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Geo Storm
Wed, 06 Apr 2011

Geo Storm Reviewed by Redisgrey2000 on .

No, Chad, my Storm is still in the shop even ...

No, Chad, my Storm is still in the shop even after the mechanic really thought it was the fuel pump. It may be a computer problem in the module located behind the kick panel on the passenger side. They can start it with starting fluid and every thing works fine and the engine runs smooth, then, as if someone flipped a kill switch, it shuts down and cannot retart. Could be a bad Ignition Control Module loacted inside the distributor cap; or the OBD (onboard diagnostic module); or ignition switch; or timing belt-related. They are still trying to figure it out and I cannot find any answers from anywhere online. Let me know what you find out, and maybe together we can solve this mystery. Seems like Isuzu and Chevrolet/Geo ought to know about this.

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