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Volkswagen Passat
Sat, 18 Jun 2011

Volkswagen Passat Reviewed by Dannypre on .

I had this problem. There is a service action (similar to ...

I had this problem. There is a service action (similar to a recall) that will fix it.

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i had a trailer hitch put a 2009 passat and they couldnt get the lights to work. called the vw dealer and they said i couldnt put a trailer on a passat. the manual says i can.

when i start up my 2001 vw passat, it starts then shuts down.  As i keep on starting it i pump the gas to keep it running. When it gets hot anuff it stays running. Why?

1996 vw 2.0 engine. I n an effort to replace the ecm the plastic piece that slidesout broke off. Do you have any suggestions as to how i can remove the slide in order to release the wire harness to change the computer. 

injector of passat tdi are out of use after 73000 miles why?

my passat tdi injectors are out  of use after 73000 miles why?

no communication from the PC to the computer for inspection.
could I know what the raeley to the computer? fuse may be damaged

I was in 3 different accidents that involved hard impacts that did NOT deploy any of the airbags.  I strongly feel this was a dealer/volkswagen manufactor vehicle malfunction that should of been replaced or investigated. Unfortunately, I had to c

after driving my 1996 vw passat for about 10 minutes, it will shut off. It will start back up after sitting for 10-15 minutes. i took it to an auto repair shop and the first diagnostics was i needed to replace my thermostat. after that was done, t

 passat steering Column Lock defective message

my 2008 passat transmission locked on reverse ho do I unlock it?

The left back door doesn’t lock properly, it sometimes opens when I am driving. Now, the right back door doesn’t open from outside, only from inside. After this experience, I would never have another VW in my life…

i have a 2000 vw passat v6 everytime i press the gas lightley it kind of studders does anyone have any ideas on what it could be ? when im on the highway and gasing the car it is not doing it !

My car light turned on and it says its over heating so I pulled over and the EPC light turned but the car won't start and the battary is fully charged ?

To be more specific. I was driving down the freeway, no more than 5 min went by and the dash started flashing saying turn car off- overheating. I pulled off the freeway and the car turns of on its own.Steam was coming from the radiator. I pushed

how find the second box off fuses in my passat 92 ?

spia di colore arancione dello sterzo accesa diagnosi corto circuito fine corsa  battuta sterzo dove sono?

I have a 2002 VW Passat and the passenger rear right door moulding has "popped" off and is ruining the pain on the front of the car - HELP!!! What can I do? Where do I go for help????

I've been working on this 1998 VW Passat and at first the left front turning signal, left sidelight, and left rear turing signal remained on. No blinking, no clicking. So I messed around with the CCM and they went off. Took it for a drive around t

2000 vw passat is bothering. used to jump start it all the time. later it will just stop don' t know what was the issue. I change the oil everyehere for maintenance. Now the issue I was driving on a rainy day then  several light  came up, firs