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Wed, 08 Jun 2011

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2007 Nissan Quest when it got very cold over the winter, ...

2007 Nissan Quest when it got very cold over the winter, the engine didn't warm up fast enough, so the computer spit out a code, service engine soon light came on and stayed on. I reset the computer with the gas pedal method, and it hasn't come back on. I saved hundreds of dollars. Nissan didn't tell me about that little detail.

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my 1994 quest has no interior courtesy lights ive replaced fuse and it blows

My 2005 Nissan Quest stalled last night and all the lights came on that are on the dashboard.  it started right back up and has been running fine since -should I be concerned?

Thank for information, I'm looking for it for a long time,

2008 Maxima - Driver's side mirror vibrates badly at speeds over 55mph

I have a 95' Quest and it doesn't works normally. I use it with two fuels: gasoline and natural gas. When I use natural gas, the car works very well. But, when I use gasoline, the aceleration doesn't evolve and the engine begins to fail. I

My 2007 Quest has no heat to heated windshield, is there a known electrical problem, before I diagnose it?

My nissa quest idlespeed fast after hot what should be the problem

I have 2006 Nissan Quest SE with the same problem. The door will slide open randomly.
Take out the 6th fuse (count from the bottom) on the left column of fuses. the two sliding doors and the back door will be disabled but you will be able to dr

my is a nissan quest 2000 GTX .the A/C   front .work  very  good . the rear A/C only is hot air only. the electrical system work normal all four speed.  place help me.


The front left wheel of my Nissan quets 1997 lock up after bleeding. We check the master cylinder and the abs system. In the abs device, the hydraulic liquid does not come out front the LF output to the LF wheel. The RF front wheel works perfect

Bill, we are having the same problem. Did you ever figure out what it was ???  

2005 quest, Vibration under light brakeing
changed rotors and pads still the same!!
What the hey?


my 2005 nisaan quest making niose on rearwhen driving and turning just put new shocks on it and went away for a day and the noise came back what can it be

I have a 2000 Nissan Quest, it is sputter and then dies. when it is cold, it will get run until normal temrature and then start to sputter and die then will not crank back up until cold again (sit over night). We have repalced, the fuel filter, di

We have a 2007 Quest. Very cold day today and the passenger side door won't stay closed, which leaves the interior lights on. It will fully close (no obstruction), but will then pop out an inch or so. It's Sunday, so can't take it into the deal

I have a 2000 Nissan Quest. Randomly the interior & exterior lights start flicking on and off, locks click and I cannot lock vehicle. This happens when car is running and not running.

how to adjust TPS in a 1994 nissan quest

can you tell me about that little trick, same thing here....but they failed my inspection because of it...2004 quest...thanks

 I have the same problem, we can't found what is the problem...

On July 14, 2011 the nuts and bolts came off my tire.I heard a noise and slowed down.As, I pull over the tire came off.This is the second time I have had to get this fix.