Honda Accord 1999 Questions

Honda Accord 1999
Sat, 06 Apr 2013

Honda Accord 1999 Reviewed by Pat Woods on .

broken seat base on drivers side. electrical is still working ...

broken seat base on drivers side. electrical is still working fine. the front right section seems unattached to anything and is loose. can you tell me if there is a support bar or frame that can break. whose is best to repair this kind of problem

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my 2003 Honda Accord started with replacing power steering pump then power steering hose{recall} now I have a leaking power steering rack seems all connected to me should be a recall for the rack also?

I just bought a 2007 Chrysler 300 Touring on 12/11/10. I took it back to the dealership 2 days later because the fromt end shivers a lot when you press on the break. They claim they fixed the problem. Now this car is now parked from 01/28/11, beca

Does the interior dimmer have anything to do with dimming the headlights?  I was just told by a Honda Dealer Mechanic that my headlights were dimming because I have the dashboard lights dimmed.

I have a 1994 Honda Accord LX Coupe. The car starts fine but after 15 minutes of driving, the check engine light comes on, the D on the dashboard flashes, the engine starts smoking, and the car shuts off. When i opened the hood, all of the smoke w

im driving a honda city 98 1.5 auto. the engine light indicator blinked when i tried to accelerate and when gears are shifting from 1-2. then after a 5 mins or so, engine shuts down. when i tried again, the car can start, but whenever i tried to p

my 1993 honda accord 10th year,while parked idling,car just stalled,will not start,shift indicator lights on dash ,...park and D4 are both on. the car only has 175k miles runs very good.

own 2004 honda accord 2.4l with automatic transmission,engine will not start in park
or neutral and green light, will light up on "D".  Jan. 19,2012

1998 Honda accord V6 has 79000 miles and just recently started lunging and jerking when I stop and press accelerator!

2006 Honda Accord Hybrid
Has recall software update
Has software update from 2011.
Moved from Houston to Utah.
Now throws codes: P0AC4 and P0A7F

Technician says there is a software update or add-on for cold weather.

Is this

Which should I buy? 2007 Toyota Camry LE V4 70,000 miles 2 owners for $11,000? Or a 2004 Honda Accord EX V6 Leather 1 owner 114,000 miles for $8,900? The TCS light is on in the Honda...

i have a 1991 honda accord the retactable front seatbelt stoped working what may be the cause of it and is it a easy fix?

honda accord balance shaft seal popped out and lost all oil  was this a recall? is there a retainer clip for 1992?

It is possible that the issue you are experiencing is due to a worn "serpentine" belt that is slipping on the engine pulleys when they are VERY WET.  This would affect any engine components driven by this belt.  This normally includes: the alter

my 1995   honda   accord  started   fire  n  dashboard why

05 accord hybrid in cold weather at start up brakes feel normal taking trans out of park but then don't work in reverse the pedal is rock hard doesnt stop car. today tried put into neutral from park no brakes again so I revved it up and after3-4 s

 i have a 1992 honda accord m/t 2d new main relay and coil and coil has power now but turn over still no fire or spark

while filling my fuel tank, the gas burst out like a fountain.There was approximately one quarter of a tank filled at that point. The car is a 2003 Honda Accord 2003 with 81000 mi. Anyone have an answer?

driving my 1996 honda accord last night. recently installed new starter/solenoid. noticed for some months that it took several tries to turn over & at times sounded like scraping metal while turning installation wrong or part itself?

1998 accord ex driving down the road and everything goes dead right after a green key flashes on the dash board pull off road try to start it starts and dies 3 times before it stays running for 2 days no problems it has done this same thing 4 time

2001 Honda Accord SRS Light. Have taken the car to the Honda Dealership for resolution of continuing SRS light - TWICE. No hardware changed, but the seat belt computer has been reset multiple times. Driver's side seat belt light will not come o