Pontiac G6 2006 Questions


Pontiac G6 2006
Sat, 27 Oct 2012

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my boyfriend got pontiiac G6 -goes over his radio says -service air ...

my boyfriend got pontiiac G6 -goes over his radio says -service air bag why that for

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Michael   Los Angeles 

6:11pm on Wednesday, October 20th, 2010

I also have a 2006 Pontiac G6 that smells like gas. I only notice it when I stop the car and get out. I cannot see any fuel leaking but the odor is strong. My steering column also makes clunking sounds and my rotors seem to warp prematurely.

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I own a 2006 pontiac g6 ive had a few issues myself with the car the front end clunking , reduced engine power, car shuts off in the middle of driving more than once sometimes 8 times in a row
brang it to the dealer the say its a bad pcm gonna

I have a Pontiac g6,2006...my steering wheel is hard to turn,then sometimes it just locks on me.when power steering light cameon,I thought that I could go buy some power steering fluid,but was told that I couldnt cause it was no where to put it,I

i have a 2009 pontiac g6 and the passenger side rear door wont unlock with nor without the key-fob. at times it seems as if its going to unlock and lock but it just twitch when the button is pressed. i'm tempted to rip the door panel off and see

i have a 06 pontiac g6 gtp and i have the same issue with the brake lights staying on and when the break pedal is pushed they go out and then come back on.  Have you got yours fixed yet or know what to do.

I have a 2008 Pontiac G6 & last week when I filled it with gas & I put it on the garage it smelled of gas a lot! As the tank was being emptied from driving the smell lessened in the garage! Well I filled it up again this week & the sme

i have a 06 pontiac g6 the check eng. light comes on all the time code says po42 bank 1 failure o2 sensor the car only has 81000 miles on it i think if gm says its the best they should fix problems like this at their expense we pay good hard earn

I have a 2008 Pontiac G6 GT and i will be taking my car back for a 2nd week in a row to my local dealership to fix my brake light issue. I am driving down my local road and my brake lights are on while I am driving 35 mph, and when I tap my brake

I have a 2007 pontiac g6 3.5L gt....Since Dec 2010 I have had the second side of the head gasket replaced at 62,000 (the first side was done at 52,000 in jan 2010 and since it's warrenty work they would only replace the one side that was bad). The

After exiting my 08 Pontiac G6 GT and turned off, when I returned to leave, car wouldn't start. I thought maybe battery dead and needed a jump but realized lights and radio was on. Key wouldn't turn all the way in the ignition and makes a failure

I own a used Pontiac G6 40thousand miles,. During heavy down pours power steering goes, battery light goes on, then within a minute or 2 the steering kicks back in. This mainly happens when I am turning into a parking lot. I fee it is very dangero

My windshield wipers have stopped working in my g6 gt 2006 Pontiac.  When you turn them on you can hear the motor running but they don't move.  Also you can moved the blades back and forth manually we have checked all fuses and breakers they are

My 2006 pontiac G6 has a check engine light on the dealership replaced the trottle pedal and now is been idling high. Anyone had that problem with their 2006 G6. I just baught it and I am not sure I should keep it. :(


I have a 2007 Pontiac G6 with a strong gas odor while the car is sitting still.  I have found no apparent leaks and am greatly concerned about the possibility of it catching fire.  Does anyone know what the answer might be?

My 2006 g-6 has a strong gas odor when I stop the car could it be the fule injectors? concerned

I have a 07 Pontiac G6, and the check engine light came on. So I took it to get a diagnostics run on it; it return a code of P0700, transmission control module. What could I do to fix this problem?

I think my anti-theft system will not let me start my car.  At first I thought it needed a jump.  But the jump did not start the car.  the content deterrent light keeps flashing, the lights and radio work fine.  I can lock and unlock the car w

My 2007 g-6 hardtop convertible has problems with the battery, we replaced when it would not start about 6 months ago. Now went to leave and the battery is dead once again. When driving the past couple days I heard a noise (maybe warning??) not

2008 Pontiac G6 with 45,000 miles. Driver side seat heater has stopped working. It worked one day and didn't the next. Passenger still seems to be working if only somewhat. I've checked the fuses and don't see any loose wires. I'm assuming its an

2008 G6~ My trunk pops open and the doors unlock while driving and if the car is parked and not running. Anyone else with similar problems?