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Mercury Cougar
Sat, 31 Dec 2011

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power steering leaking from right passenger side... anybody have ...

power steering leaking from right passenger side... anybody have any ideas what it is or similar  problems? leaking it rather quick when driving it . possible hose leak?

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Have a 1996 Mercury Cougar and the steering shakes either brakes applied or not.I have changed rotors and had them turned , new tires, new brakes,alignment and nothing seems to mater. At the first part of use of vehicle it does better but it sure

I have a 1999 mercury villager that has crazy probe too...gas gauge just stopped today, parking and alternator lights Stay on or flash while driving, also, when lights are on steady they affect the driver side brake light - it won't work, although

Hi Robin,
I am glad that you have got  the noise source. Maybe you should try to get used car part .It will
be cheaper. Most of mercury cars have the same sway bar bracket.
It take maybe 15 to 20 minutes to change

 Replaced Battery and Altenator but new battery is loosing charge. 12 v off and 10 v running. If I move jiggle the key in the ignition switch the battery light on my dash will come on but it won't stay on when all of my other gauges temporarily s

mercury cougar 2000 alternator works sometimes and other drains the battery.Dealership wants to charge me four hundred dollars just to look at it and doesn't guarantee finding a solution.

I just had the same problem and it was a fuse that controlled the alternator you can get it at for for 12.99

2002 sable loses power intermittently; diagnostic did not register anything.

Last time I drove it one month ago, the engine of my 1986 Cougar (with an automatic transmission) still turned for a minute after the ignition was turned off, but the car wouldn't move.  Please explain!

P Leung
Vernon, CA1-7-12


where is the blend door actuator located

have 95 cougar 72,000 miles blown head gasket 

after the cougar warms up it shutters for a second when shifting from 2nd to 3rd, what is this issue? is this fixable?, is it a bad sensor of some kind?

i have a 1997 grand marquis and i hit a pothole aand now the passenger side front is sitting lower than the driver side . the car seems to drive fine .

i am having a thumping sound from my left rear new tire and i noticed that i can't release air at all like the other tires, and this one tire is hard as rock, is it still safe to drive to shop

the car is a piece of shit you guys really need to build a car with no recalls or problems thought thats why yall got paid the big buck.. Shit my car wont start now and sometimes it stalls driving down the highway if i get in a wreck due to that..

Ive got a 96 cougar, once driving at slow speed, the entire wheel up to the control arm, fell off and then again happened another time when backing up.....has anyone ever encountered this problem? I have been to numerous mechanics and dealerships

I have a 99 cougar, v6. There is a loud banging clunking noise in the right rear when going over bumps. A mechanic says he can't find anything wrong with it, checked the struts, shocks, sway bars, and brakes - nothing wrong. Any ideas of what can

I have a 2000 Cougar. My A/C works good but when I acclerate on the freeway th e temp gauge goes up and when I get off the freeway it goes back to normal. what would cause this

ive just change my water pump and hose and its still leaking what to do ??

when stoping she shacks alot i got the car last year and it did it alittle and the front brakes pads where finish so i got new ones then i notces the disc was not the right ones and then there was no link kit on both sides and the cailper where no