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Buick Century 2000
Fri, 03 Feb 2012

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Have a 2000 Buick Century Custom with only 48000 miles, after ...

Have a 2000 Buick Century Custom with only 48000 miles, after start up, car would not move in any gear, but I was able to move it by racing engine, rear brakes can be heard dragging, no warning lights on dash. Car has been driven past week during heavy periods of rain. I'm guessing it's time for a brake job?

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The horn  Assembly Seems To be partialy apart and not working

Horn seems partialy taken apart and not working

2005 buick century.
key and steering wheel locked up . Could put they key in and out, but absolutely could not turn and unlock to drive. Had to have it towed home !! what causes this?

2005 Buick Century - Automatic headlights shut off and will not go back on.   High beams and running lights work fine, fuses all fine.

buick century 2002 bogs down when you press gas petal down as to speed up but when you accerlerate slowly does much better

I have a 2002 buick century and every time I drive it and it goes into gear like first and second it jerks the whole car almost as if its sticking what could that be please help because whayever that is I really need to get it fixed soon...

i was installing a duel radio in a buick 1994 and i ended blowing a fuze. i replaced the fuse the blown but the speedometer isnt working, neither are the dome lights. what do i do?

Buick Century 2003 - cannot conrol the speed of the car, it is like the cruise control is on all the time.  speed will remain the same when gas pedal is released, when going downhill it will continue to travel at a higher level of speed without f

i have a 1987 buick century and it wasnt starting i thought it was the fuel pump then the filter then the injector after all this turns out the injector is not getting power any suggestions

I have a 1991 Buick Century I ran out of gas. I added 4 gallons of gas and still could not get it started.
I had power back at the fuel pump but could not hear the fuel pump run. I replaced the fuel pump car ran great for about three days and o

what might be causing strong raw gas smell when i first start my 2000buick century with 63000 miles??????

radio wont light up or catch signal, my dome light, horn, and the sound to let me know that my keys are still in ignition doesn't seem to work either in my 91 buick century

can the transmission slipping due to a bad ignition control module?

where to replace a dimmer switgh on a 2004 buick century

My 1998 Buick. Century makes a bad crackling noise whenever I hit the brake,gas or turn right or left

2002 buick century--when making a sharp left turn or circle the right front tire rubs in the wheel well---what goes?  Just bought the car and only 36800 miles on it. (to make it clear--the front of he right tire rubs the wheel well when making th

Recently reattached all the wires that had broken from the trunk lid. Now I get a clicking inside the dash on the driverside, but it only happens if the green wire for the backup lights is connect. Ideas of what need to be replaced to fix the prob

abs pump dosen't put pressue to front right & rear left wheel cylinder

1991 Buick Century front seat latches on a two door with bench seat. Both latches appear to be broken causing the seat back to be leaning too far back and not locking to avoid having it go forward in a crash. Any one seen this problem? Just i

my 4 cyl.buick century misses and dies when driveing,what is the issue