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Ford Windstar
Fri, 01 Apr 2011

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try pushing the pedals button closer to you. you must have ...

try pushing the pedals button closer to you. you must have the pedal adjustment button to the left of the radio, looks like a foot, that brings the pedals more inward towards the driver. hope it helped. or look carefully if a wire has corroded. it could be just a little short look carefully under the seat to see if everything lokks good. you say it works for other positions, then it is not the motor but the wire got pulled or something else good luck!!

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i just wanted to say that, ford windstars didnt come out until 1995 not 1993

i have a 99 winstar my cluster light stay on so i went to the junk yard got one 4 the same year but my c ar wnt start   help 

when iwent to start my windstar there was a clicking noise coming from the engine didnt turn over and the hazard lights came on? just wondering is the starter is stuck

post the same information to my blog, thanks for ideas and great article.

03 Windstar inoperative power windows,radioand shift interlock and turn signals

ya thomas i got a 1999 ford windstar with 290,000 miles never had an issue

i just aquirred a 2000 ford windstar from a charity to help transport my medically fragile grand child, but unfortunately there are issues with it. one of those is the power seat works in all positions except to move the seat forward and me being

I just bough a pre owned Ford Windstar with 180,000 Kil. on it I got it for the sole perpus is that it had a wheel chair RAMP / LIFT in it I am a diszbled 75 year old on Canadian pensions so i hope I did not buy a piece of junk it looks very

I've received two recall notices for my 2001 Ford Windstar. #10S13 - March, 2011: "The rear axle could potentially fracture when operated in high corrosion areas (where salt is used on the roadways during winter months) for an extended period of

have 2001 windstar right front wheel and axle fell out . front frame rotted ,called dealer he said to bad hav ..
e since seen 3 more in my area . SHOULD BE ADDRESED BEFORE SOMEONE IS KILLED

I have a 2000 Windstar. The rear hatch hydrolics are weak and will not hold up the tailgate. How do  I remove them and replace them. Can't find a screw or bolt so I can replace them.
   tks John 

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my 1999 ford windstar  it won"t idle the rpm goes up and down

Rack & pinion leaking on 2001 Windstar and have to replace. $500 job. Was this dangerous?

Has anyone ever had a problem with the trip odometer in the 2003 or 2005 Windstar resetting itself automatically? The other day, I went out to get in my van to take a local trip and since I wanted to know how far away I was going to be traveling o

Check Ford recalls from 1995-2003 Windstar Vans in certain states. You might check on the Ford Recall list and make sure your state is one that has it.... In states that are Inland and not near salt water like say KS, OK etc. they are not recalled

Thanks My 2000 Windstar has the nearly the same problem but worse it won't work at all... One day it was working fine then it quit. But mine has a lot of other electrical issues with it too.

we are haveing trans mission problem and our speed odomer stop working on our dash

2000 windstar revs up while driving for 5 sec and stops and repeats every 30 or so seconds

2004 Freestar 3.9L SES 109,000miles. tranny failed( @101,000mi.) in july 2009, casper wyoming. rebuilt w/1yr warranty.
in the past few days, after startup and shift into reverse nothing happens, when throttle applied have to wait a minute till