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Daewoo Nubira
Mon, 28 Mar 2011

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I had a similar problem on my 1998 daewoo lanos. ...

I had a similar problem on my 1998 daewoo lanos. Occasionally the driver and passenger windows would do that. I'd hit the button and hear the motor but nothing happened. While pressing the down window, if I applied pressure to the window it usually would help it go down. That is a short term and annoying fix but eventually my passenger window rolled down and wouldn't go back up. A friend of mine took off the interior door panel and took some WD-40 and sprayed it into the motor and along the guide rail for the window. We waited a few minutes and voila! worked better than before. Window goes up and down without problems. Now need to do the same with the driver's side as it is stuck up and will only go down if my friend pushes the button.

I hope this helps.

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