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Nissan Versa Review | Sat, 12 Nov 2011

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Bought a 2008 Nssan Versa in 09 about 6 months later car ...

Bought a 2008 Nssan Versa in 09 about 6 months later car wont crank on first try it always would start on second try, now service engine  light is on and says misfire on cylinder 3 we replaced spark plugs and coil to no evail still sputtering at low speed and idle. Dont know whats wrong yet 

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seem we are all having the same problems with our Nissan Versa I have had to replace all my hub caps, the muffler rusted off, I have had to change all the bulbs in my headlights the keep blowing. The rear defrost doesn't work correctly. When I c

What causes a 'whining' noise Rt front at 70k miles 2010 model Versa hatchback? Suspect Carrier bearing. Already pulled and checked Rt wheel bearing and CV. They look fine. Anyone else have this problem??

My 2008 Nissan Versa SL HB just quit as I was driving down the road. My mechanic finally got the fuel pump to work but it's drawing way too much amperage. It needs to be replaced. This is a car that otherwise has been perfect. It is almost 4 years

I asked the dealer and it's normal. It's always on

The lights on the tachometer, odometer stay on when starting the versa sl 2008. Is this normal?

We bought a Nissan Versa in Aug. of "07". We now have over 50,000 miles on it. The other day the left front coil spring snapped. I have never owned a car where the coil spring just snapped. This is my first Nissan and have owned everything fro

My wife bought one of the first Versas in Canada and took possession in November. Great car. Now has 90,000 km on the odometer. She uses it out and about town, always on paved roads, and in normal driving conditions.

However, about two mo

My 08' Nissan Versa has been a very reliable mode of transportation up until about 5 months ago when the BCM was replaced by the Dealer. I had a remote starter installed in the Versa and  it worked perfect for over 2 years. In July the key would