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Oldsmobile 88
Thu, 17 Nov 2011

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Check ur tires. Look for bad tread, bad spots or ...

Check ur tires. Look for bad tread, bad spots or if car sat 4 a Lng time
Tires may b flat spotted. Easiest wld b just tires out of balance. Any service cntr can do this not a lot of $ either. Wors case is ball joints, tie rods and such. If u drive like a cannon @
A dead stop or spin ur tires a lot all the above cld b pssbl.
If not cld b simple balance is all. Chk vibration is n steering wheel
And feel ur back seat 4 same data. If main is n steering tells its mostly front end
"Burn outs" in frt wheel drive cars is really hard on em compaird to rear
Wheel drive. Why sports/muscle cars r rear wheel. Lot more parts on front
End Plus the weight of ur engine.

Hope that hlps u a bit. Either way need to hav to take it to shop :(

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Did you find the problem yet. Just bought 1998 olds 88 and it dies if I touch power windows
or power seats. Will not start for 1/2 hr.

There is a ground bus bar that is probably corroded under carpet on driver side. It has power
windows ,power seats and fuel pump grounds among others (8). Fix grounds and problem solved.

Did they fix the ground bar under your seat to solve your problem.

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Tune up, plugs ,wires, air filter,oil change, fuel system clean out
Chk fuel pmp and filter. Depending on where ur pump is and Idk just a thought
Keep more fuel in tank. Depending on grade of hill gas can slosh
Away from ur pump and if p

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