Chrysler Visibility:glass, Siderear Questions

Chrysler Visibility:glass, Siderear
Sat, 21 May 2011

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This is the second time this has happened to me.  I ...

This is the second time this has happened to me.  I have a 2006 town and country mini van.  In 2007 with approximately only 20,000 miles on the van the back panel rear side passenger window exploded.  Blew up.  It sounded like a gun shot hit.  The entire window gone with glass all over the back seat, floor and back of the van.  I was so scared and upset.  Two gentelmen following behind me pulled over to make sure I was ok since they saw the explosion of the window for  they were traveling behind me.  I went to the dealership and I had the window replaced and guess what.  Yesterday, it happened again, almost 4 years later.  The same window exploded, out of no where for no reason.  Now This time my child was in the back seat luckily she was one seat over  next to the other back panel rear side window and covered her face and head as a reaction to the blow out.  If she had simpley slid over to the other window we would have been at a hospital yesterday.  Both explosions, blow out of the window occured for no reason.  Out of the blue!  I now do not want anyone sitting in the back seat of the van near that window.  Something is not right.  I went back to the dealership yesterday and their attitude is that this is an isolated incident only to my mini van.  I would like you folks to share your experiences with the dealership so that they can see that this is not true nor the case.  I have a concern for other families and their children and the back seat of these mini vans.

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