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21 Mar

VOLKSWAGEN BEETLE 1998 When Jump Starting Or Replacing the battery vehicle would run approximately three miles or less before it stalls completely out. vehicle had to be
VOLKSWAGEN BEETLE 1998 When Jump Starting Or Replacing battery vehicle would run approximately three miles or less before it stalls compelety out. vehicle had to

VOLKSWAGEN BEETLE 1999 Consumer Has Been Having Alot of problems with electrical features. consumer has replaced 2 batteries/ 1 cd changer/ 4 headlight bulbs,
VOLKSWAGEN BEETLE 1999 While Starting Battery exploded. vehicle towed to dealer, and informed consumer that the probelm was due to an electrical
VOLKSWAGEN BEETLE 2000 Intermittently Vehicle Will Stall Out while driving approximately 20-25 mph, battery light will come on. consumer must restart vehicle. dealer has replaced
VOLKSWAGEN JETTA 1998 Battery Failed To Have An acid release hose. acid had dripped onto power steering reservoir & ate through it. this caused a
VOLKSWAGEN JETTA 1999 Oil Light Came On 2000 miles after oilchange/burning or leaking excessive oil,and oil level low. passenger's window motor stopped working, resulting in
VOLKSWAGEN BEETLE 1998 Battery Blew Up, Causing windows to lock/ door locks not to work. volkswagen was contacted. *ak
VOLKSWAGEN JETTA 1997 While Turning The Key to start vehicle, battery exploded, causing acid to go into engine compartment and
VOLKSWAGEN JETTA 1997 Due To The Location Of the battery and power steering fluid canister, battery sits too close to the canister, and
VOLKSWAGEN FOX 1989 Consumer While Driving would lose power. computer system went crazy, oil light/battery light came on. after a couple
VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT 1996 While Driving 60mph Vehicle Suddenly died for no reason. this caused a traffic hazard. had no warning. towed to dealer. informed
VOLKSWAGEN JETTA 1997 After Shutting Ignition Off, consumer then restarted vehicle and there was a loud popping sound. consumer looked under the hood and
VOLKSWAGEN JETTA 1997 Due To A Faulty Alternator and battery acid spilling onto engine, power steering blew out. dealer replaced a tube on the
VOLKSWAGEN GOLF 1993 Vehicle's Battery Exploded And Injured a person while trying to jump start the vehicle, the injuries included lacerations to the face .
VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT 1995 Purchased Car New, replaced the battery for the third time . please describe . *ak
VOLKSWAGEN JETTA 1998 Battery Acid Leaked On Reservoir causing reservoir to leak fluid, which could cause loss of contacted.*ak
VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT 1999 While Traveling On The Highway and without prior warning, acid start leaking from the battery. dealership is aware of the problem.
VOLKSWAGEN GOLF 1996 Consumer Started Vehicle And Heard a loud popping sound. then, saw smoke coming from under the hood. he shut off engine and
VOLKSWAGEN JETTA 1999 When Trying To Start Vehicle battery blew up under hood. could not get hood up. had vehicle towed to dealer. please add
VOLKSWAGEN JETTA 1996 The Battery Exploded And Caused a fire in the vehicle.
VOLKSWAGEN JETTA 1997 The Battery Exploded As Consumer tried to start the vehicle. possible manufacturing defect. *yh
VOLKSWAGEN EUROVAN 2002 I Can Not Find The complaint where i already described a dangerous event which caused the engine to race, buck, lurch the car
VOLKSWAGEN JETTA 2001 No Summary. Dt
VOLKSWAGEN GTI 2002 Vehicle #1 Failed 4 Times in 6 weeks, dead batteries, alternators, would not start....vehicle replaced, same problem
VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT 1999 Upon Replacement Of The Battery the radio locks down to prevent theft. lock out reset code fails and stereo can not be reset
VOLKSWAGEN GTI 2002 Vw Cannot Bring Vehicle Into compliance with warranty......refuses to replace vehicle. no safety defect listed. *ak
VOLKSWAGEN GOLF 1999 The Battery Exploded When I tried to start the car.*ak
VOLKSWAGEN BEETLE 1998 Many Problems/failures Between 10600 And 19000 miles. dashboard left turn signal indicator intermittent failure persists for >1 year and devonhills vw refuses to
VOLKSWAGEN BEETLE 1999 At 1 1/2 Months Of ownership the check engine light came on "with no fault found" took 1 1/2 years and 6 service visits to
VOLKSWAGEN JETTA 2000 My Frustration And Fear At the fact that my brake switch has failed twice, my battery has died 3 times while with the dealer,
VOLKSWAGEN BEETLE 1999 Three Months Prrior To The engine fire, a battery blew up in this car after turning the ignition key. prior to that
VOLKSWAGEN JETTA 1998 Battery Exploded While Starting The engine. after researching on line, i've determined that this may be a larger problem. *ak
VOLKSWAGEN BEETLE 1999 I Purchased This Vehicle Because i was looking for a reliable and economical car. i have been very disappointed. this car
VOLKSWAGEN BEETLE 1998 Battery Problem. I stopped at signal and when i restarted the engine stopped and i was almost rear end. the abs
VOLKSWAGEN BEETLE 1999 No Summary Listed For Above vehicle. *ak
VOLKSWAGEN NEW BEETLE 1998 Car Stalled On Busy Interstate due to air intake failure, battery failure prompted me to purchase a replacement from my ase certified mechanic.
VOLKSWAGEN BEETLE 2000 No Summary Listed For Abov evehicle. *ak
VOLKSWAGEN JETTA 1996 Battery Exploded When Ignition Turned with key. *ak
VOLKSWAGEN JETTA 1997 Battery Exploded While Turning The ignition, dealer service rep mentioned that he had seen several cases of the same problem. *ak
VOLKSWAGEN BEETLE 1998 Multiple Problems With Car Since purchase.
VOLKSWAGEN BEETLE 1998 No Summary Listed For Abov evehicle. *ak
VOLKSWAGEN JETTA 1996 The Battery In My 96 jetta exploded as i turned the key. there were no indications of a problem prior to the explosion.
VOLKSWAGEN JETTA 1996 The Original Volkswagen Battery Exploded with loud bang when ignition key was turned to the "on" position, but i had not started the car
VOLKSWAGEN GOLF 1995 Wiring Under The Hood Is terrible- sunroof latch broke after 2years- battery leaks 3 times causing damages to the power steering reservoir twice, master
VOLKSWAGEN GOLF 1995 Battery Leaks - Destroy The power steering reservoir. *ak
VOLKSWAGEN JETTA 1997 On The First Occasion We noted that battery acid had overflowed and concacted the power steering reservoir, which is attached to the battery tray.
VOLKSWAGEN JETTA 1996 I Am Dubious About The safety of a well maintained car when the transmission fails in the first 6 months. the manufacturer's serviceman
VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT 1993 Miles:1,519- Doesn't Turn Over - replaced battery: 8602- check engine light stays on- repl bad housing connection:11,672-check engine light on-rpl cam position sensor&ecm&ac
VOLKSWAGEN JETTA 1998 If Battery Is Overfilled Or leaks and drips onto the power steering reservoir the resevoir will fail. this failure is catastrophic in nature
VOLKSWAGEN CABRIOLET 1986 Additional Problems With Automobile: left indicator light not working, horn broken, back - up lights not working, clutch/transmission needs work (transmission
VOLKSWAGEN BEETLE 1998 Battery Failed. Nlm
VOLKSWAGEN EUROVAN 1997 Battery Died While Vehicle Was parked for a day. yh
VOLKSWAGEN CABRIO 1998 Vehicle Would Not Crank, dealer stated the battery had failed. *slc
VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT 2000 Consumer Stated On 2 Occasions the vehicle would not start, it was finally determined that the battery needed to be replaced.*jb
VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT 1996 When The Key Is Inserted into the ignition and turned, the engine does not start, which also caused other componets to become inoperative,
VOLKSWAGEN JETTA 1996 Replaced Battery. *mjs
VOLKSWAGEN JETTA 1998 The Battery Exploded. nlm
VOLKSWAGEN BEETLE 1999 Battery Was Cracked Causing Acid to leak onto power steering reservoir. *slc
VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT 1994 Vehicle Has Had Three Batteries within a four year period.
VOLKSWAGEN FOX 1993 Battery Failed Twice, Second time alternator failed causing damage to battery.
VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT 1995 Battery Failed.
VOLKSWAGEN QUANTUM 1984 Battery Failed.
VOLKSWAGEN GOLF 1989 Battery Failed.
VOLKSWAGEN JETTA 1995 Battery Recharged. *sd
VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT 1992 Battery Replaced.
VOLKSWAGEN JETTA 1994 Battery Failure. *ak
VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT 2009 On Sunday Morning About 11:20 am as i turned my car on it immediately started to rattle followed by black smoke coming from under my
VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT 2009 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2009 volkswagen passat. the contact stated that while driving at various speeds, the vehicle's engine stalled without warning.
VOLKSWAGEN JETTA 2000 Bought Used Vw From A dealer. dealer was doing brakes/inspection, and on picking up the vehicle stunk of burnt electric smell. vehicle
VOLKSWAGEN JETTA 2002 No Events Lead To This problem. the original battery in the vehicle was changed out due its age. over the past 4 months
VOLKSWAGEN JETTA 2005 After Driving For 40 Minutes in stop and go traffic, i was sitting at a traffic light and the car shut off, the
VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT 2000 Fax From Congressman On Behalf of constituent regarding a safety problem with her vw passat. *kb immediately after the consumer purchased
VOLKSWAGEN GOLF 2002 2002 Volkswagen Golf Has Had numerous problems. the most recent problem is that the coil spring broke while the consumer was driving causing
VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT 2003 Vehicle Would Not Start On aug. 26. starter cranked but engine failed to turn over and start. dealer diagnosed as fuel pump
VOLKSWAGEN JETTA 2006 Vehicle Failed To Start On multiple occasions due to insufficient battery charge. owner observed brake lights including chmsl would come on independently while
VOLKSWAGEN JETTA 1995 Well, I' Had Some serious problems with the 1995 vw jetta iii. first, i had to put 2 new struts
VOLKSWAGEN EUROVAN 2002 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2002 volkswagen eurovan. while driving at 30 mph the vehicle stalled. the contact stated that this failure
VOLKSWAGEN JETTA 2003 Dt*: The Contact Stated While driving in a rural area going 50 mph, the battery light illuminated. the contact pulled off the
VOLKSWAGEN GOLF 2000 2000 Volkswagen Golf Cv Joints failed, right front caliper froze, faulty steering hose. *ts the battery was replaced twice and
VOLKSWAGEN JETTA 2005 Dt: The Contact Stated on 8-16-05 while driving on the highway the car died. then it lurched forward,
VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT 2000 I Own A 2000 V6 passat, which i have serviced regularly at a vw dealership. on march 25, 2005, the
VOLKSWAGEN BEETLE 2002 At And After 30,000 miles many mechanical failures including 2 alternators replaced, 2 batteries replaced, epc light had come on twice,
VOLKSWAGEN BEETLE 1999 I Own A 1999 New beetle with the 2.0 engine with 37,000 original miles. the car quit running approx. 2 1/2
VOLKSWAGEN JETTA 2002 September 2002 - Leased 2002 vw jetta 1.8t. july 2003 - check engine light came on, ignition coils had to be
VOLKSWAGEN TOUAREG 2004 Vehicle Would Jump Forward When making turns, making it difficult to control vehicle. owner took vehicle to dealer for repair of
VOLKSWAGEN JETTA 2001 While At 65 Mph In left lane engine and all electricity failed, unable to signal other motorist while i moved the car to safety.
VOLKSWAGEN BEETLE 2000 Battery Has To Be Jumped whenever left for 5 days. had tested at 39k but vw service said was fine. progressively
VOLKSWAGEN TOUAREG 2004 While Driving Vehicle Stalled. consumer restarted the vehicle. also, noticed that the air bag light and check engine light
VOLKSWAGEN JETTA 1998 Battery Exploded While Starting The engine. hood damaged, battery acid released. *ak
VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT 2001 While Driving At 65 Mph vehicle shook and lost power. then stalled in the middle of the highway with little room to reach
VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT 1995 Timing Chain Stretched And Valves went against pistons. engine light goes on and off all the time. ignition switch fail and lights go
VOLKSWAGEN TOUAREG 2004 2004 Touareg That Has Experienced multiple battery failures due to excessive draw. the vehicle cannot be left unattended for more than 3-4 days
VOLKSWAGEN JETTA 2000 Request For Full Reimbursement In the amount of $1898.94 for unwarranted repairs. (nar) *ph *cb
VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT 2002 Vehicle Failed To Start because the battery was drained. this occurred 4 times. dealership replaced the battery, but the problem
VOLKSWAGEN BEETLE 1998 Defective Battery On A 1998 volkswagen beetle. *mr the battery was replaced. the battery did not accept charging
VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT 1999 Vehicle Caught On Fire While parked in the driveway. the fire department indicated that the fire started on the right side of the engine.
VOLKSWAGEN CABRIO 1999 Battery Literally Exploded Upon Turning the ignition key. *la
VOLKSWAGEN JETTA 2003 My Brake Light Swich Has been replaced 3 times on my 2003 jetta tdi vw. failure of this switch causes brake light's to
VOLKSWAGEN JETTA 1999 Multiple Problems: Main Complaint 1. failure of window regulator, driver and passenger side - several times on each side 2. the
VOLKSWAGEN JETTA 1999 Brake Light Switch Replaced Because cel illuminated indicating a failure of same. after some testing, it became apparent that the brake lights
VOLKSWAGEN JETTA 1998 I Own A 1998 Volkwagen jetta gl. the car battery exploded while in operation. i have digital photos of the battery if requested.

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2006 New beetle convertible.. was dead after sitting a week. Dealer checked and put in new battery. Now one month later, dead after one day.  I jumped car brought to dealer, they said car wont repsond to computer testing. They have to manually ch

I have a 2000 Passat GLS 1.8T that does not prevent the "electrical juice" from flowing through the whole car even after the car is turned off and the key is pulled out of the ignition. Even when the car doors are opened the radio, the a/c, heater

During driving at 55 mph the ABS light illuminates. About 5-10 seconds later a large jolt is felt and a clunk is heard. All electrical systems went down, causing the lights to dim, wipers to slow, internal displays turned off. During this power

I'm the original owner of a 2002 VW Passat 1.8T with automatic  transmission with 97,500miles, which had underdash electrical fire 1 month ago. Now is a TOTAL LOSS!!! I had been searching on the net and appears is a common problem.

2000 Cabrio, runs great but the engine may kill at any time, then starts after 30 seconds and runs for 20 or 30 miles. Seems like some kind of relay waiting to reset. When the engine dies the motor will turn over like it has no electrical ignition

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