Chrysler Exterior Lighting:headlights Questions

Chrysler Exterior Lighting:headlights
Fri, 24 Aug 2012

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I have a 2001 chrysler town and country LX I bought 2 ...

I have a 2001 chrysler town and country LX I bought 2 months ago, I am reitred and disabled ona fixed disability and retirement income .... I sold my camper to buy a decent car then get this problem .... I have major headlight problems .... one running light on drivers side when head lights are off, one low beam on passenger side on low beams and one high bean on dirivers side on high beams. they work intermitenly but mostly you have to drive at night with one low beam or one high beam, .... took it to the shop, several shops, theysaid the problem is in the power control mogdual or another name is front control mogdul. You cannot replace this module with one out of a junk yard.... Chrysler told me that each of these have a vehicle ID computed in them and that cannot be changed and you cannot inter change these at all, theywon't work on any other car but the one theycome out of ... the cost of this module is $375.00, but then you have to pay to have a computer program it to your car for another $125.00, thenyouhave topay to have it installed ... so chrysler took a minor easy head light fix and turned it into a major head ache and a costly expense to just have your head lights work ... they should be sued andmade to fix this type of repair for free .... this is rediculous ... I am going to buy a switch and wiring and re wire the entire headlight system o toggle switches because if this happens now it will happen again ...I refuse to pay for this. This power module not only controlss head lights but other things in the car .... the made this part so junk yards could not sell the part and let us reuse it in other cars ...

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