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Toyota Steering
Fri, 30 Mar 2012

Toyota Steering Reviewed by Corey99328 on .

I have a 1999 toyota tacoma 4x4 xta-cab 4cylinder (2.7). ...

I have a 1999 toyota tacoma 4x4 xta-cab 4cylinder (2.7).  I hit a deere and drove over it I heard and felt a solid thump, shortly after it fell out of alignment and will not hold for more than a week or just a few days. It falls out so bad that it will ruin tires in a single trip.

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I have a 1998 camry. Steering wheel makes a creaking sound when taking really sharp turns. Also, steering wheel locks when turning, after rain or driving on wet roads. The car has 195k miles but does not have any other problems. What should I do?<

I was just informed by the Toyota dealership that my 2011 Camry LE has a faulty rack and pinion. They are ordering the entire kit to replace it. I've never seen a new car with 3000 miles have a problem with a rack and pinion.

My 2005 Prius steering wheel slides in and out about a quarter inch. The wheel on our other Prius does not slide at all. I worry about steering coming apart.

My 2003 Tundra was leaking power steering fluid.Mechanic said the rack and pinion system(and line/lines)has to be replaced-$1507.They said it
is because of rust.
I am trying to get Toyota to help me with the money.
Has anyone had a simil

2007 rav4.  Broken tie rod. Not covered by warranty. This is supposed to be an off road vehicle, never left the pavement.  A joke that toyota doesnt cover the expense.

my 2002 toyota steering locks up while driving. Any ideas what this might be?

Toyota Sienna 2006 XLE.  I have the rack and pinion issue with this Sienna that has caused premature tire wire.  I took it to Toyota dealer but they never pointed out that there is something wrong with rack and pinion.  It was blamed on wheel a

have 2004 camary with 65,000 miles steering knuckle ceaseing, wheel turns freely then suddenly binds,,  very,very dangerous,,    800.00 to fix,,,,        out and out robery ,,  any north american vechiel part around $125.oo 1 hour install

My 1999  Toyota Camry Solara does alot of shaking when turning first I tried 4 wheel alignment and it has gotten worse have 117,000 Miles on it to Date.Just My Complaint.

Seals failing on our 2009 Sienna and it doesn't even have 50k yet?  $1300 to repair.  This is not like the Toyota products i am familiar with...

My 2002 toyota avalon has such loose steering... Can an front end alignment fix this...?

I get steering wheel shaking when I start up the engine cold and pull out of a parking space turning sharp right or left. I have a 1998 Toyota Sienna minivan. My Toyota dealer flushed the p/s fluid but problem is still there and they say it's na

My steering wheel squeeks and steers very hard. Also, when I make a turn I have to pull the wheel back.

2009 tucoma only 41000 miles on it rack and pinion is leaking toyota doesnt care cost $1500 to fix how toyota has fallen