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Fri, 01 Apr 2011

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should a 2005 standard transmission ford ranger start when in gear without ...

should a 2005 standard transmission ford ranger start when in gear without the clutch engaged?

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should a standard transmission truck start when it is in gear without the clucth engaged?

1999 ford ranger gas tank fell out on highway due to rotted crossmember and frame.Truck erupted into a ball of flame I barely got out in time.I almost died. truck had no rust at all on body but frame was badly rotted.

have a 1995 ford ranger and the windows fog up at night with the temperature on hot. the fan can be on or off and it does the same thing. as long as the temp is set to cold it doesn't do this. can anybody help

I have a 2001 Ford Ranger, 4 Liter engine, auto, extra cab. Comerical Model from national grid.

I was having a tail light problem. Even with the switch in the off position, one of the two tail lights
seen to come on, but only dimly. To

doe your truck have a.c. If you a.c. condenser is leaking I been told that this lead to a fog up

does any one else have a fuel gauge problem on there ranger?
are there any recalls for these problems?
mike in phoenix

My 2001 Ranger has only 60K miles, but the driver seatbelt doesn't retract without help from me.  Any suggestions how to adjust or clean so it will work properly?

86' Ranger 2.9 , runs okay until reaching normal speed , then what's to vapor lock?, and no power in any gear finally dies until cooled off. restarts fine again for awhile.

where are the airbag sensor on the front of a 2001 ranger

changed out heater core now when you start truck 95 ford ranger it beeps 5 times and it starts drainning battery have checked alt its ok if you take off pos termal the car dies any help please

what causes too much free travel in a 5 speed clutch on a ford ranger 2002 model. i relaced the clutch everything is new but there is too much free travel still.

rick, i have a 2000 ford ranger 3.0 4x4 .were on the interstate with cruise control on doing 70-72 mph.i switched on left turn signal and all of a sudden

the abs light, check engine light, came on and the speedometer started

going cra

where are the air compressor seals located on a 95 ford ranger?

2001 Ford Ranger XLT 5 speed 3.0 liter 4cylinder. clutch loses pressure & gears won't shift. Got plenty hydrolic fluid. what could be the problem & how can i check this out for myself/

1996 Ford Ranger gas tank vent hose has deteriorated and is not containing fuel during gas fill up.  It is also allowing dirt and water into the tank if it sits out in the rain.  I am told that Ford dealerships want an arm and a leg for the part

I have a 2001 Ford Ranger Extended Cab, 4.0 L 4x4, having problems with the anti-theft system. The theft light is blinking fast when key is on and will not crank. Have tried several of the remedies and no luck. This has been an intermitent problem

2001 ford ranger you can start car in neutral cant change gears while its running . turn car off put it in first gear let clutch out car moves , but wont change gears . turn it off put it in reverse start car again car moves back ward just cant ch

2010 Ranger: Strong smell of antifreeze in cab.
after driving on a cold day, park for 30 min then start again, windows fog up on inside causing lack of visibility.  Dangerous.

When shifting to 3rd gear in my 1999 ford Ranger single cab manual it will make a grinding noise from time to time any ideas?

Truth is my little ranger has served me well.
currently it sits awaiting a small plastic clip that holds the clutch pedal to the connecting rod.
minor part for a truck with 254000 miles, but the trick is to find the part.
Yes she shows he