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Tue, 02 Oct 2012

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I have a 94 Nissan Pathfinder SE 6-cyl 4WD. The reverse ...

I have a 94 Nissan Pathfinder SE 6-cyl 4WD. The reverse stopped working. Then it started making noises between 3rd 4th gear. Took it into AAMCO due to it still being covered under Extended Warranty (5 YEAR/100,000 Miles); which I purchased for $1000.00 at the time I purchased Vehicle from car lot. When AAMCO called for Authorization from Warranty; they told him that the Warranty Depreciates with the value of Vehicle. This is ludicrous! For one; I purchased from odometer reading to odometer reading/date to date. Not per value! Because if that is the case then Extended Warranties are being sold fraudulently due to vehicle being at Depreciated value at the time of purchase. Warranty Company also said I was to authorize breakdown of transmission, then they would approve or disapprove payment for work. Again, fraudulent act due to Warranty Contract stating that Warranty Company Representative has to Authorize prior to any work being performed. So I took my Pathfinder out of shop I added Lucas (Transmission Additive). It seemed to be fine for quite some time. Then after awhile with no warning, I went to drive it it wouldn't shift out of 1st gear. There seems to be a lot of this happening with Nissan Pathfinders, just about every online search I did resulted in site after site with complaints of this very same problem; along with electrical problem. Anyway, it's the linkage getting stuck breaking from sticking. Remove tranny pan look up to the right hopefully that will help.

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had the same problem its a dealer only fix. eventually you wont be able to turn the key at all then you'll have to have it towed. just go ahead and fix it now while you can still get it to work