leaked At Hole, completely destroying transmission. mjs
VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT 1995 Odometer Failed.
VOLKSWAGEN GOLF 1996 Transmission Failed.
VOLKSWAGEN FOX 1993 Speedometer Failed.
VOLKSWAGEN QUANTUM 1984 Speedometer/odometer Failed.
VOLKSWAGEN QUANTUM 1984 Odometer Cable Broke And Went inside transmission, causing immediate halt of vehicle. *sd
VOLKSWAGEN VANAGON 1987 Altered Odometer. *skd
VOLKSWAGEN JETTA 1994 Speedometer Failed.
VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT 2014 Catastrophic Turbo Failure And Stater motor failure. caused by extreme cold weather start ups
VOLKSWAGEN BEETLE 2006 I Am Including My Complaint after reading all the complaints from other people who have unfortunately bought this car. this car has been a
VOLKSWAGEN JETTA 2012 The Car, A 2012 vw jetta se, failed to respond to the reverse gear on 1/5/2015 and behaved as if the emergency brake
VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT 2009 Initial Failure Occurred Whike Accelerating onto main thoroughfare. vehicle lost all engine power and stalled out. vehicle was send to vw dealer for
VOLKSWAGEN EOS 2014 While Driving At Approx. 30 mph <1 mile from home the transmission suddenly downshifted into first gear, and my wife was thrown into
VOLKSWAGEN JETTA 2005 There Is A Problem With transmission of jettas once i was on the highway and my vehicle stalled i was lucky as there were no
VOLKSWAGEN JETTA 2011 Brought To Dealer For A dpf light. dealer diagnosed with a clogged particulate filter replaced under warranty. picked up car drove about 5
VOLKSWAGEN ROUTAN 2010 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2010 volkswagen routan. the contact stated that while driving at approximately 60 mph, the vehicle started vibrating and
VOLKSWAGEN BEETLE 2006 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2006 volkswagen beetle. while driving at approximately 30 mph, the vehicle's speed decreased and failed to accelerate over
VOLKSWAGEN JETTA 2014 I Have A 2014 Gli autobahn with the paddle shifters and the sports mode option. today i engaged the sports mode option and the
VOLKSWAGEN JETTA 2006 While Driving The Transmission Slips or will not change gears while the gas pedal is being stepped on also after a stop it will not
VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT 2010 While Accelerating From A Toll plaza i felt the car shutter and heard/felt it bang. than the car dropped into second gear and
VOLKSWAGEN CC 2010 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2010 volkswagen cc. the contact stated that while driving at various speeds, there was a sudden decrease in
VOLKSWAGEN JETTA 2005 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2005 volkswagen jetta. while driving 50 mph, the vehicle stalled without warning. the vehicle was taken to
VOLKSWAGEN JETTA 2010 Transmission Hard Shift. vw is aware of problems with valve body in all this transmissions but only extended some vehicle warranties.
VOLKSWAGEN ROUTAN 2009 Catastrophic Failure Of Transmission At 76k. major transmission work done approximately 26k. transmission replaced 6 months later and still has issues (sluggish,
VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT 2015 Vehicle Lost Power While Driving. several warning lights appear. this occurred three other times, even after they car had been
VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT 2013 Car Was Set On Cruise control and engine revved up , cruise control shut off and loss of power to the motor.
VOLKSWAGEN JETTA 2011 Transmission Kicked Into Neutral While cruising on highway. had to pull over and come to a complete stop and restart the car
VOLKSWAGEN JETTA 2011 This Car Stalls Out As it slows down. it does not change to a lower gear in time when decelerating and stalls out.
VOLKSWAGEN JETTA 2005 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2005 volkswagen jetta. while driving approximately 35 mph, the vehicle failed to shift gears. the vehicle was
VOLKSWAGEN JETTA 2006 At Highway Speed, Car suddenly went into neutral with a flashing prnds on the instrument cluster and "press brake pedal" indicator. once pulled
VOLKSWAGEN JETTA 2014 Dsg Gearbox Changed Into A low gear causing the diesel engine rpm to increase to 4500rpm. the resultant engine braking caused me to slow
VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT 2013 On 11/9/14 The Turbo Failed on my 2013 vw passat with the tdi diesel engine. vw knows they are having a serious issue
VOLKSWAGEN GTI 2011 Came Outside To A Failed water pump. this is a common problem with various volkswagens. many shop techs are very familiar with this
VOLKSWAGEN JETTA 2005 I Bought The Car In march of 2012 and on the way home i noticed that the car wasn't shifting at the appropriate times
VOLKSWAGEN BEETLE 2007 2007 Beetle Convertible Shifts Hard (violently) from 1st to 2nd and 2nd to 3rd gear in standard mode and sport mode. this has been
VOLKSWAGEN GTI 2011 Engine Will Stall And Die within 5-20 seconds after starting. happens on a warm engine after it sits for 45-60 minutes. happened
VOLKSWAGEN TIGUAN 2009 Car Was Being Driven Down interstate through construction area. loud pop was heard from rear end. after a short distance,
VOLKSWAGEN GTI 2009 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2009 volkswagen gti. while at a stop light, the vehicle stalled and all of the warning indicators illuminated.
VOLKSWAGEN JETTA 2013 Vehicle Just Exited Freeway Onto exit ramp. while braking from highway speed, at approximately 10-15 mph, there was a loud noise and
VOLKSWAGEN JETTA 2005 I Have Been Having Issues on my 2005.5 vw jetta for the last several months with it shifting hard or not going into gear.
VOLKSWAGEN TOUAREG 2010 While Traveling Approximately 55 Mph on a highway the vehicle suddenly lost power/turned off. there were no warning lights, no noises, no
VOLKSWAGEN TIGUAN 2010 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2010 volkswagen tiguan. the contact stated that while driving 60 mph, the engine stalled and transmission failed.
VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT 2014 Traveling Eastbound On Interstate #10 at circa az milepost 180 the car without any warning suddenly slowed from 75 to 40 mph and the
VOLKSWAGEN JETTA 2006 Electrical Problems Have Been Abundant in this vehicle starting in 2012. driver side door locks work randomly. the car responds to the keys
VOLKSWAGEN JETTA 2009 The Turbocharger Failed At Low speed. there was a loud whining/howling sound. the cost of repair was $2,566.64.
VOLKSWAGEN JETTA 2010 Purchased A 2010 Jetta Sportwagen tdi in 2012. pre-certified 2 years or 24000 miles. had the routine maintenance done as required
VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT 2013 Complete Loss Of Engine Power: vehicle on three occasions has experienced complete loss of engine power when shifting from reverse to drive. display depicts
VOLKSWAGEN JETTA 2012 The Vehicle Tends To Stutter, lurch, or hesitate at low speeds. this has caused several dangerous situations when attempting to accelarate
VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT 2014 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2014 volkswagen passat. the contact stated that while driving at approximately 15 mph, the vehicle failed to accelerate
VOLKSWAGEN GTI 2013 Over-40 Driver, Decades Of experience driving cars with manual transmissions, no modifications to the car since new. car had 13,000 miles
VOLKSWAGEN JETTA 2011 This 2011 Vw Sportwagen Tdi (diesel)would easily stall in first gear. since the first test drive we were told at the dealership,
VOLKSWAGEN JETTA 2011 Driving On I-5 Southbound In our 2011 vw jetta tdi; my car dropped horse power and the glow plug light started blinking. the
VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT 2010 Driving And Went To Put car into reverse and the transmission gear indicator started blinking and car would not go into gear. car
VOLKSWAGEN JETTA 2013 Transmission Started Lagging In My manual 2013 vw jetta s when accelerating after switching into second gear from first gear. after a couple of
VOLKSWAGEN ROUTAN 2010 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2010 volkswagen routan. the contact stated that while driving approximately 40 mph, the vehicle shifted into neutral independently.
VOLKSWAGEN GTI 2008 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2008 volkswagen gti. the contact stated that while attempting to drive, the vehicle hesitated and made an abnormal
VOLKSWAGEN JETTA 2010 False Neutral Symptoms Due To dsg mechatronic. hansel vw dealership in santa rosa, ca stated that our vin number was not covered
VOLKSWAGEN JETTA 2010 When Shifting Gear, With the brake pedal depressed, the clutch makes click noise then slips to neutral. then the prnds lights
VOLKSWAGEN ROUTAN 2011 I Started My 2011 Vw routan this morning and as soon as the transmission was placed in reverse, the engine quit. i
VOLKSWAGEN JETTA 2006 When The Dsg Transmission shifts from 2nd to 3rd it does not engage, the rpm gauge almost redlines, then when it engages
VOLKSWAGEN JETTA 2013 Was Driving When The Car suddenly shut off but radio and dash lights were still on almost caused a crash finally got car stopped and
VOLKSWAGEN JETTA 2006 Tl * The Contact owns a 2006 volkswagen jetta. while driving approximately 40 mph, the mounts snapped that secured the engine and
VOLKSWAGEN BEETLE 2004 Car Has Sudden Jerky When shifting also rear windows will not roll up or down. dealership said needs new transmition but have only had
VOLKSWAGEN BEETLE 2007 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2007 volkswagen beetle. the contact stated that while traveling approximately 35 mph, the vehicle failed to shift gears
VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT 2003 Car Was Constantly Getting The passager side (front and back) flooded w water during a rain storm. had to get new battery cleaned out
VOLKSWAGEN JETTA 2013 Car Was Driving On The interstate when problems began. when the gas pedal was pushed, the car's tach just revved up with no
VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT 2012 The Car Hessitates To The point that it comes close to causing an accident with oncoming traffic when pulling out after being stopped. it
VOLKSWAGEN GTI 2007 I Was Driving As I do 5 nights a week to work. traveling about 55mph when suddenly, my gti equipped with a dsg
VOLKSWAGEN CC 2010 This 2010 Volkswagen Cc Was purchased as a cpo in 2012 with 33k miles on it. second owner. with no warning, clutch
VOLKSWAGEN JETTA 2010 Driving On Highway And All engine power was lost. car was able to limp to shoulder. tried to restart vechicle with
VOLKSWAGEN JETTA 2011 While Attempting To Accelerate Car sputtered, and hesitated while losing power. regained power briefly then sputtered, lost power and engine cut
VOLKSWAGEN JETTA 2010 My Engine Started To Run louder than usual. when i took it in for a oil change i asked if they can tell me
VOLKSWAGEN JETTA 2010 I Have A 2010 Jetta tdi with the dsg transmission. when i was driving yesterday, i noticed the "d" flashing as i
VOLKSWAGEN JETTA 2005 I Brought My Car In for an early 65k mile service because i noticed my transmission was not shifting properly & was getting progressively worse.
VOLKSWAGEN TOUAREG 2005 This Is A Well Documented problem all over the web yet vw and to date the nhtsa refuse to address the issue. maybe there
VOLKSWAGEN BEETLE 2008 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2008 volkswagen beetle. the contact stated while driving the windshield wipers failed and the gear selector displayed the incorrect
VOLKSWAGEN JETTA 2010 Dsg Transmission Dropped Out Of gear (like in neutral) several times over period of 1 week. speeds ~20mph and 65 mph.
VOLKSWAGEN BEETLE 2009 While Driving Around A Corner the battery indicator light came on, power steering went out and no acceleration. it did not appear that
VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT 2007 I Was Driving Southbound On connecticut rte 15 at about 60 mph on the afternoon of april 8, 2014, when my engine suddenly
VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT 2013 This Incident Had To Happen twice for the dealer to see the issue. accelerating from stop at a light when i reached 3000
VOLKSWAGEN JETTA 2009 Vw Jetta Reverse / Forward action error. malfunction of car electronics / mechanics causing sudden acceleration and surging.
VOLKSWAGEN JETTA 2014 On Thursday, May 29th, i was driving my 2014 vw jetta hybrid sel premium (~165 miles on odometer) when the epc and battery
VOLKSWAGEN BEETLE 2003 I Was Out Driving My 2003 beetle on the freeway and the vehicle begin to stall and slow down. i pressed the accelerator and
VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT 2006 I Purchased A 2006 Passat 3.6 on february 20th,2014 and making payments on it. two weeks later i had to take
VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT 2012 When I Start The Car, i put my foot on the brake and proceed to put the car in d (drive) or r
VOLKSWAGEN TIGUAN 2009 My 2009 Volkswagen Tiguan Suffered a timing chain malfunction approximately 40,000 miles below its manufacturer recommended replacement date. this incident resulted in catastrophic
VOLKSWAGEN BEETLE 2006 Severe Burned Diesel Fumes Infiltrating the cabin of the car while driving. *tr
VOLKSWAGEN JETTA 2005 I Was Driving On The freeway when an accident in front of me caused me to abruptly stop. in order for me to
VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT 2012 Intermittent Loss Of Turbo Power during low speed acceleration. i brought the vehicle to vw of quad cities in davenport, ia on
VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT 2013 Turbo Failed For Second Time and after only 4,000 miles. began as whining noise. vehicle then showed check engine light
VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT 2005 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2005 volkswagen passat. the contact stated while driving 60 mph, there was an increase in engine rpms and
VOLKSWAGEN JETTA 2006 The Direct Shift Gear Transmission failed. the car could no longer get out of neutral. *tr
VOLKSWAGEN GTI 2010 The First Incident That I had was starting with the car making weird noises that were coming from the engine/transmission when the car would start.
VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT 2006 Started Driving On The Highway, at 55mph suddenly the car lost power and check engine light came on car wouldn't start after i pulled
VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT 2007 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2007 volkswagen passat. the contact stated that the vehicle failed to accelerate from a complete stop. the
VOLKSWAGEN JETTA 2012 After A New Issue Happened again in the same general area of the issue with my car that had been happening pretty much since purchasing
VOLKSWAGEN BEETLE 2004 The Transmission Slips In And out of gear. the lights on the dash indicating prnd2 all have brackets around them and don't indicate what
VOLKSWAGEN JETTA 2009 The Dealership Stated It Was a warped dual mass flywheel. they replaced it and it is still knocking. a second dealership said that
VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT 2014 The Car Tends To Have jerking movements during slow traffic conditions. the car will not stop smoothly and gives whip lashes after pumping
VOLKSWAGEN ROUTAN 2011 My 2011 Routan Suddenly Lost power while i, with my kid on board, was driving on a highway in march 2014. can
VOLKSWAGEN JETTA 2009 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2009 volkswagen jetta. the contact stated that while traveling various speeds, the vehicle hesitated to respond to acceleration
VOLKSWAGEN JETTA 2010 Car Would Not Move Forward or backward. had to turn off ignition, then car was fine. april 25th put car in drive
VOLKSWAGEN JETTA 2011 My Car Has Had 3 stalls within 3 months. i took it to the dealer they replaced the throttle assembly. since then i
VOLKSWAGEN JETTA 2002 After Sitting In Traffic And driving at low speeds the car suddenly will slip out of gear. the engine races and i am stuck
VOLKSWAGEN BEETLE 2007 Vw Has A History Of automatic transmission issues with several of their cars. our car started experiencing issues with shifting up and down.
VOLKSWAGEN TIGUAN 2010 2010 Vw Tiguan, With repeated engine failures associated with power steering module, boost solenoid / engine coils, wiring harness, fuse re-call,
VOLKSWAGEN JETTA 2002 Engine Abruptly Lost All Power and turned off while driving down the street. no warning lights came on, and the car restarted
VOLKSWAGEN BEETLE 2005 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2005 volkswagen beetle. the contact stated that while traveling various speeds, the contact heard a knocking sound.
VOLKSWAGEN JETTA 2010 There Have Been Several Times in the past where my jetta didn't go into gear. both times happened on a cold start and
VOLKSWAGEN TIGUAN 2011 The Engines Rear Main Oil seal started leaking. brought it to volkswagen dealer where the car was bought and stated that there was thought
VOLKSWAGEN CC 2010 Car Purchased Brand New In 2010. one owner. with no warning, clutch failed completely with only 48k
VOLKSWAGEN JETTA HYBRID 2013 After First Starting The Vehicle and driving approximately 5 minutes or less, when the vehicle is at a full stop, attempting to accelerate
VOLKSWAGEN BEETLE 2008 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2008 volkswagen beetle. the contact stated that while driving 30 mph, the vehicle jerked violently as the engine
VOLKSWAGEN JETTA 2013 Upon Take Off The Car jerks, and u drive the car on interstate under cruise control the car jerks multiple times, the 1st
VOLKSWAGEN ROUTAN 2012 We Have Noticed That The new car has being problem shifting gears and have been taking it to the shop several times just to be
VOLKSWAGEN JETTA 2006 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2006 volkswagen jetta. the contact stated that while driving 70 mph, the vehicle suddenly decelerated. the vehicle
VOLKSWAGEN BEETLE 2006 Bought The Car Brand New. it started first by going from park to drive or reverse it would rev high and lurch forward and i
VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT 2012 Whining Sound When Driving Forward not when it's coasting and it sounds like slipping. caught before complete turbo failure. cause
VOLKSWAGEN RABBIT 2007 The Vehicle Failed To Shift into second gear causing the car to stop...rpm's increased. i reported this to the dealer and
VOLKSWAGEN JETTA 2010 Driving On Highway On 12/15/13 and as i accelerated, i lost power and "check engine light" came on. car fell to 50mph and
VOLKSWAGEN BEETLE 2005 I Acquired My Vehicle On 7/29/2010 as a high school graduation gift with 31,290 miles on it. as of december 2013 my vehicle
VOLKSWAGEN JETTA 2012 When Starting From A Full stop in drive mode "d" i pressed the accelerator and the car responded with almost zero power to accelerate.
VOLKSWAGEN BEETLE 2005 In September Of 2009 The beetle was taken to brown's volkswagen of richmond due to transmission shifting issues. they noted the file: removed the
VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT 2013 When I Operate My Car and shift into 3rd gear i feel a noticeable stutter, this occurs at around 1200 rpm. i am
VOLKSWAGEN BEETLE 2003 My Car Was Purchased As a used car. i purchased it with 100000 miles (approx.), and i have put on 31000 additional
VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT 2013 Noticed Hi-pitched Whine Which Got louder as rpm's of engine increased. had vehicle towed under warranty to vw dealership.
VOLKSWAGEN JETTA 2009 In The Afternoon Of 10/16/2013 while traveling back to my residence i stopped on the road, where i had been traveling, before turning
VOLKSWAGEN JETTA 2008 While Merging Onto The Freeway, as i reached 60mph the car lunged and the engine began revving over 6000rpm. it felt like the
VOLKSWAGEN JETTA 2010 Came To A Stop At a light and the car was fine at first. then, all of a sudden the rpms started
VOLKSWAGEN GOLF 2012 Tl- The Contact Owns A 2012 volkswagen golf tdi. the contact stated that on extremely cold conditions the vehicle failed to start. after
VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT 2013 Vehicle Was Down On Power with noticeable turbocharger whining noise. vehicle was taken to dealership, turbocharger was replaced. original turbo
VOLKSWAGEN JETTA 2010 While Driving Home To Panama city beach fl via the florida turnpike car the engine revved up, i had no power and the esp
VOLKSWAGEN JETTA 2009 Car Went Into A False neutral while backing up in parking lot, dealer refused to extend warranty vw tdi 2009 sports wagon.
VOLKSWAGEN JETTA 2006 At Approx 80-90k I Started hearing a clattering noise from the engine and extra noise when idling. also, the car has a hard
VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT 2007 Put Keyfob In The Ignition and it would not start. the lights in the dash illuminated but engine would not turn. also
VOLKSWAGEN CC 2010 2010 Vw Cc Sport Suffered dsg clutch failure at 50000 miles, all the lurching and drive failure symptoms were experienced. power loss
VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT 2013 I Have The Turbo Diesel version. i was driving on hwy 695 in baltimore, maryland during rush hour (0800ish) when i began
VOLKSWAGEN GTI 2006 Car Started To Exhibit Intermittent abs faults which was indicated by dash mil and the following fault codes: transmission module
VOLKSWAGEN JETTA 2006 Dual Mass Flywheel Failed Catastrophically and without warning while driving on the freeway. flywheel failure sent metal shrapnel into transmission, cracking the bell
VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT 2007 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2007 volkswagen passat. the contact stated that the vehicle failed to start and the key was unable to be
VOLKSWAGEN BEETLE 2006 Transmission Hard Shifts Between 2nd and 3rd. the gas pedal also fails to respond at certain times leading to hesitation during acceleration and also
VOLKSWAGEN JETTA 2006 Our Jetta Experienced A "false neutral" problem back in december, 2013. (95,000 miles) i did some research and found that it could
VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT 2008 The Cam Follower On 2006-2008 passats with the 2.0t fsi bpy engine are all susceptible to an event where the cam follower gets a
VOLKSWAGEN EOS 2012 Here Is My Story.. . transmission will go into neutral state while driving. finally failed on 2/2013. mechatron unit
VOLKSWAGEN CC 2010 Dsg Transmission Failed To Engage in reverse gear multiple times. it typically seems to only occur when forward and reverse are selected multiple times
VOLKSWAGEN JETTA 2009 After Backing Up Out Of a drive way it would not shift out of first gear.after pulling over to side of the road i
VOLKSWAGEN JETTA 2005 The Car Would Buck And buck then go into gear , then it would buck get stuck in 3rd or 4th gear i
VOLKSWAGEN TIGUAN 2012 Engine Stalled Approaching Stop-sign Rear ended vehicle in front of us. this was the third time this has happened with a stalling issue not
VOLKSWAGEN TOUAREG 2010 On Wednesday January 22, 2014 i was driving west on us route 9 in barrington nh at approximately 11am in my volkswagen touareg 2010
VOLKSWAGEN JETTA 2011 The Effected Car Was A diesel model 2011 volkswagen jetta tdi sedan with 48,074 miles on the odometer at the time of the incident.
VOLKSWAGEN BEETLE 2010 This Convertible Only Has 6, 000 miles and we get this cel code (check engine light) of p0456 (evaporative emission system leak detected (very small
VOLKSWAGEN JETTA 2009 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2009 volkswagen jetta. the contact stated that the vehicle would stall whenever driving uphill. the contact was able
VOLKSWAGEN EOS 2008 The Car Unexpectedly Jumps Gears when slowing down and or speeding up. the problem is especially bad while going in reverse.
VOLKSWAGEN JETTA 2001 Beware Of This Used Car - it needs serious mechanical work. i test drove it and realized that the transmission slips, the
VOLKSWAGEN BEETLE 2004 Simply What Happen Was I bought the wrong car it night i was driving to work and all the sudden as i press
VOLKSWAGEN JETTA 2006 Been To Multiple Dealerships Claiming in fox valley il rockford il glenview il that either my mechunit is bad/faulty or dual mass flywheel
VOLKSWAGEN JETTA 2007 Started Experiencing Hard Shifting In the lower gears (1-3) as described in the extended warranty for the transmission valve body. unfortunately i am already
VOLKSWAGEN JETTA 2006 Traveling Along At 55 Mph and the gear display started flashing/blinking as the car just shut off. it would not restart.
VOLKSWAGEN JETTA 2003 According To A Vw Dealer, the catalytic converter on my 2003 vw jetta failed at 89,000 miles. the vw dealer stated that
VOLKSWAGEN JETTA 2003 The Rear O2 Sensor On my 2003 volkswagen jetta failed causing the mil indicator to illuminate. the sensor had to be replaced, and
VOLKSWAGEN JETTA 2005 I Have A Vw Jetta 2005 that has the 2.5 engine. for the last three months, the automatic transmission has started shifting
VOLKSWAGEN JETTA 2005 I Wrote To You About a month ago about recalling the 2005 jetta. nothing came out of it. it is my
VOLKSWAGEN JETTA 2013 I Was Driving The Car approximately 40 miles per hour on a straight road, when all of the sudden the engine lost power and
VOLKSWAGEN JETTA 2006 I Am The Owner Of a 2006 vw jetta tdi sedan. i purchased the vehicle used in a private sale in 2009.
VOLKSWAGEN JETTA HYBRID 2013 According To This Recall: Safety recall 34f6/4v 7-speed dsg« auto transmission w/tiptronic« (dq-200 direct-shift gearbox) 2013-2014 model year volkswagen jetta hybrid my
VOLKSWAGEN BEETLE 2007 Transmission Is Bad. Hard shifts between 1st and 2nd gear. also between 2nd and 3rd gear. drives fine until the car warms
VOLKSWAGEN JETTA 2007 I Noticed The Engine Light went on few weeks ago then the shafts' lights started turning on all at the same time (p-r-n-d). the
VOLKSWAGEN JETTA 2009 Was On The Highway And the engine started to stall. glow plug light flashing and engine light on. display reads something about engine
VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT 2010 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2010 volkswagen passat . the contact stated that while driving 20 mph, the vehicle began to jerk and
VOLKSWAGEN ROUTAN 2010 Bought The Van In February 2012 since then it has been in the shop 11 times for transmission,rotors,and my passenger sliding doors they
VOLKSWAGEN BEETLE 2004 Car Slipped Completely Out Of gear when shifting from 3rd gear to 4th gear. it continues to do this when the car has
VOLKSWAGEN BEETLE 2004 Vehicle Lurches Forward When Starting from stop. lurching is severe and becomes worse and transmission warms. transmission is dsg type of automatic.
VOLKSWAGEN RABBIT 2008 I Tried To Enter The highway across oncoming traffic and had very slow acceleration. i switched to manual shift mode and the transmission was
VOLKSWAGEN CC 2010 While Driving My Dsg Transmission started to make loud noise while shifting a gear and produce loud hit when gear is changed to the point
VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT 2008 2008 Vw Passat. purchased brand new from mcdonald automotive littleton co transmission slipping 2009 brakes / rotors. 2010
VOLKSWAGEN JETTA 2009 Vehicle's Dashboard Gears "prnd" Are all highlighted. this occurs randomly and is a daily occurrence. does not affect driveability thus far.
VOLKSWAGEN JETTA 2012 Leaving Work I Had Started my car let the car idle down put it in drive and it slammed into gear after taking off the
VOLKSWAGEN JETTA 2013 The Jetta Was Being Test driven by qtm from voa with passenger rick nelson, service manager of bob baker volkswagen vw when getting on
VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT 2013 Total Failure Of Transmission On a nearly new car. fortunately occurred as i was parking at a destination and not on highway. vw

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