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Mon, 02 May 2011

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OPTIMA 2004 V6 LX, manufactured by KIA MOTORS AMERICA, INC....

OPTIMA 2004 V6 LX, manufactured by KIA MOTORS AMERICA, INC. my vehicle reached 300,000. and the consumption of fuel is going up. fuel injectors cleaned twice. and it delay to starts.

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have a 2006 kia optima and windshield washer fluid won't come out, u can hear it pumping but wont come out

there is a burnt wire smell coming from near the gas tank area. It starting happening a few days ago. And now the check engine light has also appeared on. The smell only comes after running the car for long periods like 1hour. Anyone know where I

I have a 2005 Kia Sedona Minivan and yesterday, the passenger front door locked and will NOT unlock with either power lock or the key and we can't even push the lock to the unlock position; we have to enter through the driver's door and climb acro

OPTIMA 2004 V6 LX, manufactured by KIA MOTORS AMERICA, INC. my vehicle reached 300,000 problem with instruments air bag & engine lights not working what is wrong?

04 Kia Optima V6 engine rpm's seem to stay high after accelerating rapidly and won't come down till you shut down engine.

2003 kia optima overheated.  when I put coolant in the resvoir it just leaked out.  So I put in the the radiator and no overheating.  What do I do about the resvoir leaking?

change yout tps or iac should fix problem is located on throttle body

pull the line from the hood connect and put air line to it and blow it back through so it comes back through the resavor it is filled with garbage once you blow it clear it will work

when I pressed the amb control to check the temperature it keeps reading the same temperature 83 deg it just happened today when I know the temp was 95 deg

why did my ambient, that reads the outside temperature quit working?

Brakes turned to sponge on at least three separate occasions in fall 2009, again in Feb 2010,summer 2010 and again 12/ 22/ 2010. At first occurrence winter of 2009 I assumed I had hit ice and was unable to brake for that reason. However, every inc

my 2001 kia optima keep dying on me even after i brought a new battery

I cant afford to pay a mechanic, he did tell me it is an air leak, the car is running lean. It uses a lot more gas

2003 kia optima hard to hit the brakes pretty hardto avoid rearending the vehicle infront of me. The driver came to an abrupt stop. Very quickly after my car shut off and refused to start. It would crank but not turn over. Had to have it towed, a

I have a 2006.5 Kia Optima that the shift cable "snapped" according to the dealer. KIA Motors covered this under the recall. But now they are saying that the shift column is broken and that it is not covered. I want to know why this is? Wouldn't t

meee too. and the belt and the alternator and the coil packs....was going to look at the starter nxt until i did some research and it looks as if its the timing belt, crankshaft, and engine valves...looks like kia did just like ford...THEY CIRCLED

Type your comment here.Starter on 2006.5 Kia Optima went out after 70,000 miles. Was not covered by 100,000 warranty.

I am having a transmission or computer problem. The car was fine until just over 10,000 miles. When you are slowing down the car shifts hard into 1st gear. The mechanic said it was a computer glich and he reprogrammed the computer and it worked

I bought a 2006.5 new  Kia Optima ,it has had problems with the headlights ,rides like it has no shocks ,won't stay lined up in the front end,the car is Pearl White and it should have been yellow like a lemon,because I beleive that is what it is,

I own a 2011 Kia Optima SX T with the auto transmission and 2.0 turbo engine.Twice under heavy accelleration, once with the traction control on and once with it off, The transmission slipped into a neutral and revved up. It did hook up again afte