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Mitsubishi Eclipse
Sun, 04 Dec 2011

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Got into a collison in a 2001 eclipse got hit on front and ...

Got into a collison in a 2001 eclipse got hit on front and rear the air bags never deployed got hit at about 50mph about 3 times

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i have a 99 mits eclipse GS '99 model and i pushed a latch on the inside of the passenger door and now it wont go back so now the door wont close.. anyone have any ideas how to release it so that my will close thanks much appreciated...

I bet u have a sun roof! I have had the same problem and there is a sm drain hole in ur sunroof on each front corner and what i had to do was take weedeater string and run thru the hold and unplug the stop and it don't fill my floor boards full of

I have a mitsubishi Eclipse 2008 GT, which makes a loud noise when reversing every single time. Been to Stohlman mitsubishi several times and they keep telling me its normal operational sound. If a vehicle makes this much loud noise when reversing

I have a Mitsubishi Eclispe 2001 problem with the high beams coming on while the car was off and drained my battery. Once I was able to start my car the high beams wouldn't go off and the blanker lights came on. Couldn't turn either off, not eve

i have a 2002 mitsubishi eclipse, i have noticed when i took the cap off the radiator when i was puttin in anti-freeze that it was a miky thick content in the radiator. i checked the dip stick for the oil and the strange thing was that it looked l

my 2003 eclipse keeps losing power while driving

I have a automatic 1997 eclipse and mounted a 99 transmission .. where can i get the wire sensor from .. i think its called "transmission Range switch" TRS ..


The car battery died and I cannot open the door with the key, can only open the truck. Is there any way to get the car door open to jump the battery.

My 2004 mitsubishi eclipse spyder with 32,000 miles was involved in a front end collision, the impact buckled both fenders and the hood. no airbag deployment.

This Q is about a 1998 Mitsubishi 3000 GT and I have a water leak on the passengers side. Is there a common problem I should look for before I spend the big bucks to find it????

1997 eclipse, sputters and backfires when accelerate, smells hot, black smoke sometimes

everytime i fill up my mitsu eclips 2000 it stalls on the first start... any idea? 

my eclipse 97 automatic tranny is staying on 2nd gear and wont move to 3. can somebody please tell me  what might be wrong with it?

I have an Eclipse 2000 and my headlights are no longer as bright as they used to be. Sometimes the left headlamp is normal, right is never back to it's normal brightness. Brought to the dealer where I bought the car, the lights were fixed, but

I park my 2001 Mitsubishi Eclipse under a carport every day.  today when I went to get in it I noticed the dashboard has cracked almost in two.  We have been having 90+ degree weather for the past 2 weeks and wonder if this may have caused it. 

I have a mitsubishi eclipse that the air bag light on dash stay on while the engine is turn on . thankyou will someone please help me .