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Dodge Caravan 2010
Sun, 19 Aug 2012

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I have a 2010...going to dealer on Monday. ...

I have a 2010...going to dealer on Monday. I have had several issues. Air conditioner not working, 4 ways not working, intermittent lock on right sliding door, front breaks gone before 1 year (low KM), back breaks gone after 1 year, replaced...drove to the beach 8 months later minivan shaking hard at any speed including complete stop...took to dealer and was told I need new back breaks and tires. Changed tires, and just went to replace back break pads again...after 2 years, and the rotors again, and the calibers realizing that the problem is the emergency break line sticking, which caused my break system failure on my rear left brake, while my right is completely fine. The dealership will be hearing from me on Monday and I will make them pay for the new brakes. Not to mention the constant white marks scratched in paint above rear tires ( problem with 95% of the new models)...this is caused by the inside panels of the minivan rubbing on the exterior paint when the sliding door is opened...Chrysler very aware of this problem but won't do anything as it's not a safety issue. They have buffed out the marks twice, and "shimmed doors" after they asked Chrysler what to do with issue. Shimming did shit, marks back, even they say they can install clips tot he doors. My van has also almost stalled numerous times while recall...something to do with ignition...go to dealer to fix a ring.

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car dealer repair shop told can not find it.

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no you should contact b.b.b and give them your info and they can do an investigation

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