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Volkswagen Fuel System, Gasoline Fuel Injection System Reports

22 Mar

VOLKSWAGEN VANAGON 1990 Mfg., Recall #rv; air getting into fuel injection system causes vehicle to skip, in cold conditions. dealer replaced, jeep
VOLKSWAGEN GOLF 1999 While Driving At 55 Mph engine lost all power, no warning, consumer could not start car until 10 minutes later, and this

VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT 1991 Fuel Injectin System: Accumulator ( delivery system) was leaking gas to point it was pouring out. gas fumes were strong from
VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT 1999 Intermittently When Decelerating Vehicle stalls out and dies. prior to this problem, vehicle was at dealer for repairs,and vehicle was
VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT 1993 When Getting Into The Vehicle and driving consumer can smell fumes within the vehicle. when checking out the problem, consumer noticed a
VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT 1991 Had Smelled Gas Fumes Inside vehicle. differential pressure regulator was leaking onto the air conditioner clutch, which was a safety hazard.
VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT 1996 "o" Ring And Seal Were cracked, causing oil leakages. manufacturer notified and refused to replace fuel injection system unless cost goes to
VOLKSWAGEN VANAGON 1990 When Driving Through High Altitude areas the vehicle may start running like it is out of gas, but it really isn't. the
VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT 1993 Vehicle Caught On Fire, fuel injectors were worked on 6 months prior, dealer says it is an electrical problem. *ak
VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT 2002 Three Of Four Original Ignition coils have failed. two of the replacements have failed. vw america has been contacted.
VOLKSWAGEN JETTA 2002 Volkswagen Of America Is Refusing to notify consumers & dealers of this potentially dangerous condition experienced by many new 2002 1.8-t jetta.
VOLKSWAGEN JETTA 2000 My Car Is Nightmare Of failures. cruise control light (dealer claims the car doesnt have one - but you can see it if you
VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT 2002 Dangerous Situation. When accelerating from a complete stop vehicle does 1 of 3 things: 1)gasps for gas and goes nowhere (dangerous
VOLKSWAGEN NEW BEETLE 1999 Iam Reporting This Beacuse The engine stopped without warning at 55 mph while passing on an express way. the car would not restart.
VOLKSWAGEN JETTA 1997 Jetta Was Evaluated At Vw repair shop and was tested for several days over the last 4 working days. electrical and fuel sytem was
VOLKSWAGEN GTI 1999 This Is A Know Part failure for all 1999.5-2001 volkswagens. no safety defect listed. *ak
VOLKSWAGEN JETTA 1998 Engine Lost Power When Outside temperature was high (greater than 95 degrees fahrenheit). on the first occurrence (july 30, 1999, in des
VOLKSWAGEN JETTA 1999 This Is Not An Isolated problem. the relay 109 has been brought to vw's attention several times. they have issued a tech tip
VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT 2000 Sulfur Deposits Collect On Sending units causing fuel to be read as empty when tank could be empty or full. car will immediately shut
VOLKSWAGEN NEW BEETLE 1999 The Engine Shut Down Suddenly with absolutely no warning at about 50 mph. the car restarted after sitting momentarily. this happened
VOLKSWAGEN BEETLE 1998 I Have Had My Car into the dealer several times and they just told me to keep driving until hte "dying" became closer.
VOLKSWAGEN GTI 1997 Vehicle Had Previous Electrical Problems, this drivetrain has had known fuel system problems
VOLKSWAGEN CABRIO 1995 Car Wants To Stall When braking for a stop sign or red light and runs very roughly, as though it might just stop running
VOLKSWAGEN JETTA 1995 Following Approximately Two Dozen Visits to the dealership for a correction, nothing was found. at one point an air flow sensor was
VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT 1992 Transfer Pump Was Replaced Once during warranty, all others after its expiration. the symptom is that the engine stalls at all speeds.
VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT 1991 Differential Pressure Regulator Mounted On fuel distributor structurally failed. composite body delaminated from brass core, causing steady fuel leak whenever ignition key
VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT 1993 When Decelerating While Making A left hand turn the engine would falter and die, often leaving me exposed to oncomming traffic. once
VOLKSWAGEN VANAGON 1981 Consumer States That While Approaching a stop sign, a big cloud of smoke was coming from the rear of the vehicle, when lifting
VOLKSWAGEN GTI 1997 Vehicle's Air Intake Box Has filled with water 3 times within 1 year, causing the vehicle to stall or the check engine light to
VOLKSWAGEN DASHER 1978 Electric Fuel Pump Failure.
VOLKSWAGEN CABRIO 1993 Coolant Warning Light Flickers.
VOLKSWAGEN GOLF 1994 Intermittent Stalling/bucking Upon Acceleration. *aw
VOLKSWAGEN JETTA 2000 Volkswagen 2000 Jetta Uncommanded Acceleration while driving. car has no cruise control yet car accelerates on its own to the point the car has
VOLKSWAGEN TOUAREG 2004 I Bought A 2004 Volkswagen touareg new and treated it like a baby. dealer service, never off-road. at 80,000
VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT 2006 There Were No Events Leading up to failure when depressing the accelerator while the vehicle is moving forward there is a one to two
VOLKSWAGEN TOUAREG 2004 Volkswagen 2004 Touareg Sport Utility 4d has serious alignment problems resulting in premature tire wear on all 4 tires! front 2 tires are down
VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT 2003 2003 Passat Carbon Built Up on the injectors of the fuel system. *ts ***nar*** after several attempted repairs, the check engine
VOLKSWAGEN JETTA 2000 I Am The Primary Repair person for this vehicle. over its history, there have been numerous component failures that in my opinion are
VOLKSWAGEN GTI 2003 Check Engine Light Came On intermittently. consumer took the vehicle to the dealer, and was told that the fuel injection
VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT 1999 Our 1999 Passat With The 1.8 liter engine stalls repeatedly when decelerating, this is dangerous. we purchased the car new and had
VOLKSWAGEN TOUAREG 2004 When Making Right Or Left turns the vehicle's engine hesitated. the consumer was concerned that the failure would result in an accident.
VOLKSWAGEN TOUAREG 2004 2004 Tourag Has A Hestiency in starting causing the vehcile to not move immediately and then surge forward. we also own an audi
VOLKSWAGEN BEETLE 2000 I Do Not Know If this classifies as a problem but i want to bring it to your attention. i own a 2000
VOLKSWAGEN JETTA 2000 While Driving Engine Light Comes on due to emission failure. dealership replaced the mass air flow sensor, but the problem
VOLKSWAGEN JETTA 2001 The Fuel Injection System On my jetta tdi went bad. the car had 35,000 miles on it which was 5,000 past warrenty.
VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT 2002 Same As Other Complaint Listed: "dangerous situation. when accelerating from a complete stop vehicle does 1 of 3 things: 1)gasps for
VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT 2002 One Of The Coli Packs failed on my car at approximately 4500 miles. the car ran very rough and had a very

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