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Honda Cr V 2004
Tue, 22 May 2012

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I have a 2007 Honda Civic, The A/C system will all ...

I have a 2007 Honda Civic, The A/C system will all of a sudden stop blowing cold air, But the far right vent on the passengar side will continue to blow cold air please tell me what is going on. The test gauges show proper refridgerent levels.

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I am having the same issue with our 2012 passenger seat.

2008 crv 1 owner a few months ago april 2012 had a alignment done and tires rotated drove to alabama to texas. Now in sept 2012 the shame steering wheel shake is starting to come back in the front tires. So I am thinking tire pressure no that is g

Yesterday I was checking my air filter on my 2004 Honda CR-V and put everything back when I was finished. Today I get ready to leave for work and the gas pedal has no power. I press it and it is so loose it does not move the car. Does anyone have

My passenger seat belt jams and will not engage. If my husband is with me he can pop the spring with his pen knife. This sometimes does not work and i had to ride in the backseat of my own car on a trip. The dealership will do nothing as it doe

I have a offer for a trsnsmission with 71,000 miles is that good to put in my honda crv it is a 2001

My 2011 Honda CR-V has 1200 miles and Ive have been experiencing a vibration of the steering wheel when going over 40 mph, is this normal? My sister has a 1997 Honda CR-V and it doesnt make that vibration when going over 45 mph.

I have this exact same problem with my 2004 CRV:
HONDA CR-V 2004 car safety problem was reported on June 07, 2004.HONDA CR-V 2004, manufactured by HONDA (AMERICAN HONDA MOTOR CO.) had a problem with FUEL SYSTEM, GASOLINE:STORAGE:TANK ASSEMBLY:F

2004 CRV:
Another mystery oil leak issue...
My car is loosing oil, no leaks, no smoke, nothing obvious. This started happening around 76,000 miles. Took it to the dealer twice so far and they can not find nothing wrong so now I am to bring

I took my Honda CRV 2007 in to the Honda dealer for a B13 - which means that it needed the fluids changed. That done, and $973.92 later, they are telling me that I need to replace the power steering rack and then have an alignment to go along with

My 2003 Honda CRV is a manual with 258,000 miles on it.  I cherish it, it is my baby.  It's always had small problems that we fixed but as of late I have been driving it and having the car seem to stall and then the gas pedal stops functioning f

1999 Honda CR-V  No power and D for transmission flashing

1999 Honda CR-V  160,000 miles           Transmission   D on dash flashing . you have to give it a lot of gas to pull off the road.  Wait a while and runs great and does it again. 

 Honda CR-V has dangerously weak headlights when driving on lowbeam, yet it is dangerous for other drivers if I drive using full beam. Can you suggest a solution?