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Plymouth Breeze
Fri, 14 Oct 2011

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You cannot bleed brakes through an ABS system. You have to ...

You cannot bleed brakes through an ABS system. You have to get it professionally done with the proper tools. 

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how do i fix the water pump with out taking everything apart

transmission is controlled by electric servos, not line pressure. Servo package may be bad (silver box on trans case) or your fluid is low, or your transmission filter is clogged. Filter and fluid are under 20 bucks. Servo pack is much more. 

The spark is controlled by 2 sensors, crank and camshaft. Either not working will cause a no spark situation. The camshaft sensor is the main sensor, but if the crank sensor doesnt "see" crankshaft rotation, it assumes the car has been turned off

You dont. The pump is under the pulley cover on both 4 and 6 motors, and the cover is around the motor mount. You also need to remove the crank hub to get the cover off, and that involves a crankshaft pulley puller, removing the inner fenderwell o

While driving my 1999 plymouth breeze the car went into low gear and the speedmetor stop working

Driving my car last night and turned the corner and the stering and car shut down towed home anyone knew the problem?

i lost break pressure in my 1998 breeze. changed the master cylinder and break booster. bled the lines and i still do not have breaks what can be the problem ?

1999 plymouth breeze 2.0 l engine. I only get a spark when turning on or shutting off the engine. So the spark is generated when the electrical field  is generated or collapsing nothing in between. 

That is almost the same thing that happened to me.  It was the crankshaft sensor.

Check wiring to crankshaft sensor, its behind the motor right next to the exhaust pipe. Mine died, and upon inspection, the inside of the harness was cooked for the last 12 inches. All the wires were melted together and shorted. spliced new wires

The $3.99  O-ring behind the thermostat housing might be bad, Do you have any crusty deposits around that stat housing? Be careful taking the bolts out they tend to gall and snap off. Use penetrating spray (WD-40 or PB blaster) on the bolts while

My 1997 Breeze had the front end rebuilt 30k miles ago. driver side tie rod broke last week and was replaced. Vibrating at 60 mph...

I have a 96 Plymouth Breeze replaced fuel pump now gauges won't none of them and the air bag light is on checked all fuses help!!!

You don't the engine has to be lifted up to remove it and replace it with a new one.
I just had to take my 97 in to have this done.

the engine coolant reservoir is always empty,  the reservoir itself is not broken or dont have any crack.
i was driving then stop to drugstore then when i came out i saw a big spot on ground and reservoir was empty. i cant find from where it l

Try disconnecting your battery cables from your battery for 20 minutes. Then reconnect. This may allow your dash lights to reset, possibly. It worked for me once. Good luck.