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Mercury Mountaineer
Fri, 02 Dec 2011

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My 2003 Mountaineer has a split in the liftgate .I want ...

My 2003 Mountaineer has a split in the liftgate .I want to know whay cause that and how can it be repaired.

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my 99 mountaineer has the following problems: no horn, winshield fuild not pumping out, no radio dispklay or cd working, no cruise working, and now the back door lock is going out.  and yes, my air bag light is on too.  Does anyone know I I can

My 2005 Mercury Mountaineer also has a crack around he circular Mercury emblem on the back liftgate. I noticed this a couple of years ago and have since noticed that several Mountaineers have the same crack. On the interior, almost everything mad

What Causes a 1998 Mercury Sable to Backfire & Sputter?

What Causes a 1998 Mercury Mountaineer to Backfire & Sputter?

Sugar was found in the tank but has been cleared out and I have changed the distributor, spark plugs & wires, and fuel filter. It will crank and run but backfires and sput

2002 mountaineer at speed of 45 to 50 mph i feel a vibration and hear a grinding noise 

i have a 2000 mercury mountaineer 5.0...after jump starting a 85 gmc pick up...pulled the mountaineer out of the way and turned it off...went to start it and it started blew the fuse to the pcm and shut right off..put a new fuel pump in it thinkin

1999 Mercury Mountaineer with automatic door locks.
Issue: Drivers side door will not stay locked. Door will unlock when outside door handle is lifted.

Ford Motor Company didn't need a government bail out because the were and still are making millions on defective axles, transefer cases and transmissions.  Three of the four major drive train compnents failing thats good odds for the vehicle to b

Even my 2003 Murcury has same issue.. Crack that keep increasing and increasing and now logo almost about of fly off..Also window hinges came off.. I am not sure if anyone in ford listening

i hear a clicking sound coming from the front when slowing down or starting from a dead stop which seems to go away at faster speeds and at about 55 mph and faster i can feel a slight wobbling in the front i have had people tell me it is the U jo

2008 Mercury Mountaineer with 56Kmiles started to leak oil internally basically killing the engine. Need a new engine. No warning lights every came on until white smoke started to come out the tailpipe! Anyone else have that problem

Where can i locate the blower resistor on the '97 mercury Mountaineer?

While towing the car, the transmission broke. We repaired the transmission but we still have a problem. The car will run fine for a few hours and then it will not go foward or in reverse for at least one hour, then the car will run perfectly agai

56k should be under type of warranty. Sounds as it maybe head gasket blown due to -white smoke- out tailpipe. Remove spark plugs look at color of cone and smell for any antifreeze. Did temp-gauge go to (h) suddenly, just for moment? How was th

What fuse # will fix my dash lights and tail lights in my 2001 mercury mountaineer ?