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Mon, 30 May 2011

Gmc Yukon Reviewed by Kclpridgen on .

sorry it is a 97 gmc yukon that i replaced the steering ...

sorry it is a 97 gmc yukon that i replaced the steering sensor on

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I have a 2007 Yukon Denali XL and my climate control + button for the heat on the drivers side peeled off. Anyone out there having the same issue? It looks like the passengers side is doing the same.

abs activation at low speeds on a 2002 yukon with a 5.3 L engine. The abs activates at 10 km/h.

I have a 2007 GMC Yukon. Have had the front lights flickering like strobes the faster you drive the faster the stobe goes. Even the inside dome lights are doing this. Had the vehicle to the Dixie GMC for this issue several times. Service writi

my 2002 yukon seems to be gonig into auto lockdown mode quite often ... what can i do

sir i am having problem with my yukon denali 2003 6.0L
code p1516
i replaced gas padel sensor throttle postion sensor
ut not of use
kindly help me to fix the problem
kind regards

91700 miles on my yukon and this is the second time the anti-lock brake module/motor is stuck running. Paid 1300.00 to fix the first time. I think ill just run it without the fuse instead of repairing.

how do i change a flasher for my 2007 yukon denali? my turn signals and hazards wont work on the driver side

I have a 2001 Chey Yukon XL 173,000 miles and new transmission at 170,000. my question is this, while traviling at 65 to 70 mile/hr on the highway and the vehical encounters a hill the power from the transmission does not downshift from overdrive

I have a 2007 gmc yukon denali and all of a sudden all of the controls (windows, mirors, locks) on the drivers door do not work. Any idea what the cause may be?

Every time I move the tilt steering wheel up or down the windshield wipers operate for 2 or 3 swipes. Any ideas?

i just replaced the steering sensor  and the truck still wanders and has play between 11 an 1 oclock any ideas what it could be

All of a sudden the computer puts the truck into 4x4L and I cannot put if back into the 2WD

Warning comes on Service 4 Wheel Drive but my mechanic cannot find anything
What do I have to do


brakes got hard to push, a whooshing noise, and the engine speed goes up on braking. I removed the vacuum line, and plugged it with my finger. It loses no vacuum, engine speed does not change. Is it the power assist booster tank

High increase of engine temperature while AC on and when vehicle idle or when slow moving traffic? 70 k miles 2003 Yukon XL 4x4, Fan clutches replaced and problem still exist.

My 2000 GMC Yukon Denali had the following problem. The highbeam headlamps would not auto activate, and I had to manually actuate the light switch and then hit the high beams. The solution was that there were two loose wires at the connection to t

2003 Yukon Denali. Door locks click on and off at random, engine loses power, ac starts blowing warm air. If I turn on the ac and then back on it corrects itself. It started happening when I was on a bumpy road. Any ideas? Thanks in advance. Pamel

I just got a 2011 yukon denali xl with 9000 miles . At the time i didn't think much about looking under the hood before i drove it off the lot from the gmc dealer . A couple dats later i checked the oil and was not very happy with what i saw.  T

what is the correct fluid to use in the transfer case of a 2003 gmc yukon slt with all wheel drive?