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22 Mar

VOLKSWAGEN JETTA 1998 While Traveling 65mph Depressed Cigarette lighter and it had popped out of socket under passenger's seat & floor mat caught fire. *ak
VOLKSWAGEN GOLF 1996 Cigarett Lighter Adopter, After being pushed in, popped out and the element stayed inside, causing an overheating problem, saw smoke.

VOLKSWAGEN JETTA 1997 Add't Dealer Repair Info: Northland vw. cin oh. air system smells rotten, water pump went out due to belts going bad,
VOLKSWAGEN JETTA 1997 Cigarette Lighter When Glowing How pops out of its holder, windshield fluid odor is carried into car by vent system
VOLKSWAGEN JETTA 1999 The Lighter Is Inoperative. yh
VOLKSWAGEN CC 2012 The Factory Installed Gps Directs the vehicle operator to turn just moments before the turn must be made.this can create dangerous conditions on the
VOLKSWAGEN SEAT BELTS 9999 I Own 2004 Passat And recently have had transmission problems. my biggest concern is that on freeway transmission became unresponsive,and almost got me
VOLKSWAGEN SEAT BELTS 9999 Vw 2005 Convertible Bug both rear window problems, will not roll up or down. passenger side window is making a horrible squeaking
VOLKSWAGEN SEAT BELTS 9999 Poor Obd On 2007 Vw jetta for engine speed sensor. [xxx] is the vin of the car, recently the engine begin to stall/die
VOLKSWAGEN SEAT BELTS 9999 Shortly After Purchase, Car began to fill with water. not directly from the sun roof but from a disconnected or damaged drain hose.
VOLKSWAGEN SEAT BELTS 9999 The Low-beam Portion Of My headlight bulbs on my 2004 vw beetle convertible seem to last only about six months. i've become an
VOLKSWAGEN SEAT BELTS 9999 I Bought A Used 2004 new beetle convertible and lowered the back window and would not raise again was told the back window regulator went
VOLKSWAGEN SEAT BELTS 9999 Information Redacted Pursuant To The freedom of information act (foia), 5 u.s.c. 552(b)(6) [xxx] . (deaf and
VOLKSWAGEN SEAT BELTS 9999 Vw 2006 Passat 2.0 t steering column defective signal and the car doesn't start. after doing internet search, it seems many other
VOLKSWAGEN SEAT BELTS 9999 My 2004 Vw Beetle Showed an air bag warning light. i took it to vw under a recall and they fixed the problem for
VOLKSWAGEN SEAT BELTS 9999 Recall For 2003 Volkswagen Jetta- seat heater defect causing seats to get too hot even causing fire in some instances. brought my jetta
VOLKSWAGEN SEAT BELTS 9999 I Am The Owner Of a 2004 volkswagen jetta gli, which i garage at my condominium. in march 2006, the national
VOLKSWAGEN SEAT BELTS 9999 Hello, i bought vw passat wagon gls brand new from vw dealer in ohio during june,2005. the car malfunction
VOLKSWAGEN SEAT BELTS 9999 Defective Abs Module In 2000 volkswagen passat. abs and brake/stop lights flash but brakes work. *tr
VOLKSWAGEN SEAT BELTS 9999 We Have A 2002 1. 8l passat that was affected by the defective coils in the 2003/2004 recall. now less than 5 years
VOLKSWAGEN SEAT BELTS 9999 Brake Failure Light Appears Even after multiple brake repairs. driver?s side rear upper brake light replaced for 29th time in less than 2 yrs.
VOLKSWAGEN SEAT BELTS 9999 In Our 1999 Jetta, our passenger seat warmer caught on fire, and burned through my husband's jacket. i reported to volkswagen of
VOLKSWAGEN SEAT BELTS 9999 I Bought A Pair Of aftermarket headlights from a member on ebay for my 2001 vw gti. i bought these headlights from a seller
VOLKSWAGEN SEAT BELTS 9999 Me And My Wife Were traveling rt. 80 west bound to exit 61 elmwood park at about 12:45 am, weather condition was wet
VOLKSWAGEN SEAT BELTS 9999 Incident Description = 2004 Vw passat had been previously report several fuel consumptions problems at hoy fox vw and gas ended up leaking out of
VOLKSWAGEN SEAT BELTS 9999 Abs Module Fails Thus Making the abs and anti-slip not functional. to replace unit with new unit which has been superseded with new part
VOLKSWAGEN SEAT BELTS 9999 I Have A 2001 vw new beetle. i have replaced brake light, which was drains the battery, serpentine belt, remoteless
VOLKSWAGEN SEAT BELTS 9999 Abs Module On My 2001 vw passat failed. this was a $1000 repair and after reading hundreds of threads about other passat abs
VOLKSWAGEN SEAT BELTS 9999 I've Spent Over $8000 Towards vw dealership attempts at fixing the horn, radio, homelink, climate control (a/c and heat) rear passenger side
VOLKSWAGEN TOUAREG 2004 2004 Vw Touareg With Tire failure and key programming. consumer states he had to replace the tires due to a puncture in one of
VOLKSWAGEN SEAT BELTS 9999 I Have Replaced Both Catalytic converters on the 2001 audi allroad. the right one at 42k miles and the left one at 62k miles.
VOLKSWAGEN SEAT BELTS 9999 Bought A Vw Passat Used from private dealer~i owned the car for exactly 1 year, turbo failed ~ check engine light has been on
VOLKSWAGEN SEAT BELTS 9999 Twice, The Rear Brake lights remained on uncontrollably - intermittently at first, then permanently. this failure was trouble-shot and repaired by
VOLKSWAGEN SEAT BELTS 9999 I Took My Car To automax vw because my epc, abs and engine light came on. they said that the epc had a
VOLKSWAGEN SEAT BELTS 9999 I Have Recently Had The ignition coil on my 2001 volkswagon jetta gls vr6 go bad again for the third time. this causes
VOLKSWAGEN SEAT BELTS 9999 I Bought The Car Brand new from sunnyvalve volkswagen. while driving on the road the mfi display stop appeared, indicating brake failure.
VOLKSWAGEN SEAT BELTS 9999 Solid Abs Light/flashing Brake Light. *jb
VOLKSWAGEN SEAT BELTS 9999 Second Time The Front Driver's side air bag has malfunctioned -- warning light comes on that airbag is not properly functioning. november 2005 and
VOLKSWAGEN SEAT BELTS 9999 The Car Made A Funny whistle noise then shut off. the person behind us said blue smoke came out the back. took to
VOLKSWAGEN SEAT BELTS 9999 Defective Brake Light Switch, multiple failures (4) in gti/golf nhtsa campaign id number : 06v183000 the above recall should
VOLKSWAGEN SEAT BELTS 9999 The Engine Light Has Been on for a while. i had the catalytic converter replaced last year in 08/05 when it initially occurred.
VOLKSWAGEN SEAT BELTS 9999 Turn Signal Unit Clicking At twice the speed intermittently when turn signal is not even turned on. lights have never been actuated yet,
VOLKSWAGEN SEAT BELTS 9999 Vw Touareg Engine Problems In the winter. i will send the info as vw dealer repair info and engine problems was recorded on
VOLKSWAGEN SEAT BELTS 9999 Major Electrical, Mechanical Malfunction (see 10148507, 10148481) 5th electrical/mechanical safety issues/4th airbag light/malfunctioned. vehicle 2nd x towed in 10 days
VOLKSWAGEN SEAT BELTS 9999 4th Electrical Failure, 3rd airbag light/malfuction. 5 days after servicing car for airbag safety issue, same repeated problem. (see
VOLKSWAGEN SEAT BELTS 9999 3rd Electrical Failure, 2nd airbag light/malfunction. continued issue with airbag light on/malfunctioning spontaneously. *ak
VOLKSWAGEN SEAT BELTS 9999 1) I'm Not Exactly Sure when the incident occurred, see #2 and you will understand why. 2) today i found
VOLKSWAGEN SEAT BELTS 9999 Like Many Others We Had high hopes and dreams for our new 2003 beetle, we thought wrong. like many others i am finding
VOLKSWAGEN SEAT BELTS 9999 I Am Having Trouble With my vw touareg v6. since then i have had numerous visits to the dealer for failures in design.
VOLKSWAGEN SEAT BELTS 9999 My Audi A-4 Was Parked all day, all of a sudden the car caught on fire only in the dash. i have
VOLKSWAGEN SEAT BELTS 9999 About A Month And A half ago i started to notice that my 2004 jetta gl was starting to run a little rough. i
VOLKSWAGEN SEAT BELTS 9999 My O2 Sensor Was Replaced and now two need to be replaced again. i was told that i have to pay for this to
VOLKSWAGEN SEAT BELTS 9999 Ignition Switch Appeared To Break when starting car. the key would not return all the way to starting position and windshield wipers failed
VOLKSWAGEN SEAT BELTS 9999 Purched A Used 2001 Volkswagen beetle for my daughters 16th birthday. this car has been nothing but trouble. check engine light came on
VOLKSWAGEN SEAT BELTS 9999 Brake Lights Failed To Illuminate. diagnosis by romanovw of fayetteville ny determined brake switch failure and replacement. they said they have
VOLKSWAGEN SEAT BELTS 9999 2000 Audi S4 Abs Computer module is defective. code 01203. the abs and brake light flash and beep all of the time for
VOLKSWAGEN SEAT BELTS 9999 The Elec Wireing To All of doors and under dash is going bad caseing the arlem to set it self off while driveing and malfuction
VOLKSWAGEN SEAT BELTS 9999 As I Was Getting Into my car at night (2003 vw gti) i noticed it was very cold. i then proceeded to try
VOLKSWAGEN SEAT BELTS 9999 Hazard Signals Fail To Blink or flash. on occasion, they flash a few times then stop.*ak
VOLKSWAGEN JETTA 2000 My Vehicle Is A Tdi diesel -computer/engine - engine diagnosis light has come on - diagnosis ($85.00) gate on turbo charger does not operate
VOLKSWAGEN JETTA 2002 This Car Has Had Too many serious problems to be limited to this small space. it is clearly a lemon. these problems substantially
VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT 2002 Four Ignition Coils Defective - replaced defective ignition - key stuck in car for over nine days defective stereo - replaced twice to date defective
VOLKSWAGEN JETTA 2003 I Bought My Car At the end of november. drove it off the lot with 9 miles on the vehicle. at
VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT 1999 Electrical Problems From The Start, melting of plastic, lights in the car working sporadically at best. oil, drain, oil
VOLKSWAGEN BEETLE 1999 June 2, 2003 the following letter was sent to voa dear volkswagen of america i have a 1999 beetle that
VOLKSWAGEN BEETLE 2001 I Have 21,500 Miles on my 2001 vw beetle, has been in the shop aprox 6 times for the same problem, car
VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT 1997 Seat Belts Never Raval All the way (minor issue), air conditioner gets cold only for about a minute (once again minor), and now
VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT 1997 Stalling Without Reason. dealer cannot find the problem
VOLKSWAGEN JETTA 2000 Replaced Rear Brake Light 4 times; emergency flasher & turn signals fail to work randomly. twice had rear brake pads replaced; rotors
VOLKSWAGEN SEAT BELTS 9999 Switch Used To Verify Brake is engaged before vehicle is able to go into reverse or drive has failed twice. first time 10-08-02 at
VOLKSWAGEN SEAT BELTS 9999 Right Front Window Went Down and would not go back up the window regulator clips and regulator had to be replaced. *ak
VOLKSWAGEN SEAT BELTS 9999 I Would Like To Report on the annoying increase of car lights drivers are putting on during the daytime hours, especially when the sun
VOLKSWAGEN SEAT BELTS 9999 Faulty Electrical System In 2000 volkswagen beetle. *ak
VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT 2003 The Ignition Coils On My 2002 vw passat 1.8t ar about to fail for the third time. the car was bought in may
VOLKSWAGEN GOLF 2003 Coilpack Failures Are A Safety issue. is volkswagon waiting for someone to die until they recall this? while your at it,
VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT 2003 Multiple Problems With The 2001 vw passat. problems began at 16000 miles and have continued up to the current date and mileage of 33000
VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT 2003 Failed Coil Pack On Vehicle after only 16000 miles. dealer service adviser stated that vw is aware of this problem in all 2001

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