Toyota Tundra 2002 Questions

Toyota Tundra 2002
Fri, 15 Jun 2012

Toyota Tundra 2002 Reviewed by 007phinguyen on .

2002 Toyota Tundra... Shifting lever broken the steering column ...

2002 Toyota Tundra... Shifting lever broken the steering column as I was shifting from park to drive (with normal effort)... Reported to Toyota. Toyota stated that its not a recall item... I think its a manufacture defect and Toyota should do something about it before someone get killed.

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2003 toyota tundra instrument panel lights won't  light.   I changed the bulbs and checked the
fuses and no luck.   What else could be the problem?

2002 Toyota Tundra, had my truck in for an oil change at the Toyota dealer in Leesburg FL. and was told my front axle seal was torn and they could not replace the seal and that the job would cost $ 1,300.00, how can this be?

2010 Toyota Tundra Double Cab, 51K miles needed both leaf springs replaced due to rusty shackles and broken leafs. We tow camper and snowmobile trailer. Both are way under tow weight for the vehicle. Local mechanic that did repairs felt leaf sprin

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I bent my 2008 Toyota tundra frame by hitting  a curb. The frame is crap on these trucks.

2009 Toyota Tundra driver side Leaf Spring cracked... Went to dealer and the could not help me cause Warranty was over 2000 miles... Called Toyota and they said sorry that has happen but they could not help me... Dont under stand how it would b

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 MY  2006 Toyota Tundra has a crunching sound coming from the left front side. I have checked brakes, wheel bearings etc. I have also checked and there are no visible loose parts. Is has 93,000  miles. I fear it could be serious from the sound

driver side door has started to pop and creak loudly when opened or closed

2009 Toyota Tundra Radio turns on and off on its own. Also, driver side seatbelt female piece is broken and wont engage have to push buckle in at different angles many times to finally have it engage

I have a 2003 Toyota Tundra with 100,000 miles. Just recently, upon starting it, there is a strong odor of gas. There is no visible sign of a gas leak. Any suggestions?