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I have problem with my Nissan Frontier - it lost power and ...

I have problem with my Nissan Frontier - it lost power and slowed down on the road. Took it to the dealer and have been told that comp cover was cracked and moisture got in to system. They changed computer - $2100. Dint help, went back, been told manifold intake needs to be replaced, $300 later car wasn't working. Had it back to the dealer, had main computer replaced, and catalic converter replaced -$ 3000. Didn't help - back to the dealer and been told my engine blew up and needs to be replaced, -$9000. Didn't help now been told fuel injectors are leaking -$600. I feel that misdiagnosed first time it will keep going! Any help?

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2000 Nissan frontier gas empty light stays on even with half a tank

when i let my foot off the gas pedal and set the truck on neutral it shuts off also my check engine light juist turned on since the problem started??
200 nissan frontier 4 cyl 2.4
thank byou in advance

instrument cluster works intermittantly. Can drive several miles before problem starts. Gauges read nothing or read max for temp and gas with speedometer and tach pegged. Odometer reads blank. Let set for a while will work and then the problem sta

???????i have a 2005 Nissan Frotier SE 6speed manual, 4 wheel drive.
today i was driving to work, and i was shifting from 2nd to 3rd, and it just stuck. the stick looks like its in neutral  but its still in gear????????????? anyone know anyth

I bought a brand new 2012 Nissan frontier 4x4, the first problem I had with this truck was at 2,000 miles with the tread flying off the stock tires. Thankfully the dealership was very helpful in replacing my tires with not only brand new tires but

The best piece of automobile, I've ever seen in my life! This car rocks the table! It is the most proportionate blend of performance, power and style a vehicle freak could ever get. I've been driving this vehicle from past 6 months and I am really

2000 frontier crew springs always oiled with linseed oil no rust  never off road   rear middle cracked

i will go after NISSAN for cost.

 I have a leak in the driver side of my 2002 Frontier. I am told there is a drain hole that is plugged but I have taken the cowling off the have no idea where to locate the drain hole, any ideas?

I Just got one just want to know how do I find out if it has been fixed or checked out. How do find out?

Defrost/air conditioner air blows only though the windshield , front side and floor vent, does not switch to front of dash vents?

Excellent! Great article, I already saved it to my

my 2003 nissan frontier has both exhaust manifolds crack and is leaking from both heads, what cause this?

I am having a problem with  my 2007 frontier xe.  Although I haven't as of yet experienced any peromance loss, after about 20 minutes of driving around in town, loud noises start coming from the clutch area of the truck.  I got the security pl

My Frontier has just over 76,000 miles, so it's just out of my 75,000 mi  extended warranty.
Yestreday I spent $1600 to get the timing chain tensioners replaced in my 2006 2X4 V-6 Frontier. Part of the reason I purchased this truck was because

Hello! I just bought a 2004 Nissan frontier xe 5sp manual, from a Dealership 129,000 miles. I noticed that when I am in 5th gear the RPMs are unusually high (3.5-4.5rpm). Furthermore, when I take it 75+ mph there is a loud rhythmic vibrating noise

My problem is with a 2004 nissan titan. I blew a 10 amp fuse on several occations and than replaced it with a bigger fuse. Big mistake, now my truck wont start at all. please help

Does anyone have a solution to the brake pedal being lower than the gas pedal as I have had several instances of pushing both on my Nissan Frontier.

Power steering problem, when starting up in the morning, steering is real hard to turn on 2001 Frontier 4x4. I had the power steering flushed two years ago and I haven't had to add any power steering fluid.
This only happens when I first start

I have a 2008 Nissian Frontier with the TPMS. The manual instructions tell you toset the pressure in the tires at 35 psi. On my truck I have to set the pressure on all tires at approximately 40 psi for the light on the dash to go off. Is there

the compressor works on speed 1&2 but fan does not then the fan runs on 3&4 but the compressor does not