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Pontiac Vibe 2003
Fri, 04 Jan 2013

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I bought my '03 Vibe almost three years ago. When ...

I bought my '03 Vibe almost three years ago. When I purchased it from a private owner it was gorgeous but within the first six months of ownership a bubble developed in the clear coat of the paint on the back left next to the rear window. It quickly "burst" and has pealed off over time leaving the paint exposed and turning.

My center console lights (especially the radio) would flicker slightly until one day the right half of the display dimmed out to almost nonexsistant and never returned. Now, my check engine light has come on and dispite service remains on and my gear light has gone out. My blower for my HVAC is down to two speeds and makes a horrendous noise when I first turn it on.

I've read many of the other "complaints" and although I am the third or fourth owner of this car, and it has aged (which is to be expected) I LOVE MY CAR!! I have owned far worse vehicles and did a great deal of research prior to my purchase. Even with the problems it has I still am confident in my decision. So far there is nothing on this vehicle that can not be fixed. However I personally have not had the finances or opprotunity to get these things repaired.

If you do your research BEFORE you buy perhaps you wouldn't have so much to gripe about. But then again, some people aren't happy unless they are complaining.

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