Lincoln Continental 1998 Questions

Lincoln Continental 1998
Mon, 13 Aug 2012

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1998 Lincoln Continental, Power Steering rack leaking fluid from drivers side,...

1998 Lincoln Continental, Power Steering rack leaking fluid from drivers side, fills bellows boots which in turn flows throw vent tube filling right side. 'Without removing the power sterring rack', can the rack end seal(s) be replaced?

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I have a son in Greenville, Alabama who's Lincoln Continental car accelerates on its own.  I think his car is a 1990 or 1994 four door car.  He is in need of assistance in this matter.  What all problems have these type vehicles had to date.�

how do you replace a abs control module in a 1998 lincoln continental

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1998 Lincoln Continental, Suddenly transmission fault on hiway. No drive at all, does not matter which gear I shift, not drives at all.


98 lincoln continental when you put the car in reserver, outside mirror move downward and when you put into drive the mirror moved back to normal.

1985 Lincoln Continental...dashboard is out, clock/radio do work. Ford says they don't have parts to fix it? Now what can I do? What could be wrong with it? Thanks!

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I just bought a 2000 Lincoln continental, it is a very good car
The air is cold but the fan speed is not adjustable, I think maybe it has a poor contact.
How can I check the wires?

My '95 Lincoln TC Signature series steering is funky. Feels like it pulls left and right depending on road grooves or wind. When you turn the steering wheel, it stays in that position and does not go back to straight.

battery goes dead a few days after charging. Battery one yr. old checks of.  Terminals clean. Alternator and voltage reg. ok.  Only other trouble, I can't lock car as the horn will start blowing for no reason. Car is 1998 Lincoln Continental