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Mazda 626
Sat, 07 May 2011

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My 96 Mazda 626ES V6 2.5L sedan cranks but won't start....

My 96 Mazda 626ES V6 2.5L sedan cranks but won't start. Had it towed to a repair shop where the mechanic said it started no problem. Replaced the fuel filter. Could it be the fuel pump and/or distributor?

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My 97 madza 626 is making a ticking noise like it needs oil.  had oil changed still there.  could it be a sticky lifter or some slack in my timing chain?  any suggestions?

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mazda 626 downshifts out of overdrive intermittently. od light does not come on but sometimes check engine light will

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Sounds like a valve tick to me. Which would mean you starved your motor for oil to long and there really is not much you can do besides to a Valve job. I think there is some stuff you can buy to put in your oil to help but not positive.  If it e

Some strength to close the cylinder head bolts Mazda 626 2.0 L 1996

suddenly while driving a short distance this evening,  my 99 mazda B series truck began with the following problems.

ABS light came on
O/D OFF light began flashing
Speedo needle went to and remained at 0
Truck jerked anytime I gave

Does the car have a safety shut off feature if the car overheats?