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Buick Park Avenue
Sun, 21 Aug 2011

Buick Park Avenue Reviewed by John on .

massive electrical issues. Car runs fine ! issues-security,windows,doors,gages,...

massive electrical issues. Car runs fine ! issues-security,windows,doors,gages,a/c,seat memory, warnings -air bag lit, security lit, sometimes service engine soon. Found loose positive at battery. Now connections are clean and tight. Secondary negative from batt. 10 gauge wire to grd. corrosion-cleaned and tightened.  Still have serious BCM related issues. BCM  hard to change ? Get old one re-flashed at dealership ?

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while driving from a stop or just taking off my car loses power right berfor shifting, then a cloud of white smoke comes from the tail pipe. the car then drives like it normally would . changed oil and plugs didnt notice any coolent or water in t

1999 park avenue interior lights and trunk light dont work air bag lit up and battery showing question marks

My 2000 buick park avenue instrument cluster has a problem.  Just the lights, speedometer and heat gauge work.  The Tach, gas gauge, shift indicater, and other gauges on the left side of the cluster do not work.  Every once in a while everthing

can't open the rear doors from the inside or outside.

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keep a close eye on water usage-if it is going out of the exhaust sys. it won't be in your oil. Also losing power could be related to exhaust sys., mainly catalytic converter, see if you can have it checked or bypassed to test

i have a 1989 buik park ave it falling back like its not geting the right air or gas

air conditioner control panel when out. can't turn heater or air on or off the air comes out of the window vents.

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My windshield vents wont blow out any heat. Is there a way to by-pass and open defroster vents manually?

Check your panel on your back door, push from the back of the panel toward the front seat. My problem was on the drivers side in the back. Check both back doors.

interior lights stay on in my 1995 buick park ave