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Fri, 02 Sep 2011

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Hi Joe, the same thing is happening to my 98 4runner,...

Hi Joe, the same thing is happening to my 98 4runner, the differential housing is rusty and "weeping" gear oil, as my mechanic described it.  Just so it looks wet, but it doesn't actually leak (yet) or drip.  I called Toyota and they said their is no recall or remedy they will provide for it, citing that the frequency of complaints are not so high that they will do something about it.  My dealer said it would be $2500 for a new axle; my mechanic suggested I drain it, clean it, and then coat the exterior of the housing with silicone sealant.  So I'll give that a shot. I know this is happening to a lot of 3rd generation 4runner owners - You need to call Toyota and complain!

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Buen dia... les comento que mi camioneta 4runner sr5 2004 se le prendieron las luces de VSC TRACK Y TRACK OFF y me imagino que por lo mismo la de CHECK... quisiera saber el porque y que debo hacer en este caso...
gracias por responderme, salud

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Clearly there is a rust issue within certain year 4Runners. I have never heard of a Diff. leaking fluid through the metal before.  Once I checked on line, there is a long list of people with the same problem. Toyota recalled both the Tacoma and T

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My now (2011) there must be 1000+ Toyota 4runners and other models that experience the  MELTED REAR HANDLE yet there is no recall from the manufacturer.  I have a 2007 4runner, only 50k miles,  not like I use the trunk on a daily basis.  So ho

I was looking under my 97 4runner, and I noticed my rear differential housing is rusting, quite a bit. I spoke to the mechanic, at the dealership, and said, whats the chances of a leak, from the housing. He said not to worry. From reading everyon

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Just found out that our "99 Toyota differential is rusted through and leaking oil. Big bucks...Toyota not the quality car maker ....differential, brakes...surges...
looking for a different brand

driving down the interstate with cruise control on. I start to change lanes and use the turn signal and the cruise control disengages. Also we see when driving down road with no cruise control, I can use the turn signal and see the the rpm jump

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I have a 2008 4Runner with 55,000 miles on it. For the past few months I have noticed that it jumps a bit when it is stopped ... like on a red traffic light. Why is that?

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My 2000 4-runner have the same unusual def. rust problem which I noticed about a year ago when I changed the shocks. The same as reported by many 4-Runner owners here. It is really unusual for a diff. to rust so much. Also have the same leaking oi

when i apply the brakes the front shakes, also feels like something worp when car slows down

I have a 1999 4runner that I've owed since new. This vehicle has been factory serviced and cared for, for it's entire life. I just learned at my last service interval that my REAR DIFF has rotted through, to the point where gear oil is leaking o