Toyota Avalon 2007 Questions

Toyota Avalon 2007
Fri, 22 Jun 2012

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The cover on the gear shift panel pops up when I shift ...

The cover on the gear shift panel pops up when I shift from park to drive. Also, the steering column no longer locks when I turn the engine off unless I carefully move the lever into the extreme left position in "park."

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steering wheel of 08 Avalon Limited keyless entry/start is in locked position and can not turn it. Also service department says they can not communicate with the computer. What is wrong?

The key comes out of ignition when car is in gear on my 2001 toyota avalon.what is the cause? 

Our 08 Avalon purchased this last year has the same problem...the telescoping latch will not stay engaged and will allow the steering wheel to move unexpectedly.  Also the left headlight high beam exploded, which will be replaced under warranty,

Our 2004 Sienna just had its 90K mile service.  The entire rack and pinion system needs replacing, the water pump, and the transmission pan. The thing that kills me is during our 90K mile servcie on our Toyota Avalon 2 years ago - the rack and pi

my toyota avalon both right window are not working i already change both regulator but still not working i need help .

2008 toyota avalon ordor coming out of just the defroster ducts

2008 toyota avalon odor comming out defroster ducks only

my 2000 Toyota Avalon the key turns off while in gear and sometimes rolls away

I have a new Toyota Avalon 2013 with 5000 miles and i just had my tire rotated . I am on the freeway and my tire light comes onso i pull off to the gas station, Fill the back tire its says 51 psi and i notice the side wall is growing bubbles so i

where can we get the toyota avalon trunk opened

Toyota avalon 1998 horn does not work. Tested horns, relay and wiring. All passed test, but no sound from the horn when operating switch.  Pulled out the airbag to get to the switch (everything looked ok mechanically, contacts clean) Ran a test w

I have a friend that had a 2001 Avalon. Recently she started the car to warm it up and while she was out of the car it slipped out of park and into reverse, went up an incline, turned and hit a garage door. We have been unable to find out any info

I own  a 2008 avalon xl . On several occasions the steering wheel telescoping lock lever drops down (unlocks) for no reason. Its my understanding that the dealer will not and cannot repair it. I am very disappointed in toyota concerning their int

Puchased a 2011 Toyota Avalon a couple months ago, going downhill with cruisecontrol on doesnt slow the vehicle. I let it accelerate up to 5mph over my set cruise control before i pressed on the brake so i wouldnt hit another car. This sounds like

i have Toyota Avalon 2003 the problem is that curse control not working when I press curse on indication can curse on but it not work.

I have had the same telescoping steering wheel lock issue on my 2005 Avalon Limited for quite sometime. I now have 94,000 miles on the odometer. When I first reported this problem to the service technician he denied that this had ever been repor

my 95 toyota Avalon break pedal to soft,any one can help me.

My 2008 toyota avalon touring edition continue to premature blow Hir -1 / Hir 2 beams the replace tosibha brand i was told is and upgrade but it last roughly one monthe the passenger side bulb burns twice as bright as the driver side it could elu

2008 toyota avalon touring continue to prematurely blow HIR 9012 & HIR 9011 beams when replaced the toshiba brand the high beam on the passenger side burns extremely brighter than the high beam on the driver side, may elude to bad ground in th

2002 Toyota Avalon has Airbag sensor light flashing. I took it to Toyota Dealership and they indicated they could replace the seat belt system, but wasn't sure if that would fix the problem. Indicated that there is probably nothing wrong with th