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Volkswagen Routan
Sat, 02 Apr 2011

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DEATH INJURY risk! Volkswagen 2010 Routan suddenly shuts off while driving ...

DEATH INJURY risk! Volkswagen 2010 Routan suddenly shuts off while driving on the highway at 65mph. This has happen more than a few times. Today is the last straw as I was driving on the highway with my kids. I barely survive the incident. I have been taking the vehicle to vw service multiple times. I keep getting the runaround and they say the vehicle is fine as they cannot reproduce the issue. I guess my kids’ lives are not important to VW. The van is bran new and only has 8K miles. VW said that they could not do anything and the only advice was that if it shuts off again DONOT Turn on the vehicle STAY WHERE YOU ARE just call road side assistance. That is the most ridiculous advice I have ever heard! I would need to stay in the middle of the highway or in between a traffic intersection with my kids. I have struggled so much to escalate this and now finally VW has replace the ignition switch base on the 03/10/11 recall. This van also has other problems with the automatic doors. These doors smash my kids and have had some injuries because of this. You trigger the doors to open and you think they will remain open but they don’t lock. The doors rapidly close them self, trapping anything in their way. The same behavior happens as you walk away and think the door will shut and lock. You come back from walmart and see that the doors are wide open. The last thing I need is some SICKO hiding in the vehicle and I think my vehicle is safe for me and my kids. Also when you put the van in reverse the vehicle stutters and jerks with little tork. I have taken the vehicle for these issues as well and they are not able to replicate so they cannot do anything. In the process of all of this I have also found the most depressing news, my VW is actually a Chrysler. I could not believe it when I heard this but I confirmed it. No one ever told me that I was actually buying a Chrysler van. I thought I was buying a German vehicle. These horrible events have been traumatizing for me and my family. I have not picked up the car from service since and I am trying to get VW to put in on another vehicle. I have read that other people have had these repairs done and they still are shutting off and squashing their kids. I have spoken to VW since I turn in my car for service and told them I don’t want the vehicle any more. VW keeps giving the runaround and have been stringing me along telling me that they will help me but to wait for their call TOMORROW. I have been waiting for over 2 weeks since I took the van in to service. Every day I call back as they don’t keep their promise of a call back. I however get the same individuals and they say they can’t do anything until the car gets fixed. Well what if they car does not get fixed or takes months, am I supposed to wait? I struggle so much to get a car rental from them and when I did, they got me a compact vehicle. I can’t transport my family in that! After complaining so much they finally approved a larger vehicle rental. I have received the call from service saying the vehicle is ready for pickup and it has been repaired. I called VW again now that the car service is completed and now the VW people are saying that they can’t do anything and to pick up the vehicle. Why string me along if you know that was the only option they were going to give me. They said to give them one more day and to expect a call back again. I asked them what is the procedure or the plan but they said they could not tell me anything about their internal processes and to just wait for a call. I guess at this time I have no choice but to take legal action. I have been a loyal VW owner for 8yrs but if VW does not put me in a GERMAN vehicle I can expect legal action is the only alternative.

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