Jeep Cherokee 1994 Questions

Jeep Cherokee 1994
Sat, 11 Aug 2012

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1999 Jeep Cherokee Laredo limited. While driving with full tank of ...

1999 Jeep Cherokee Laredo limited. While driving with full tank of gas any speed. It just fails, all electrical goes out. Sometimes it will restart, sometimes it wont. I put in a new fuel pump. Still happens. Doe's the fuel pump have to be the original manufactured fuel pump? or did i get another bad one?

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My 2001 GC Limited has broken  driver's seat brackets at 72,000mi. What gives with Jeep /Chrysler: this problem is all over the internet?  We need a class action lawsuit if Jeep doesn't recall these vehicles for this potentially fatal design fla

As I was starting off in traffic,  my dashboard display showed 'brake on' in 2 different places.   I couldn't get up to speed and had to pull over.   I turned the jeep off and restarted it.   I worked fine again.  I also noticed that my in

I have a 2005 jeep loredo the first problem I had was the computer that controls the shifting in the trans, that was fixed. then about a year ago all my light would blink and go crazy for a few min, that went on for about a year and it does not ha

my windows won't go up or down. We had someone check the fuse,but it is O.K. Is it a comfort controll sensore.? And where is it on a Grand cherokee Larado?

1996 jeep cherokee keeps stalling for no reason and no warning. It will not show any codes.

which tires size will be good for my jeep cherokee 1994 r15 ?

2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee was in park on driveway, with engine off. Vehicle rolled backwards and into the street. I welcome thoughts, ideas, issues, advice, etc. JHJ

switch for rear passenger dome light is missing spring. it operates like a ball point pen. trying to replace with a modified spring on.hand....any help or pics what it looks like

i have a 2.5 petrol jeep cherokee, registered 1/1/1996. when driving a few miles or when car reaches running temperature the front brakes gradually lock on until mthe car cannot move. was told initially needed new servo/master cylinder. d

what type of transmission treatment to use in a 1992 jeep cherokee limited

1995 4 X4 grand jeep, rear wheels lock up sometimes in 2wd. if I shut off car and restart up it works ok for awhile. Seems to happen when I stop and try to go again. Suggestions ??

1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited - if left in any kind of rain the electrical system fails, alarm goes off and unable to start...drains battery. I believe the interior lights come on as soon as some sort of short has occurred and the battery runs

Driving 65 miles/hr and left front wheel fell off has this happened to anyone else?

Under my passenger seat floor boar is a vibration and get louder as I increase speed. Don't know what it is. A friend said it could be my transmission or my front diff. Pleas shed some light with answers on my jeep gran Cherokee laradeo 4 wheel al

i recently disconnected my trailer brake switch, now i have no power to my heater and turn signals can anybody help

my radio on 1994 jeep cherokee disconnected under driver side does anyone know or can show me a diagram of were it attaches

Why do my calipers stick several times after I have brake work done or get my rotors resurfaced?  Then stop sticking after a while, until I have more work done.

I have a 2004 jeep cherokee in very good condition, lately the motors revs up on its own while I'm driving, also I have to push the gas pedal all the way down to the floor when I want to pick up speed. Any suggestions as to why it's doing this. </</p>

my 1999 jeep grand Cherokees rocks when pushed by the side. is this problem a suspension/shocks absorber problem? 

i have a 1998 jeep cherokee im not quite sure whats wrong but when i start driving now and if i go past 20mph and tilt the wheel to the right the whole car start vibrating from the front end could it be the steering box or gear??