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Fri, 08 Apr 2011

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My 1998 subaru forester stutters/hiccups/bucks (whatever you call it) when going uphill,...

My 1998 subaru forester stutters/hiccups/bucks (whatever you call it) when going uphill, and when accelerating on a straight path, can it be the transmission?

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why does my 1997 subaru outback surge in first gear, stutter at 30 mph, and heitate at 40 mph?
new wires & plugs, emgine compression at 180 each valve, automatic transmission fully serviced, new gas filter..

Very scary! I also drive a 2010 Subaru Forester, and has the same thing happen to me yesterday. I was in a parking lot, and my foot got stuck between the gas and the break pedal. When I finally got it pulled out (no accident, thank goodness, but i

Anyone know what the two GREEN connectors under the dash of a 2001 Subaru Forester S are for? On my car they are NOT connected. Thank you in advance.

 Drove a 1999 Forester under 35K miles.  Several times the  pedals, brake and accelerator, were activated at the same time, never in a critical situation and correctable with foot adjustment without an accident.  Now, an accident where my foot

I have a Subaru Forester 2005. I have experienced twice a loss of control of the car at roundabout of slightly wet road. Fortunately, on both occasions I was able to regaing control of the car with getting involved in an accident. I am wondering i

Yes the dealer can check fuel volume, the tech just has to do it and apparently didn't.

My 2001 outback had the pre filter for the fuel pump partially clogged with sediment and would not allow sufficient gas flow. This has happened twice.When you accelerate while turning up hill the problem was much worse. Dealer was useless. I guess

Have a 2003 Baja that started to hesitate periodically when attempting to accelerate. Checked the transmission fluid level and found it quite low, but no apparent leaks. Filled it up but problem still persists. Could I have done damage to the tran

2004subaru forrester- strong gas smell inside cabin of car....when temperature goed below 25 degrees.
Is this dangerous?

2009 forrester,fuel smell inside vehicle while sitting as in wating at red lights????

something new about the laser tecnology i found hare.


2007 Subaru Forester Rear (TRUNK) door won't open. Handle moves, seems stuck. Any ideas?
Thanks in advance.

We have a 2010 Subaru Forester that both my husband and myself are experiencing the same problem.  Our foot slips between the gas pedal and the brake pedal and get caught.  My husband has had a couple of close calls. 

We mentioned it to t

2000 Subaru Forester - distinct sweet/sour burning odor, no visible leaks. Started last week when daytime temps in Central Texas dipped to 25 and below. First time out driving noticed there was black exhaust, but only that one time. Any suggestion

I suffered with a similar condition on my 2002 Forester pass. door for 2 weeks.  I took the drivers side apart - studied the operation, then attempted to free the bad door, expecting to eventually replace the latch mechanism.  Two days later [20

I have an 03 forester do a similar thing, It was a clamp on one of the rubber fuel lines that supply gas to the fuel injectors.It just needed tightening.

By the way ,in case you havent figured out your exact problem yet, the leak on mine seemed to only happen when it was cold out(below freezing) and not all the time at that

My driver side door locked and will not unlock  Not sure what to do or who to call

I just ran into same problem - started this past Sat. just had the catalytic converter changed & oil change, so I thought it may be that - but repair shop did not think so - so I'm bringing in back in - on other sites it mentioned it may be t