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Volkswagen Jetta
Mon, 05 Dec 2011

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The new Jetta offers five speed manual transmission and six speed auto-transmission....

The new Jetta offers five speed manual transmission and six speed auto-transmission.The diesel version of Jetta is more fuel efficient than the petrol version.It is the best mid-size sedan available in the market.The interior and the exterior is awesome.

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how do you reset the warning indicator light after i have replaced the brake pads on my 2008 volkswagon jetta?

where is the engine number located on a 2009 vw jetta 1.9tdi. i'm looking for where it is on the engine and not on the sticker in the boot.

you unscrew the grill then the headlight assembly pull the pug and its out! Do reverse to re-install

Is it really mandatory that I must use Unleaded 93 on my Jetta 3 1998 model (CSL)

I bought a new VW Jetta 2011 in October 2010. Since then I have had several cases of the car shutting down on me. It's not a stall, it just dies. Major safety concern, I'ver brought it in to two separate dealers and they cannot find the problem. I

I had this problem with my 2000 jetta. I got the plugs and wires changed and the problem went away.

My 2001 VW Jetta's speedometer reads 15 mph less than my actual speed.  What is the problem?

I have a 2007 vw wolfburgh jetta 2.5.  My problem is whenever I start the car and drive 40mph.  I hear a clank noise. it only happens one time but every time I start or restart my car.
what could it be? I took it to volkswagen and was told it

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2011 vw sportwagen 6000 miles,fuel line to fuel injector # 2 burst-vw will replace the engine.  What's up here?

Well I got my 2004 jetta tdi fixed the reason it was throwin codes like crazy, had no exceleration , and was jerking is because an O ring was missing going from the turbo to the inner cooler/ air cooler. Thing I don't understand is how the Damn de

i have a 1.9tdi jetta 2006.problem;when the car is idling or slowing there is a knocking noise like the sound of tappets,i recently had a timing belt fitted,and a full service,the car has 53.000 miles on clock

I have a 1999 jetta is beiing acting up lately. I notice tha when I reach speed limit of 60 or above the front end and steering wheel shake ( heavy vibration) I recently had tires done any info would help.

what causes a 2004 jetta to turn off while running

my 2004 jetta stared turning off while running i have replace coil pack,fuel pump,ignition swith,coolant temp. sensor,alternator.

URGH please someone help! i bought a 2000 V6 jetta and i had to already replace the radiator, left upper hose and water pump, now the EPC light is on and will not come off and the hand brake light also comes on and off and it just keeps beeping. I

ohh also, my dad took the hand brake switch out but the light still comes on. And another question, is it normal for the hand brake to be so loose you could pull it up with just two fingers?

1996 vw jetta nocking noise after car warms up and only under acceleration. The sound comes from under the floor and shift box. You can rev the engine and there is no nock. help please!!!!

I have a 2005 Volkswagen jetta and the brake booster vacuum pump leeks oil; it is a worn part and is not covered under warranty, $1800.00 to fix it. I all so have a 2004 Jetta and it is falling apart to. After 60 thousand miles both cost me money

i have 1997 jetta Manual, cannot go into 2nd gear or 4th