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Chrysler 300m
Wed, 27 Jun 2012

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2002 Chrysler 300M ...

2002 Chrysler 300M Have had Transmission problems it seems from day one. Purchased the car when it was new. The first time the car was still under warranty so no skin off my nose. The second time a transmission sensor went out. not under warranty at the time so I had a $1,300.00 out of pocket expense. Now the trans mission has gone out again. Transmission shop tells me it is about a $ 2,500..00 rebuild. I guess it is time to give the old 300m a funeral. I have also had several electrical problems,and front end problems along with a passenger side window that will go down but will not go back up. Farewell old 300M. " Never Again " I hope GM will take me back.

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Same thing here, interior lights keep flashing on and off, driving me nuts. I'll never buy another chrysler, because of all the problems I've had with this car.

When I'm driven my 99 300 m the brake petal gets hard when I stop then go to take off again it feels like I still have my foot on the brake . Then it will fix it's self and do it again the next day?

My 1999 chrysler 300m won't start unless I pump the gas pedal really hard and when it starts I have to keep pumping the gas or it will barely run, and then finally die. When I get it to run, and am pumping gas, i hear a loud screeching noise comin

That happens to my car when the battery is getting low...

 I have a 2003 Chrysler 300m and my airbag light is on and my horn and cruise control does not work could you please tell me why?

I have a 2004 chrsyler seabring coupe 2.5l that has been leaking antifreeze and it didn't overheat but it stalled and won't resent but it tries to what would cause this?

um here is a question, I have the smae problem with interior lights and the lighted clock and dash lights will not go out at night. I just had an associate put in a different c.d player and since then I have been having problems andy ideas?

Electric windows dont work anymore
I check all the fuses , where is the problem

need a fullsize rim for a 300-m chrysler 225 60 r-17

Check for TSB for the clockspring in the steering column.Dealer should replace free of charge,safety issue.

I have a 2006, My problem has something to do with the anti theft system. That red dot keeps flashing and it won't start. I was driving home and my car just shut down on me and wouldn't start. I pushed it to my house and everything works fine. Ju

Me and my mom say my car is "possessed." The interior lights flicker on and off while driving every so often like you said and its like having a disco show while the music is on haha. The car is beautiful still after 12 years, but it is so sad tha

99 chrysler concorde,Purchased in 2003. 2004 evaporator on ac went out 1300.00.  2005 going down highway radio,interior light ,door locks quit working.All power window need new motors.2006 with 80,000 miles radiator cooling fan broke,starter,alte

I have a 2005 Chrysler SE. My problem is the dashboard lights blink on and off, interfering with the navigation system and just plain old annoying

I have a 2001 Chrysler 300M with a 3.5. Last October I was driving and as I was accelrating I felt a loss of power and the car stalled. When I statted it the engine was making a loud knocking noise. I had the car towed to my mechanic and he inform

2000 Chrysler 300M
Electrical problem. I call my car a lightening bug. When my car is shut off the interior lights will flash on and off or at night while driving the interior lights and dashboard lights will do the same thing. For the longes

Where is my fuel cannister and valve that causes a P0455 code?

Chrysler 300m special, 2004. Dash lights and exterior lights flicker intermittently while set to auto and on. Can not drive car at night or during a rain storm due to this being unpredictable and extreamly unsafe.

I took my Chrysler in for repair the other day and they also told me the same. So i took it to a Chrysler dealership and they are telling me that there is not a recall on my car..So now i am just confused and we only have 1 dealership in town so n

Chrysler 300 seemed to be working fine.  Upon accelerating from a traffic light, steering wheel started to shake and then stopped dead in it's tracks.  At first it appeared to a tie rod broke, but after a closer look the screw was missing out of