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Ford Crown Victoria
Fri, 01 Apr 2011

Ford Crown Victoria Reviewed by Brunorachael on .

that happened to me last night! If you rock the car back ...

that happened to me last night! If you rock the car back and for while shifting then it should release the safety lock!

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the cable to your gas pedal is broken it happened to me

cind se incalzeste motorul nu se tureaza mai mult de 3000rpm ramine blocat la 3000 de rpm

My turn signals have failed to work on my 1998 Crown Victoria. What could be the problem?

blow back when filling gas tank 1998 ford crown victoria

please contact \

The middle rear seat belt has one belt (male) which is static.   I need to get the complete part, 2 straps male and female,return spring etc.   Can a Ford Dealer supply this part?

The middle rear seat belt in my 1989 Crown Victoria does not function.  It has only the  female belt and the male belt is completely missing no return spring that I can feel.   Can I get a replacement from
my local Ford Dealer?

The air conditioning fan motor runs on hi the minute the key is turned on regardless of the speed setting or output selection (auto, vent, etc.) even when the system is turned off.

my 2004 crown victoria has a electrical problem. The wire behind my interior fuse panel has fried. leaving me with no headlights dash light dome light or taillights. hazards and signals come on but dont blink and also brake lights come on. how can

have a 96 crown vic and my gas petal just droped to the floor today while driving an stoped working. i had it towed but not sure what the actual problem could be....

I have a 2000 P71, My friend and I were driving her home (3 hr trip) , and we notice when we had the gas peddle to floor (going up a big hill), the car RPM's were dropping and slowing down, but the car shacked back and forth, acting like a fuel pu

start my car and push brake down and car wont shift from park

Im just looking for  the min thickness specs.  on the front rotor, 2005 ford police interceptor.
I expected GOOGLE to give me the answer, but they just seem to find me 1000 places that wants to sell me a repair manual.

I recently purchased a 2003 Crown Victoria. The vehicle has a very dangerous problem. When the windshield wipers are used, they will periodically stop working and the windshield wiper fluid will activate on its own. It will then continue to spr

12/29/2011 2005 Ford Crown Vic Police Interceptor. What should you do if your horn fails to sound. Fuses replaced, 1/2 ISO replaced, horn does sound when jumped from the battery. Thanks, Dan 

car starts but when I apply the brakes, try the window switch, turn signal , hazzard lights or windsheild wipers it stalls. i can crank my heat and turn on my lights and has no affect. Anybody?

I have a 2004 ford crown vic. A few weeks ago I heard a clunk  like noise that came from the rear of the car, I thought I ran over a rock or something.  Then I noticed when  I moved the steering wheel from left to right at about 30 miles an hou