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Chevrolet Tahoe
Fri, 01 Jul 2011

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in my 2003 tahoe, will the fuel light work even if ...

in my 2003 tahoe, will the fuel light work even if the gas gauge is broken?

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2007 chevy tahoe has low oil pressure. any suggestions on wat it may be

wet carpet on driver's side floor.  Obviously there is a leak but my mechanic cannot
locate it.  Have performed a water test and a smoke test.  Still no answer.  Has anyone
come across this problem?

98 tahoe dash light went out with tail lights at same time. All other lights work in front. I could hit top of dash with my fist and lights would come on. They always stayed on and wouldn't do it again untill I would turn on lights again. Now they

For your 98 Tahoe, It sounds like you have a steering position sensor either dirty or going bad. It feels like the steering wheel isn't connected to anything and just goes free for a second. My 99 had/ has the same problem but with right turns it

i have Tahoe 2008 and the indicator in dashboeard askes toservice brake syatem? , the light goes off and on.Is this somthing i need to worry about .i need urgent answer befor taking it to dealer . also the engin indicator goeas on and off.

2004 chevy tahoe traction control and emergency brake light on dash

my small 30amp fuse blowing on ignition side there is a short somewhere is a shortType your comment here.

my 2007 tahoe liftgate stays locked.It will not unlock

2005 tahoe stalls when you turn the high beams on 

I have an '04 Chevy Tahoe 4.8 V8, when it was low on fuel, my SUV began to make a grinding noise and acted as if it is going to stall and started to tremble when I was driving at low speed. This grinding noise and trembling went on for about 4 min

2006 Tahoe 4WD Z71 --- My wife just called from the road.  She said that the Tahoe suddenly went from 2000 to 6000 RPM, twice.  The Cruise Control was not engaged.  Current mileage: 126,000
Bought new.


We own a 2000 chevrolet tahoe. While driving approximately 5 mph to 10 mph the anti lock braking system engaged involuntarily. Once the vehicle reached a complete stop it drives normal. The brake pedal feels like it pushes back and the car does n

Rattling noise in the front but when i hit a bump while hitting my breaks there's no noise..? What is the problem it's loud and annoying :( I have a 2000 svc sports truck Tahoe

the trunk on my tahoe was slammed shut now it wont open and when you hit the unlock button on the remote it doesnt unlock any of the doors at all i had the alarm system changed and upgraded and it still doesnt lock or unlock any of the doors at al

change your front brakes and your rotors to start

2002 Chevy Tahoe head lights go off when tilting steeling wheel down, work when wheel is all the way up, bright lights work some times, day lights also work

2000 tahoe limited jerks in 3rd gear going into 4th

2000 tahoe limited jerks/vibrates at 50 to 60 mph  when you have the foot on the pedal when you realease the pedal the jerk/vibration stops

I have a 2007 Tahoe LT that has a noticeable vibration in the stooering wheel. I do not notice it at 50 and above speeds. My car guy says it is a steering gear issue. Is there a recall or tech bullitin for 2006 Tahoes?