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Toyota Visibility Sun Roof Assembly Reports

16 Mar

TOYOTA PREVIA 1991 The Electrical Sun Roof Not working its the cable. tt
TOYOTA CAMRY 1999 Brakes Squeak/ Pull To left and warp. also, cd player doesn't work, had 4 cds replaced/ springs in

TOYOTA CELICA 2000 Sunroof Will Leak When Its raining or being washed. interior paneling is separating. the vehicle would shake & nearly stall out.
TOYOTA CRESSIDA 1984 Sun Roof Was Rusted. the dealership was aware of the problem. but warranty had expired. *ak
TOYOTA SIENNA 1998 Son Had Poked Head Through sun roof & it became stuck. believes son had hit button too close to sun roof as
TOYOTA SIENNA 1998 Vehicle Was Running & Sun roof opened when son, 3- year old got his head stuck. as he was turning around, hit
TOYOTA CAMRY 1997 Sun Roof Exploded Unexpectedly For no reason, which could have caused injuries to the occupant. please provide further information and vin#.
TOYOTA CELICA 1999 Sun Roof Leaks In A heavy rain storm or if vehicle is taken through a car wash. dealer has been contacted.
TOYOTA CAMRY 1988 All 4 Power Windows And power sun roof malfunctioned, will not operate. never been to dealer. please provide further
TOYOTA CAMRY 1998 The Vehicle Sun Roof Leaks, causing the rain to come into the vehicle and may cause electrical damage in the vehicle. dealer
TOYOTA CAMRY 2002 A Strange Odor Was Coming into cab of vehicle. took vehicle to dealer, and dealer stated it was carbon monoxide.
TOYOTA SIENNA 2001 Sunroof Ripped Off Drivers Side of car after it was opened on highway. sunroof remained attached on passenger side causing broken glass
TOYOTA CAMRY 1998 Water Leaks Into The Interior of the car floor when rain or car wash. dealer said the sunroof 's drainage was blocked by the
TOYOTA TACOMA 2000 While Driving My New Truck on the 5 fwy sun. 10/29/00 app. 4:30 pm. with my sun roof in the open position,
TOYOTA RAV4 2001 Is The Plastic Sun Roof safe? will it splinter in a crash?*ak
TOYOTA CAMRY 1996 Sunroof Failed. Qcaw
TOYOTA CAMRY 1999 Moon Roof Leaked. Mjs
TOYOTA CAMRY 1998 Moon Roof In The Vehicle leaks causing problems with seat belt mechanisms.
TOYOTA TACOMA 1996 Sunroof Would Not Open After recall repair was done.
TOYOTA CAMRY 1990 Piece Of Sun Roof Broke off, causing it to fail. *dsh
TOYOTA COROLLA 1994 Defective Sunroof. *aw
TOYOTA PREVIA 1994 Slide Sun Roof Failed. *skd
TOYOTA CAMRY 1994 Sunroof Rattles. *ak
TOYOTA COROLLA 2007 On Wed Oct 23 I was driving on the freeway in the middle lane. the weather was perfect, no rain, clear blue
TOYOTA RAV4 1999 There Is Rust In The front cross member passenger side. there is a big hole because of rust. it is not safe to
TOYOTA SCION TC 2007 My Daughter Was Able To purchase her dream car, a scion tc, a few months ago, and as she was returning home
TOYOTA 4RUNNER 2011 While Driving Down The Road at approximately 60 mph the glass in the sun roof exploded upward and out away from the roof of the
TOYOTA SCION TC 2006 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2006 toyota scion tc. the contact stated while driving various speeds with the air conditioner activated the sun roof
TOYOTA PRIUS 2011 I Was Driving On Interstate 20 with my wife when the sunroof exploded. there are two panes of glass and the exterior pane
TOYOTA AVALON 2013 This Toyota Was Purchased With a sunroof top. after driving the car for two weeks we noticed the headliner was coming loose from the
TOYOTA AVALON 2013 I Drove To Baltimore, md from cherry hill, nj on 06/16/2013 at speeds varying from 45mph - 75mph. the moment i got
TOYOTA SIENNA 2012 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2012 toyota sienna. the contact stated that while driving approximately 50 mph, the sun roof exploded with a
TOYOTA CAMRY 2011 I Was Driving On Route 50 over the kent narrow bridge in maryland when i heard a loud crash. i then heard the
TOYOTA SIENNA 2011 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2011 toyota sienna. the contact stated that while driving approximately 60 mph, the sunroof shattered without warning.
TOYOTA VENZA 2013 Driving Down Interstate With Moon roof/sun roof open, the moon roof/sun roof shattered into a gazillion pieces. there was no sound of
TOYOTA CAMRY 2012 I Have Had The Vehicle in the toyota shop multiple times about the popping in the sun roof. toyota can not confirm that the
TOYOTA HIGHLANDER 2006 The Webasto Sunroof Had A safety recall that i didn't respond to in time. the serial number is 6256887. the form
TOYOTA RAV4 2009 I Was At A Stop sign and turning right with my grandson in the backseat, i heard a loud noise no other car around
TOYOTA CAMRY 2003 I Have 2003 Toyota Camry le.. i got into multiple issues with the vehicle. first one is the sun roof/moon roof getting
TOYOTA CAMRY 2003 Sun Roof/moon Roof Getting Jammed and not closing properly. *tr
TOYOTA CAMRY 2004 Problems With The Sunroof. cables broke unexpectedly right after the third year. dealer said the entire pulley system broke for unknown reasons.
TOYOTA SCION TC 2007 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2007 toyota scion tc. the contact stated that the sunroof shattered while driving 65 mph. the vehicle was
TOYOTA AVALON 2007 2007 Toyota Avalon Is Equipped with a sunroof so when it rains water gets trapped inside vehicle flooding floor boards which causes foul odor in
TOYOTA TUNDRA 2000 Sunroof Originally Installed On My 2000 toyota tundra manufactured by hollandia type: tvs nr.: 426089 separated from the vehicle while driving on interstate 80.
TOYOTA CAMRY 2002 2008 Toyota Camry Hybrid Floor became wet due to roof drain hoses becoming disconnected from drain pan. consumer feels this should have been covered
TOYOTA TUNDRA 2004 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2004 toyota tundra equipped with a webasto hollandia 600 sun roof assembly. the contact stated that the vehicle was
TOYOTA CAMRY 2007 I Open My Sunroof Leaving before i pulled out of my garage. i stopped for a red light and made a turn. 5
TOYOTA SCION TC 2005 Driving Down The Highway At ~65 mph in 2005 scion tc with sunroof open and without warning the front air deflector shield shattered throwing glass
TOYOTA SCION TC 2006 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2006 toyota scion tc. while the contact was driving approximately 70 mph, the sunroof glass unexpectedly shattered into the
TOYOTA SCION TC 2007 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2007 toyota scion tc. the contact stated that while driving 65 mph the sunroof was open and it shattered.
TOYOTA PRIUS 2007 I Received A Notice In the mail stating that i needed to have my aftermarket sunroof replaced due to the fact that the glass was
TOYOTA PRIUS 2010 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2010 toyota prius. the contact was driving approximately 65 mph when she heard a loud bang.
TOYOTA CAMRY 2004 2004 Toyota Camry Xle V6 sunroof stuck. while driving on a highway at 65mph with the sunroof fully opened, it began to
TOYOTA CAMRY 2007 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2007 toyota camry. the contact stated that while driving approximately 65 mph, the sunroof suddenly fell off of the
TOYOTA SIENNA 2008 Sunroof Glass Shattered While Driving on the freeway with no apparent reason (no collision, no bad road condition). *tr
TOYOTA RAV4 2007 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2007 toyota rav4. while attempting to open the sunroof, the contact noticed that the sunroof would not slide backwards
TOYOTA SCION TC 2007 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2007 toyota scion tc. while driving approximately 55 mph the contact heard a loud sound similar to a gun shot
TOYOTA SCION TC 2009 Driving Down The Road My sunroof exploded in my 2009 scion tc. *tr
TOYOTA SEQUOIA 2005 I Am Concerned About Spontaneously shattering sunroofs. i understand this has been reported in various vehicles manufactured by diverse auto manufacturers.
TOYOTA SCION TC 2009 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2009 toyota scion tc. while driving approximately 60 mph the sunroof glass shattered, and blew outward.
TOYOTA SIENNA 2004 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2004 toyota sienna. while driving 50 mph she heard an extremely loud noise coming from the roof of
TOYOTA VENZA 2009 The Sunroof Of The Newly purchased toyota venza fell off while driving--there is a design defect... *tr
TOYOTA PRIUS 2010 On My Way Home From work i had the sunroof opened and a rock hit the deflector (a piece of tempered glass) and shattered it.
TOYOTA CAMRY 2003 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2009 toyota camry. while driving he heard a loud noise, and then the sun roof shattered.
TOYOTA SCION TC 2008 Driving Down Roadway And All of the sudden and without any warning the sunroof exploded covering me and the vehicle with glass cutting your arms
TOYOTA SIENNA 2004 While Driving On The Freeway the glass sunroof/moonroof of my 2004 toyota sienna xle shattered. from the pattern of the glass breakage it
TOYOTA TUNDRA 2004 The Glass On The Sunroof of my 2004 toyota tundra came loose. *tr
TOYOTA SCION TC 2006 Driving 70 Mph On The highway, no vehicles within sight in front of me, and no one to the side. my
TOYOTA CAMRY 2007 Driving Down The Interstate At about 65 mph. sunroof exploded out. glass went all over my husband, almost causing a
TOYOTA SEQUOIA 2002 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2002 toyota sequoia. while driving approximately 70 mph, the contact heard air entering into the vehicle.
TOYOTA CAMRY 2004 Malfunction Of My Sunroof In my 2004 toyota camry se. dealership confirmed common problem... *tr
TOYOTA HIGHLANDER 2008 While Driving On Highway The sunroof exploded and sent glass fragment everywhere. fortunately the shade was pulled closed otherwise glass would have been
TOYOTA SCION TC 2005 Sun-roof Shattered While Driving On tollway! this was possibly due to debris that may have hit it from the road. went for recall
TOYOTA SCION TC 2007 I Took The Car Out to my friend's house. i parked the car, went into the house. i stayed for about four
TOYOTA SEQUOIA 2003 Sunroof Shattered While Driving 30 mph down a quiet street. *cn
TOYOTA SCION TC 2007 -driving S On 101 Near calabasis dec 9, 2007 approx. 4:35pm -approx. 65 mph approaching 405 in middle lane
TOYOTA SCION TC 2005 Moonroof Deflector Shattered At Highway speeds. *tr
TOYOTA SCION TC 2006 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2006 toyota scion tc. while driving 63 mph, the sunroof exploded and glass shattered everywhere. the
TOYOTA SIENNA 2003 We Were Driving Our 2003 toyota sienna xle limited down the street at approximately 25 mph when the moonroof shattered. the shattered was spontaneous
TOYOTA SCION TC 2007 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2007 toyota scion tc. while driving 30 mph the sunroof exploded. there was no impact. the stated that
TOYOTA SIENNA 2004 2004 Toyota Sienna Sunroof Exploded. customer states the glass in the sunroof exploded when she was taking off from a stop light. she
TOYOTA 4RUNNER 2003 Moonroof Rattle. I did nothing wrong and it started to rattle
TOYOTA HIGHLANDER 2004 Moon Roof Began Making Slightly funny sound on occasion, then was fine and stopped making noise, then very shortly after warranty was up
TOYOTA SCION TC 2005 I Was Driving On An interstate highway at approximately 60 mph with all the windows closed, including the sunroof. both the sunroof
TOYOTA SCION TC 2005 Looping To The Ramp Around 40 mph entering freeway, sunroof shattered due to the side metal frame that was attached/glued to the glass gave
TOYOTA SCION TC 2006 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2006 toyota scion tc. while driving 65 mph, the moon roof windshield shattered. the wind deflector
TOYOTA SCION TC 2006 While Driving Under Normal Conditions on i-85 south in concord, nc, main sun roof glass shattered without warning, causing shattered glass pieces
TOYOTA HIGHLANDER 2002 Driver's Side Sun Visor On the 2002 toyota highlander will not stay up. it falls down on a regular basis ,and sometime
TOYOTA SCION TC 2007 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2007 toyota scion tc. while traveling approximately 5 mph, the contact opened the sunroof and the glass shattered.
TOYOTA SCION TC 2006 Around 5:40 Am I Was driving on the highway to work on a clear day at 60 mph i had the a/c on and the
TOYOTA SCION TC 2005 Driving On A Sunny Day without a car around, sunroof shattered and covered the interior with glass. the sunroof windshield was previously
TOYOTA SCION TC 2006 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2006 scion tc. the mileage was 19839. whild driving during wet road conditions
TOYOTA SIENNA 2006 Sliding Sunroof Has Mechanical Issue when driving. at higher speeds over 45 mph the mechanism which goes down when sunroof is closing will
TOYOTA SCION TC 2006 Tl* - The Contact stated while driving driving at 25 mph, heard a loud noise. she realized the sun
TOYOTA SCION TC 2006 I Was Driving North On garden state parkway at about 70 mph in my 06 scion tc when my moon roof exploded. all windows
TOYOTA SCION TC 2005 Moonroof Has Shattered For Second time. dealer/toyota would not replace per warranty. vehicle was brought in for recall approx. june 2006.
TOYOTA SCION TC 2005 I Was Driving On The highway 5:30 pm on dec 7. the rear moon roof of my 2005 scion tc shattered with a
TOYOTA SCION TC 2005 Purchased My Vehicle In March 2005. i have had it in the shop three (3) times for the moon roof. the
TOYOTA 4RUNNER 2005 04-06/my Automatic Opener On My moonroof was not working. i took it into toyota and was told i was not operating the button
TOYOTA CAMRY 2007 I Was Driving On The interstate in my new 2007 camry when the sunroof exploded. glass poured into the car leaving a sizeable hole.
TOYOTA CAMRY SOLARA 2004 I Have A 2004 Toyota solara with a moonroof. as i was driving this evening the moonroof suddenly exploded. the moonroof was bowed
TOYOTA SCION TC 2005 The Wind Deflector For My sunroof on my 2006 scion tc was shattered on sept 22, 2006 1) i was driving with my
TOYOTA SCION TC 2005 I Was Driving My Scion tc in a normal fashion on the interstate when my glass sunroof shattered unexpectedly. my insurance is covering
TOYOTA SCION TC 2005 Around 10 Months Ago I was driving down interstate 27 with my sunroof completely closed. there were no other vehicles around me. suddenly
TOYOTA SCION TC 2006 The Moonroof In My 2006 scion shattered as i was driving down the highway. there was no impact from any item that caused this
TOYOTA SCION TC 2007 The 2005 And 2006 Scion tc were recalled for a defect in the wind deflector where a piece of debris hit the wind deflector at
TOYOTA 4RUNNER 2003 Sunroof Broke In Open Position. cost $1600 to repair. car was purchased in february 2006. *jb
TOYOTA SCION TC 2006 Dt*: The Contact Stated the vehicle's sunroof shattered while driving 55 mph on normal road conditions. a loud bang noise was heard
TOYOTA SCION TC 2006 I Currently Own The 2006 scion tc, in which this incident is regarding nhtsa action number pe06024. my stationary glass panel section of
TOYOTA SCION TC 2006 While Driving On The Highway with the moonroof closed, i heard a very loud bang, and suddenly glass was raining down on me.
TOYOTA RAV4 2006 An Account Of Incident Involving explosion of sunroof on 2006 rav4/toyota rental vehicle rented from beaver toyota, 1500 st. michael dr. santa
TOYOTA SCION TC 2006 I Was Going Down The highway and my sunroof shattered. nothing was done to correct the failure. i was told it
TOYOTA SCION TC 2005 June 14, 2006. was driving on the highway at around 65 mph with no other cars in front of me or
TOYOTA SCION TC 2006 Wind Deflector For Moonroof Shattered. was going 25 mph in residential area. was not hit by any object, rocks, etc..
TOYOTA SCION TC 2006 (1) Rattle In Hatch And sunroof caused driver distraction (2) when going over speed-bumps and slightly uneven roads, the rattle-distraction might be harmful
TOYOTA SCION TC 2006 I Owned A Scion Tc 2006. i bought it on jan 10, 2006. few weeks ago, i started to notice and
TOYOTA SCION TC 2006 April 06, I Bought a scion tc. i am 47 yrs old & wanted something sporty, couldn't afford over 20,000.
TOYOTA SCION TC 2005 Dt*: The Contact Stated While driving between 55-70 mph the sunroof shattered. the sunroof was closed at the time of the incident.
TOYOTA SCION TC 2006 I Was Driving To Work at approximately 8:30 in the morning at around 70 mph on hwy 40 in st. louis when my sunroof
TOYOTA 4 RUNNER 2003 Sunroof/moonroof Leaks Around Glass Rubber seal--severe corrosion, metal deformed, effects operation. *jb
TOYOTA SCION TC 2005 While Driving My 2005 Scion tc on the interstate highway, i heard a loud pop. after the pop i heard glass shattering
TOYOTA SCION TC 2005 I Was Cruising In My 2005 scion tc at approximately 40 mph on a smooth road with the moon roof closed. air temperature
TOYOTA CAMRY 2003 Glass In Sunroof Unexplainably "exploded" while driving.
TOYOTA SCION TC 2006 My Boyfriend And I Were driving my car on a clear, sunny day at highway speeds with the air conditioner running and all windows
TOYOTA SCION TC 2005 I Was Driving My 2005 scion tc on the freeway with the sunroof closed. i heard a loud breaking sound and saw glass
TOYOTA SCION TC 2005 Sunroof Makes A Continuous Rattling noise suggesting that it is not sitting in it's allocated space properly. this noise can be heard while the
TOYOTA SCION TC 2005 I Pulled Into My Drive way parked the car left it running sunroof was open front windows were down. ran inside to grab something
TOYOTA SCION TC 2005 Every Time I Drive My car the sunroof rattles and it sounds as if there is shattered glass in there. i looked and tried
TOYOTA SCION TC 2005 Dt: Contact Owns A 2005 toyota scion tc. the contact stated that while vehicle was being warmed up on january 23,
TOYOTA SCION TC 2006 I Was Driving At About 35 mph with my sunroof open when debris of some sort hit my wind deflector. it shattered the glass
TOYOTA SCION TC 2005 I Have Had Numerous Problems with my 2005 scion tc since purchase on 7/16/2004. the day after purchase the front tire was sitting
TOYOTA SCION TC 2005 Went Out To Car In the morning and the sun/moon roof deflector was shattered.
TOYOTA COROLLA 2004 Dt: While Driving Down The at 50 mph on smooth road there was a hissing coming from the sun roof.
TOYOTA 4RUNNER 2005 Dt: The First Time The owner drove the car he noticed the problem. the weight of the driver caused the driver's seat to
TOYOTA SIENNA 2001 When Driving On Highway I-87 our moonroof in our minivan started to blow off. luckily my husband was in the passenger seat and
TOYOTA SCION TC 2005 I Have A 2005 Scion tc, last monday i arrived home and after five minutes while i was by the car i heard a
TOYOTA SCION TC 2005 Dt: 2005, Toyota, scion tc, vehicle's sun roof (not the wind deflector) exploded. there was no apparent cause for
TOYOTA SCION TC 2005 While Driving My 2005 Scion tc i heard a loud pop and the back moon roof had cracked. it was the same type
TOYOTA SCION TC 2005 While Driving With The Sun roof open, the front deflector of the assembly shattered, spraying pieces of broken glass into the passenger compartment,
TOYOTA SCION TC 2005 While Driving With The Sun roof open the glass deflector broke covering the consumer in glass. the consumer was traveling at 55
TOYOTA CAMRY 2002 Have Very Serious Concerns With brake system on my car. brakes repaired on numerous occasions . consumer feel this problem
TOYOTA COROLLA 2004 While Driving Vehicle Sunroof Glass separated from the sunroof mechanism. *bf the dealer determined that the glue used to hold
TOYOTA SCION TC 2005 I Was Driving Down The highway at approx 70 mph. i had the sun roof opened. while driving i heard a
TOYOTA SEQUOIA 2002 Driveshaft Was Defective. after coming to a complete stop if felt as if consumer had been rear ended. vehicle
TOYOTA CAMRY 2002 Toyota Dealership Would Not Touch consumer's vehicle nor repair it because they couldn't see a leak. *ph water was leaking from
TOYOTA HIGHLANDER 2001 Sun Roof Leaking Even With sunroof completely closed. seems to be no drain lines from drain holes in sunroof compartment. water drains
TOYOTA AVALON 2000 While Driving At 65 Mph consumer heard a loud explosion outside of the vehicle. later, the consumer realized that the sun
TOYOTA 4 RUNNER 2003 Power Sun Roof Leaks. *jb
TOYOTA 4 RUNNER 2003 Moonroof Makes Loud Grinding Noise on driver side when being closed. outside seal of moonroof glass is bubbled up, not sealed/installed correctly
TOYOTA CAMRY SOLARA 2000 Problems With Vehicle Leaking. nar 07/28/2003.*mr the vehicle sunroof leaked. the vehicle has been taken to an independent service
TOYOTA CAMRY SOLARA 2000 Consumer States That Sunroof Leaks water into passenger cabin whenever it rains. dealer has serviced it several times, but problem still

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