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Hyundai Accent
Fri, 13 May 2011

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1998 hyundai accent 5-speed ran great until today, now when ...

1998 hyundai accent 5-speed ran great until today, now when i drive it has very, very slow acceleration. the car goes into gear but the engine is in high rpm's and it will barely make it up hills.

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sounds like clutch, i believe you need to change it!

i have a 97 accent and the "brake" light and the "battery" light on the dash stay on while i drive. just started today right after it snowed. could it just be a dirty sensor?

i own a hyundai accent - for the past 6 months odd i have started hearing a clucking sound from the rear suspension when the brakes are applied to reduce the speed after going at a decent speed. The car is about a year old now i am unable to know

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i have a 2005 Hyundai Accent and the front right brake started squealing while driving and there was a bad smell of like burning rubber 

my automatic transmission only run in the 1rst speed and reverse. ? why

hyundai elantra has 60,000+ miles. Drove a mile or so then felt two hard shifts and car wouldn't fully engage transmission. Tried reverse, didn't engage at all. Tried car 2 hours later and works fine.

the transmission i good but yet the car does not seem to move it is a hyundai accent 2002 can you please tell me what the problem is

Hi Ihave a 2001 hyundai accent my K Frame is showin signs of rot it has 71000.00 miles baught it from hyundai of fall r iver mass used a little over 5000.00miles like new recall is for 2005 models up do to salt in our area every year . can you hel

My 2001 Hyundai Accent has the steering wheel off center to the left, has negative camber on the front right tire, and inside wear on both front tires.  My vehicle is shaking at 60+ mph.  Any idea on what could have created all this chaos?

why is my 2002 hyundai sonata jerking but only when it takes off otherwise it drives fine

Twice in the last couple of weeks when i started my 2008 accent up a cloud of smoke (whitish/bluish) with an odor comes out of the exhaust why is the car doing this? It's not every day but this weekend it did it both days when i started it up?

I have a 2001 Hyundai Accent with the engine cradle completely rusted through. It almost caused an accident on a curve.

noise comes from steering while turning.....

location of airbag control module 2001 hyundai accent?

2002 Hyundai Accent GL 1.6L - had transmission rebuilt 2 times...keep getting the codes P01529 & P0734.  I see this car has alot of electrical issues and the Hyundai has it where you have to purchase a lot of parts from them.  Can anyone tel

my right head light stays dim change buld no diff

I have a Hyundai 2007 Acent. My problem is with the steering wheel and the ignition key. Sometimes I have to try a number of times to turn the key in the ignition as it refuses to turn inside the ignition. Also the steering wheel has play of sorts

I have rebuilt the transmission 2 times in a 2002 Hyundai Accent GL 1.6L.  I continue to get the codes P0734 & P1529.  I have replaced the speed sensor and the tps.  Any one have any ideas?  I am so frustrated with this car.

it was the clutch. i found a mechanic that did it for $220. i just put the radiator back in after patching it with quicksteel and epoxy resin over that. we are over he 200k mark now