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Mitsubishi Galant
Fri, 23 Dec 2011

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So my rear tires are balding. I changed the shocks thinking ...

So my rear tires are balding. I changed the shocks thinking that was the the problem but the new set of tires I bought 6 months ago are bald as well can anyone give advice on what the problem might be.

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1998 mitsubishi galant seems to be having anti-theft problems. My guess, what the car is doing, is starting up, being able to drive it, but it kind of feels funny, I get to where I'm going, and turn off the car, when I come back, it won't start. I

how can i find the engine number of my mitsubishi galant 1988,thanks

The flywheel of my mitsubishi galant was broken i would like why has broken

have an issue with a 1994 mit galant 2000cc v6. there is a knocking in the engine when throttling and also when in park and the accelerator is pressed the knocking increases. what could be the issue.

It is the anti theft!! Find the box labeled security system.. Unplug wires from smallest to biggest, put the key in ignition to on position, plug wires back in same direction.. Anti theft disengages and resets for car to start.

1995 galant has loid ticking noise in top end

were is the fuel safety switch located on a 2003 mitsubshi galant

The car is also in step with the latest Camrys or contracts and less elegant. It 's very smooth and quiet and has enough power for all driving conditions.

my mitsubishi makes rattling noises at times usally when i am going at about 30-40 miles per hour ... and when i turn it on first thing in the morning,

I am getting a vibration when I drive over 65 mph I had the problem before I put 4 new tires and get an alignment and am getting the problem after I put 4 new tires and alignment

I have a 2001 Mitsubishi Galant that has been locking and unlocking the doors several times after it has been driven. The car is put into park, key removed, occupants exit, door locked. When walking away from the car the locks will cycle from lo

The smell of gas in the  interior of the car is strong.What can cause this problem and how can I solve  it.

my 2002 galant just started making a swooshing noise when the car turns. turned the air off and it seemed to stop making the noise.

My 2002 Mitsubishi Galant just started making a swooshing noise when the car turns, turned the air conditioner off and it seemed to stop making the noise.

I have a mitsubishi galant 1999, I start engine, put the shift level in D, it drive in 1st gear and then lock in 3rd an reverse gear.
whit scan tool : shif solenoid A and B
I try replacing all solenoids and not work, I had to replace whole t

1998 Galant has had 3 out of 5 NAPA lower lateral contol arms fail causing the car to fall on the frame damaging the half shafts. 
1 on the right, the ball joint separated. 
2 on the left, the ball joints were loose in the socket and th