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Chevrolet Parking Brake
Wed, 23 May 2012

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I had my parking brakes replaced on my 2004 Chevy Colorado in ...

I had my parking brakes replaced on my 2004 Chevy Colorado in either 2006 or 2007. Now I am having parking brake problems again and starting noticing today. First I was on a slight hill and had engaged my parking brakes and set my vehicle to park. When I left work, I had difficulties shifting out of park and disengaged parking brake. Later when I arrived home, I pulled up my driveway that was steep, set my shifter in park and set my parking brake. As I was about to turn off engine, I hear a sound like the parking brakes released and my truck starting rolling down my driveway even though it was in park and the parking brakes were supposedly set. After braking and avoiding a collision with an oncoming car, the engine stalled. I figured the parking brakes disengaged since I hard a noise like they were released but when I turned my engine on, my parking brake light was on and I released the parking brake like normal and parked in front of my house where it's nice and flat so my truck doesn't roll again. I don't drive this truck often and it doesn't even have 100,000 miles on it. At 8 years old it now appears not just one parking brake needed replacement but now two. I've heard older trucks having this problem due to age (only 1 parking brake replacement) but it's unusual for a practically new truck such as the case in 2006 or 2007 when I first needed new parking brakes. With all the electrical problems such as not knowing if your tail lights will work, doors coming unlocked, troubles with the transmission, an engine that stalls even at highway speeds, I'm through with GM and even though I feel buying American helps American workers, I think I should have went with the Toyota Tacoma (of course I've heard most GM cars are made in Mexico and Toyota's are mostly made in the United States so I'm probably helping the US economy more by buying Toyota. when I bought my Colorado, now especially when I am forced into buying a new car because GM simply doesn't think building a quality truck is something customers have wanted, I know I should have avoid GM. For years they have been coming up with advertising phrases such  as "Things are Different, Things are better", "GM is putting quality on the road", etc I'm amazed they still build junk and don't live up to their own commercials. You can make claims you have the "JD Power award for best in initial quality" all you want but most problems don't happen until after a few years after the warranty expires-especially with GM. To be fair my electrical problems happened during the warranty period and I brought it in 2 times and the Tech's replaced the BCM module but shortly after, the same electrical problem would occur again. The GM dealers have also been unable to fix any of my electrical problems and even during recall service have tried to charge me $28 for changing burned out light bulbs without my permission. When they asked me to pay I asked them "Isn't all recalls free" and they told me that indeed they're free but they had to replace a couple of burned out light bulbs. I asked them to put the burned out bulbs back in since I had bulbs at home and can fix this myself but they wanted to charge me another $28 in labor to replace the bulbs with my burned out bulbs and told me they could get in trouble with the police for allowing me to leave with my center mounted tail lights burned out. Finally they agreed not to charge me. I never was given the option to refuse the bulb replacement and before this they told me all kinds of other repairs I refused the repairs and accidentally said "If it costs $1500, then maybe I should buy a new truck". Within seconds two salesmen approached me asking if I would like to "upgrade" to a Silverado. I said no. I get constant calls from the dealer about changing my mind on repairs and if I have changed my mind about upgrading to a silverado. After finding out that by owning a GM car, they can legally call me to sale me cars and won't stop calling, this gave me another reason to no longer own a GM vehicle so my business relationship with GM no longer allows them to call me. I've had it with the Colorado and am surprised with the door locks failing along with other strange electrical problems that render the power windows, power side view mirrors, and other equipment inoperable, and setting off the theft deterrent system, and even unlocking the doors and turning on dome light while parked, and my parking brakes problems don't warrant a recall, I realized it is time to get another truck. Now with parking brake replacement #2 (something I've never had happen to a single car in my life even once), I think it's time to cut my losses and run. I'm just another GM customer who GM wants to continue to buy their products in hopes that quality is better this time. Why would I be willing to "upgrade" to a Silverado when my Colorado runs like crap and has so many problems. I sure would hate to "upgrade" and end up with another piece of junk and if the Silverado is better quality, why should Colorado owners have to upgrade to a Silverado just to get a quality truck? If they can't get it right with my Colorado and the dealer technicians are clueless on how to fix these problems, why trust GM?

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